So who’s really writing this thing?

About me:
I’m Amber, alternatively known as Gay on Tuesdays. Why Tuesdays you may ask? I come from a very colorful family, where we used to have “themed” days, “Trashy Tuesday” and “Dick Friday” which I will go into further later, but it’s not what you think. Anyway, my brother decided that everyone needs at least one day a week to be gay, so eight years later I still hold true to gay on Tuesday. Though gay on Tuesday was bookshelved for Twitter and Instagram bios only to be mentioned by people at parties, but when it came to naming my blog I knew there was no better name.
Now, for my back story, basically I have always had some opinion on sex, once I got over the whole sex is gross, “why would you ever do that” phase. Anyone who has come into contact knows I exude sexuality and I had no issue getting into the nitty-gritty of my and sometimes other people’s sex lives. However, I was not always so open and in fact in my early years of high school gave myself a school slut reputation because I talked about sex so much even though I had no experience! Growing up in the bum fuck nowhere or Front Royal, Virginia you know numerous sexually active teens because what else is there to do around town. This mentality was in this horribly abusive relationship with conservative views, leading to teens leading teens aka unsafe sexual practices. That’s how it started, I would buy condoms, pregnancy tests, and even once Plan B for people I barley knew, because these people either believed there was an age limit on these products (at the time there was for Plan B), or they feared the wrath of their family. I remember gift wrapping condoms for kids to safely take home undetected and spreading my study period answering any question I could. Without an answer I sought it out, it was not until college that I realized my passion is people.
Come university you’d think I would try to start fresh…..I only got worse. I utilized the yoga class I taught for the university to talk about sex and dispel myths. I would host those sex toy parties and spend more time talking than the sales lady. Finally, once I got over my need to please everyone else and go into family work, I said fuck it I’m going to do this whole heartedly. The following months brought The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health to my attention, reveling to me another issue. These toys and lubes I and my friends were consuming were harmful. By the end of University I had developed a 15 credit independent study where I presented at the spring symposium. Surrounded by drug research on rats, business strategy, and there I stood in six inch heels hollering about dildos…..and everyone loved it!
So here I stand, post graduate attending every conference my wallet allows, reading every paper, subscribing to any newsletter, and taking any online course I can to supplement my education until graduate school. I am a sex education fiend who unconsciously transforms a whole room into one big sex talk. I figure I start to take up some digital space with my sex stories, reviews, and overall banter. I am open to working with anyone; I want any reader to feel comfortable providing me with their work to review, give me your hate and praise, and if you need an answer I will do my best to answer and where I fail I will send you to someone who won’t. As someone who feels that the sexual health industry, at least in America, is this impenetrable bubble I offer my peers an ear.