Ethics and policy

Promise to readers
I stand for only the most honest stories, reviews, and content for this blog. For those of you who have known me most of my adult life you are aware I have a very open way of life. With that being said any and all toys reviewed will be reviewed honestly. I do not support an ad system or believe in promoting anything for financial or personal gain. I will ensure anyone with my word that this is my honest experience, and that does not necessarily mean yours will be the same; take what I saw with a grain of salt and be sure to note my preferences below if my opinion is a factor in your future purchases. For me this site is about disbanding taboos and allowing for free expression. Not only for myself but for my readers who maybe were curious or questioning exploring something they are unfamiliar with.

Promise to partners
With that being said, if you’d like to work with me, please reach out. I believe in exploration and am willing to not only review a product but offer some feedback on what I think it may need. This is not about tearing down innovation or harming businesses. I am in this because I have a passion for sexuality and all that comes with it. You have my word that all reviews will be honest and unbiased. So if you like my tone and platform please reach out so we can build a working relationship that is symbiotic for all involved, which includes my readers. Additionally, I only accept offers to write about body safe toys, I will not put my or my readers bodies at risk.

Why are my preferences important? Well, just like we have different sexual preferences or tastes in food, my preferences will have some influence over my writing. This does not mean I will call a toy garbage because I prefer something stronger, but it may change my enjoyment. To be clear and fair I want total clarity.
In terms of toys I love anything powerful, I have learned in exploration that sometimes I go too strong too soon so to anyone exploring themselves….pace yourself. Typically I prefer a duel stimulation toy like a rabbit or a simple bullet which can be utilized in several fantastic ways. Now toys are not just for my vulva, I love a good anal toy!
Anatomically, I am pierced, I have a vertical clitoral hood piercing which is basically a clit belly button ring. This may affect how toys specific to clitoral stimulation effect me, presently I haven’t had too many problems aside from the sound that comes from the toys contact with my piercing. However, for me this is not a negative so just o be clear.
I will forever be adding to this page because with my age, life, and situation my preferences will grow and change, so always reference back if you have any questions. If anything is left unanswered please write out to me, I’d love to help all serious inquires.