Le Wand Petite Rose Gold Review [Gay on Tuesdays]

Le Wand Petite Review

Le Wand Petite packaging and Le Wand Petite in Rose Gold

It is rare that I am struck by the beauty of a sex toy and prompted to seek it out solely based on its looks. Often I toss any aesthetic aspects to the side, and try to focus on whether a toy would be a solid investment, but Le Wand Petite was love at first sight. While in attendance at the Sex Expo in New York last September I had few “brands” in mind to focus on, but Le Wand/B-Vibe was the top tier of the day and one of my first stops. In the early stages of the Sex Expo I was given a jump on booths seeing as I was press, giving me a chance to make a round before the hordes of people overtook the place. My very first stop was Le Wand/B-Vibe’s booth, where I was greeted and asked if I wanted to take a photo at a cute little photo stand. The photo booth had cute props and various themes and after your photo was taken you could have it printed for free and emailed to you so you could show it off anywhere you would like.

My focus was on trying to speak to Alicia Sinclair the COTR Founder and CEO, Alicia definitely represents girl power and exudes badassness so I had to get in a chat. Alicia manages three companies all under COTR: B-Vibe, The Cowgirl, and Le Wand. In addition to being an inspiring sex educator; it is safe to say that Alicia is definitely life goals!! It was not until the second day where I had a chat with her, with the help of my friend in Xbiz. Alicia was so friendly as was everyone at the Le Wand/B-Vibe booth even though they were swarmed with people and barley had the time to talk. I exchanged business cards and went on my way to let them manage the demands for their stellar products which are literally life changing (click here if you want to read about my first anal orgasm curtsy of B-Vibe).

XBiz Award for Le Wand Petite

Le Wand Petite Rose Gold set next to dust bag and charger

Le Wand Petite, “the details”

After the dust cleared, COTR gave me the opportunity to review the Le Wand Petite, as I mentioned this is a masterpiece, the rose gold color with soft pink ascents caters to my dreams. Le Wand Petite comes in violet, and while purple is a popular color in the industry, I almost always HATE purple, but admittedly and I say this through gritted teeth, Le Wand Petite’s violet shade is beautiful. Both colors have this metallic sheen to them that truly exudes luxury and style. Beyond colors and looks when we get down to the details of Le Wand Petite you will discover Le Wand Petite is more than just a pretty face.

Le Wand Petite Rose Gold and Pleasure Guide opened to center page

Le Wand Petite is a lightweight wand massager ideal for partnered or solo play. Le Wand Petite is made with medical grade silicone and is shower friendly, but not bath friendly so go easy on the water. The flexible head of Le Wand Petite ensures you will reach every orgasmic angle of your body, and one you have found the sweet spot the 10, yes I said 10 intensities can do the rest. Besides 10 intensities Le Wand Petite has 6 pattern functions, if you are into that, but personally I only like patterns with my anal vibrators AKA my B-Vibe Rimming Plug 2. Finally, one of my favorite aspects about the Le Wand Petite is it is cordless and rechargeable! I enjoy anything that gives my total range of movement and not having to buy batteries of any kind.

Le Wand Petite charging port set on blue backdrop

Le Wand Petite controls and function

Le Wand Petite control panel keys

Moving to controls, Le Wand Petite has a simple 3 button control panel (from the top to bottom) the plus (+) button is used to click the toy on and increase your intensities, the wave key (~) in the center allows the user to click through the various pattern functions, and lastly the minus key (-) is how the user turns off the toy or lowers intensity. To turn on your Le Wand Petite you must click the plus key (+) but contrary to most toys, to turn off your Le Wand Petite you must click the minus key (-) until you have passed every intensity before the Le Wand Petite finally shuts off. This is something I am not a huge fan of seeing as when I am finished playing I prefer the toy to just be off so I can recover and clean my toy.

Le Wand Petite in action

Le Wand Petite Rose Gold vertical on blue backdrop

Reviewing a toy you have wanted so badly is a tricky feeling because like any first date it can go absolutely well or a be total dud. I never like to read others reviews before I use a particular product to remain unbiased, however, with Le Wand Petite there are not really too many people reviewing it so that is not even an option. Even at the Sex Expo when talking to various press folks the Le Wand Petite kept coming up, but no one had a lead which only made me build up more pressure around the Le Wand Petite.

After my Le Wand Petite was charged I applied some of my water-based lube and got to work, I was a little disappointed that the Le Wand Petite vibrations are more of a buzz than a rumble. Rumbly vibrations stimulate deeper than the surface buzz, and commonly wands hold a rumble, I think it is uncommon to hear of a buzzy wand. However, I later learned when in Stockholm at an event at Kino Shopping that the Le Wand Rechargeable (the original) carries so much more strength!! Beyond that Le Wand Rechargable has a few attachments so you gain texture and multipurpose use from the toy.

Head of Le Wand Petite

Returning to my first date with Le Wand Petite, I jumped right into it seeing as Le Wand Petite is a wand massager so no need to warm up my clit. Often I sit criss-crossed with a vibrator in my lap when first using an external toy, I find the pressure of my body in addition to clenching my kegel muscles to be pleasurable. I place the Le Wand Petite right onto my clit, and even on the first intensity I am close to finishing, I am a power queen, but when I first received the Le Wand Petite I was on a “tolerance break”. As I warmed up more and circled the Le Wand Petite around my vulva and clit I grew closer and closer to an orgasm, I turned up the intensity and apply a tad more lube before finishing. I made a second go with the Le Wand Petite after receiving a “perfect” dildo (review to come) and though the dildo is thick and large my Le Wand Petite never interfered with the penetration of my dildo. The smaller head of the toy not only makes the vibrations a focal point but ensures you can use the Le Wand Petite in most of your fantasy situations.

*Pro tip with buzzy vibrators usually you have to find the lube equilibrium; too little is uncomfortable and too much takes away from the intensity. This was the case with my Le Wand Petite, I would not fault the toy for that though, but if you want more intensity, I would shoot for the larger, and stronger Le Wand Rechargeable.*

Le Wand Petite inside white dustbag


Overall, I think the Le Wand Petite was a stunning and pleasurable addition to my toy collection, and now the Le Wand Petite has a small collection of its own. Shortly after receiving the Le Wand Petite, Le Wand released 2 attachments for the Le Wand Petite allowing the user to have dual stimulation when they please. The attachments shape looks orgasmic, especially the rippled attachment, though I have not used this I think it would only enhance your pleasure. Now with that being said I would recommend this toy to anyone seeking any of the following:

• A less intense but still strong wand massager

• External vibrations and a small head that creates a more focused vibration

• Something rechargeable, lightweight, and splash proof

• If you think it is as stunning as I do

• Something smaller that has the possibility of attachments for multi-use

• Partner play

You can purchase Le Wand Petite at Vibrants website for $135 or on Le Wands website, where you can view some of their other products such as the Le Wand Rechargeable or the various attachments for either wand, especially the Le Wand Rechargeable Loop Silicone Attachment that has penis owning people in mind! Special thank you to COTR for this opportunity, I look forward to supporting and watching the many successes this company reels in!

***This post DOES contain affiliate links, meaning if purchases are made through Vibrants website I will receive a small percentage of sales. This does not mean there are any untruths within this post, all content on Gay on Tuesdays is original and honest. If you have questions pleasure contact me or check out my “Ethics and Policy” page. Thank you for your support and for visiting my site. ***

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