Eroticon, another name for support {Gay on Tuesdays}

Eroticon 2019

Purple Eroticon bag with rainbow kiss print, Fetish dont com on off to the side with my matching purple nails

Last year, before I was a blogger, I was just a sex educator in Spain fearful of making the digital jump to a blog. The idea of coding and fucking around with links, SEO, ads, and beyond had me feeling powerless. Then I won Sheets of San Francisco’s contest last year earning me tickets to Eroticon 2018. The experience left me so full of joy and support I immediately dove into the blogging world. Looking at my earlier work, or was I not ready for what I had trusted myself into, but the continued support from Eroticon kept me going.

A year later, here we are again, and truly I have to thank Molly and Michael for not only putting together Eroticon but giving me the opportunity to attend. Earlier in the year I had reached out to Eroticon to see if there was a scholarship or something of the sort available. I work for peanuts in Spain so sadly Eroticon is not in my budget as disappointing as that is. I was informed there would be a ticket pool, and I had to hope for luck on my side. Boy, did I get lucky, not too soon after Eroticon contacted me stating they know a sponsor looking for a blogger. I way over the moon, and I cannot thank Eroticon enough for curating that opportunity.

Welcome Millie Wonders, the other half to my attendance at Eroticon! In our early stages of communication Millie and I bonded over the sense of joy and support after our first Eroticon. Sadly, she could not make it, but she wanted to give someone else this fantastic opportunity. Millie is basically my fairy godmother, not only did she send me off to Eroticon, but I was outfitted as well. I had a choice of some outfits on her site in exchange for some honest reviews. I was stunned!! I was in a total fantasy, receiving sponsorship for my blog and some sexy lingerie on top. Eroticon makes dreams come true!

Me, a blonde with a red “diamond” crown in peach and red accented lingerie Me in peach and red accented lingerie, standing with hand on my hip and a smirk

Here I am London

Me, in a plum lace dress standing in front of a banner of Eroticons logo.

After it all was said and done, I made it, Eroticon here I come. I made it out of stagnated alive, but decided to pregame before the meet and greet Friday evening. This is where I got my start, but this year went a little differently. I arrived late and drunk, definitely making an ass of myself. I ran into Molly and drunkenly thanked here a million times for curating my sponsorship and almost died when she told me she thought I was a “responsible blogger who could get the job done”. Literally, I was speechless, but maybe that was Molly’s plan to get my drunk self away from her.

The first person I came across at the Meet and greet was Innocent LoverBoy, a good friend who I met last year. He is so kind and always there when you need a good cheering up. I chatted with a few people more, including Eye. Who I drunkenly told her she is “goals” and gives me hope for aging. After a sobering hour of being a jackass, I sculled back to the hostel.

Plum colored lace dress in the background, Eroticon name tag in the forefront reading “Eroticon Amber Mallery”

Day One

Waking up for Day One, I knew I had to make a better impression. Opening Eroticon with the usual coffee and keynote, but this time our keynote speak was ourselves. It was kinda cute to listen to everyone’s words of advice and a funny way to start the day. Once everything was all said and done, it was off to the races, beginning my Eroticon with “Teaching sex: How to design sex-positive and inclusive workshops” by Natalia Grubizna. I found Natalia’s workshop to be aesthetically and informative. I think all workshops over the two days were extremely beneficial. Last year, a lot of the workshops surrounded blogging, so I did not find them as relevant but obviously that has changed.

Photo of sex educator Natalia standing next to a presentation slide on impostor syndrome Image slide of Natalia and her social media platforms

A few more workshops underway, and my fatigue was setting in. I fought through and took some serious time to talk to every one of our sponsors:

Sheets of San Francisco: a company close to my heart seeing as I got to Eroticon because of them last year. Sheets of SF have some amazing products, a variety fluid proof sheets; promising all the pleasure without the lasting effects.

Three different styles of product by sheets of SF. A pink feathered pattern, a neon body glow, and a solid black

Hot Octopuss: I was thrilled to see them back this year, and a lot of Hot Octopuss swag made it into the goodie bags. Hot Octopuss really caters to penis owners, not that their toys cannot be used by vagina owning people, but they gear a lot of their products for a penis. I got to check out Jett, Hot Octopuss’s latest toy up close and personal. I have a spectacular video, you can feel the power just from the looks of it.

All and Alex of Hot Octopuss standing behind a table of amazing products

Temptation Holidays: I loved chatting with Nina about all the possibilities and inclusion at Temptation Holidays. I am definitely interested and may be looking for someone to book with, any volunteers? Temptation Holidays came prepared with their own swag including a cute little bear I have named, Teddy Holiday.

A table of Temptation Holidays March, including white tee shirts with “Temptation Holidays” printed in pink across the back. A cute teddy bear and some sunnies

ElectraStim: ElectraStim was back and better than every; they had their usual spot in the kink lab demonstrations. I am IN LOVE with ElectraStim, Claire and I got to chatting about all the possibilities and I feel a lot more educated about the product than I did last year. I say without a doubt ElectraStim is something I was in my collection; it is at the top of my wish-list even if I can only take a 7/50.

ElectraStim Booth and banners

Ruby Glow: Ruby Glow, another returning sponsor and the lovely Tabitha Rayne, this time around we did not have the time to chat, but I enjoyed seeing Tabitha bounce around Eroticon. She brings a lot of light to the room, and a lot of laughs.

Rocks-Off table full of fun colored vibrators and merchAn up close view of Ruby Glow, a handfree vibrator in a stunning deep rose shade

LoverGivr: I was SO HAPPY to see LoveGivr was back, and with more fabulous mugs. I never cared for a coffee mug until Eroticon 2018. I continually use my mug and intend to greatly use my, “Another Day, Another Dildo” mug. LoveGivr is an up and coming social media platform for the sex industry. Be on the lookout, I know they have stellar stuff in the works.

LoveGivr’s table, a red table cloth across the table covered with a Mac computer, mugs, and candy LoveGivrs booth, covered in candy, mugs, and a computer for sign up Finally we have Fetish-dot-com, who was also returning but this time with a sassy team of new folks and a 69 second challenged. I BOMBED this challenge but had a great time making it so be on the lookout; a lot of silly answers and serious laughs. Fetish is a kink curious community that welcomes the kink curious, experts, novices, and beyond. This is a safe place for exploration run by a fantastic group of people.

Fetish dot coms booth covered in pink and black bags, shirts, and assorted merch

Major thanks to our sponsors, and I had such a great time getting to know or catch up with you.

After my run through the sponsors Day One was just about finished but not without some Kinklab fun; I witnessed a rope suspension for the first time. It was so interesting to see, the drop the person suspended experienced was so crazy to see, it was like they were drunk and euphoric. I got another look at the Vac-Play stuff, last year I partook but the queue was long this time and my patience was gone. I lingered then back to the hostel I went for some much-needed sleep.

Temptations Holiday bear, Teddy Holiday next to a purple Eroticon swag bag and Lovegivr mug

Day Two

Everyone came into Day Two drained, all the socializing was setting in. Though once I got to my first workshop, “Launch your Pocket Rocket! Time to Monetize Your Blog” curtesy of Fetish-dot-com I perked up. Not only was their presentation enlightening, but it was fun and informative, there will be major improvements coming to my work methods, that’s for sure. After lunch I attended two other fabulous workshops, “Sex Object: The History of the Objectification of Sex”, presented by Dr. Eleanor Janega and “How to look at your blog with a critical eye” Molly and Michaels workshop. Though vastly different I enjoyed every moment of both. Dr. Janega is absolutely brilliant and SO FUNNY, she does a wonderful job of turning medieval history into modern day quips, leaving you in stitches. While Molly and Michaels workshop had me writing so much I ran out of ink, but thankfully Claire at ElectraStim had my back!! Molly and Michael take the complicated pieces of web design and self-examination and break it down into digestible pieces. While offering themselves for later resource if need be, like they don’t already do enough.

The final workshop of the day was taught by Girl on the Net, “From 1,000 readers to 100,000: building traffic on your blog”. The room was packed, but what set aside Girl on the Nets workshop from the rest was the humanity of it all, I enjoyed seeing her sweat some. When I attend these conferences, I always have a sense of the big fish and I, as a little fish have a slightly different experience from the bigger names. Someone like Girl on the Net seeming nervous just reminded me we all are similar at heart, and that these “bigger fish”. Are not as unapproachable as they seem. I think that’s what sets Eroticon apart from every single other conference I have been to. Once you get over your personal socializing fears, you realize how humble and kind everyone is. SO MANY big name bloggers offered themselves and their knowledge as research, which is so unheard of to me. Even your indirect actions at Eroticon lead you to some kind of support.

This is a conference where the crowd may be small but the connection is definitely there. Eroticon for me means support and connection. Thank you to every person involved that makes Eroticon what it is whether you realize it these small actions are having a big impact on someone else. I am so grateful for these opportunities and those who come along with them. Thank you everyone, truly, thank you.

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