We-Vibe Nova Review [Gay on Tuesdays]

We-Vibe Nova Review

We_Vibe Nova resting on dust bag, beside charger and Gay on Tuesday Logo

We-Vibe is a coveted company in my book, I have always wanted an opportunity to review or even just own one of their products. So when an opportunity arose for me to have my choice of products to review from We-Vibe I was elated. After settling on the We-Vibe Nova; I have not seen too many reviews on this product so I felt it was the best choice knowing what my toy preferences are. We-Vibe Nova carries all the fabulous We-Vibe technology, what piqued my interest the most had to be the connectivity aspect. We-Vibe Nova, and most of the We-Vibe Toys can be app controlled but from anywhere in the world, and in real time! What a spectacular way to innovate your sexual relationship or even aid in maintaining long distance connections with partners, or in my case friends.

Shaping and design

We_Vibe Nova resting atop the We-Vibe packaging, which small sticker indicating flexibility

My package arrived without issue, and I rushed to charge my toy but not without really examining the shape of We-Vibe Nova. The We-Vibe Nova carried a more exaggerated look to the typical rabbit design. On the packaging We-Vibe showed that this external portion is flexible; I find the external piece resembling a tongue. The user can easily pull the external portion back or push it forward to pinpoint their stimulation and pleasure. Though the external stimulation is flexible, the same cannot be said about the internal portion. The shaft of this toy is set in its position, there is no way to flex this, however, I really enjoy a toy with strength so for me this was a total pro. The hard curve of the shaft is meant for optimal G-Spot stimulation, and the solid shaft was meant to ensure that mission.

A close up of We-Vibe Nova being flexed forwardClose up of We-Vibe Nova external arm being flexed backward

We-Vibe Nova is a body safe, medical grade silicone and ABS Plastic which creates a safe and nonporous toy. We-Vibe Nova is also rechargeable using a magnetic charging cable, and what I find most important is the manufacturing of a carbon neutral battery to power We-Vibe Nova. Additionally, We-Vibe Nova is duel motored meaning every aspect of your pleasure has its own powerhouse, powering your 10 different functions. Finally, this toy can be controlled manually and through the We-Connect App. I have heard some people have had issues with the We-Connect App, however I tested it through an international session and cross-country session and there were no issues.


We-Vibe Nova control panel set on blue backdrop

The control panel of this toy is built around the on/off switch, which is the concave circle in the center surrounded by four other buttons. This center circle also controls the duel motors of this toy, by clicking on the center circle you may turn on or off the internal portion, external potion, or activate both portions. Intensities can be controlled through the +/- there are 9 intensities one can maneuver through. While patterns can be flipped through using the arrow keys, allowing the user to move forward and back; that way if you passed over something you liked you won’t have to start the cycle all over again.

We-Vibe Connect App opened to side bar containing various optionsWe-Connect App loaded on to “add a lover” page

Beyond manual controls is the We-Connect App, as mentioned before. We-Connect is for all We-Vibe Toys and allows the user or a partner to take control and have a more visual aspect to their vibration patterns. Beyond the preset 10, We-Connect allows for customization encouraging the user to make their pleasure as specific as they would like. We-Connect only allows one “lover”, as they call it, at a time meaning every time someone new comes into the picture you will have to delete the old “lover” and give the new “lover” access. I really enjoyed having a partner control my toy, but realistically I think I am better off leaving the control in my own hands, I will have more orgasms this way. Nonetheless, the innovation of We-Connect really adds to the pleasure I am deriving from testing and playing with We-Vibe Nova.

In use

We-Connect “create a vibration” setting. Various graphs are displayed representing the various patterns

We-Connect App control center, pink waves indicating vibration settings. My first experience with We-Vibe Nova was really focused on testing the We-Connect connectivity. I sent out a few messages to various friends just asking them to download the app and take control, for testing. An acquaintance based in Spain it a few hours south got the initial test, and everything went on without a flaw. It was tough at points to get the initial connection, but once it was made we did not lose the connection. Then soon after was my friend based in Massachusetts, and in that case we had a round of play; which again went on without a flaw. As for my orgasm, I need a specific stimulation which is hard for someone to provide me without my vocal cues. I think this was more of a turn on for them rather than myself.

We-Vibe Nova horizontal with user manual opened on visual vibration patterns page

We-Vibe Nova focused on the hard curve of the internal armAs for manual testing I was struck by how much I enjoyed the We-Vibe Nova, the vibrations are rumbly and strong while remaining almost silent. The controls work well overall, I would say the only flaw to the We-Vibe Nova is that the on/off switch is troublesome. I still have a tough time turning We-Vibe Nova on and off; hold the center circle just so and with a little luck you can shut it off. Beyond this small hiccup the We-Vibe Nova had me cumming just moments after use, the strong internal shaft really provided me with the force I need to stimulate my G-Spot. Having such a hard internal portion allows for me to stimulate myself in a manner that’s like the sex I have with a partner. The We-Vibe Nova is one of the few toys I have tested where I can have such a similar experience, I would say the only other is the Nü Sensuelle G Massager which lacks external stimulation.

We-Vibe Nova vertical on a blue backdrop

Close up of We-Vibe Nova external arm

While I was worried about the external arm shape not hitting my clit I soon realized I would have no issue. The larger width goes beyond the regular clitoral stimulation, this stimulates the internal legs of the clitoris leading me to a more intense orgasm. The flexibility creates a force, what I mean by this is the external arm of We-Vibe Nova, once in place then presses against the body which deepens it is rumbly vibrations and intensify the experience.


I would strongly recommend We-Vibe Nova for anyone seeking:

• Duel stimulation

• Intensity

• Distance play

• Customizability

• A strong and harder toy internally but externally flexible

We-Vibe Nova can be found on We-Vibes website for €139, worth the investment especially if you are looking for something more specific to your exact vibration needs. Beyond that the distance play is always fun! If We-Vibe Nova is not your style at least check out the many other fabulous toys they offer. They have so many toys like the We-Vibe Tango everyone raves about, the We-Vibe Sync which is such a unique toy and has so many ways to play. We-Vibe is a thriving company that has quite an array of products to befit your every wish and desire.

We-Vibe packaging resting side-by-side to We-Vibe Nova and dustbag

***This post contains affiliate link, however all information is entirely truthful an accurate. If you have questions, please refer to my “Ethics and Policies” page or contact me. I ensure all posts are honest and remember these are my personal experiences so take each as suggestions not cookie cutter experiences. Thank you so much for reading. ***

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