Vesper by Crave Review [Gay on Tuesdays]


Vesper Crave restrung in from of a ruby red bag and other contents

I have had my Vesper in my collection for so many years now I cannot remember how I found the company Crave, or even heard about the toy. Yet, somehow Vesper made its way into my possession. Crave, is a luxury vibrator company that strives for beauty and elegance with every toy they create. What’s most exciting about this company is they are on a build a vibe, pleasure tour! I had the opportunity to check it out when I was in New York for the Sex Expo. The operation was stellar and loads of people were crowding the van seeking to build their own vibe and be interviewed for a project related to masturbation. There will be a Crave van pulling up in several US Cities so check out the schedule here.

Vesper Crave centered beside dust bag and charger

Back to Vesper, I purchased my Vesper during the most recent presidential election, I remember receiving an email with the promotion code “nastywoman” or something to that affect offering customers 50% off their purchase. Now, the Vesper itself is not expensive unless you are like me and prefer gold over silver or rose gold. This necklace is a 24K gold plated masterpiece. Vesper, besides being a vibrator is a necklace which the novelty of that alone made it worth the purchase!! Looking at this thing I thought there was NO WAY that people could not tell it was a vibrator, I thought it was obvious. Yet, every time I wear it out I am always proven wrong.

Often people ask if it’s a “bullet” but not the fun kind, making this necklace an excellent conversation piece or even educational tool. So much so I carry Vesper with me at all times it helps people open up with some personal conversations, or even aids in social situations. Beyond that Vesper disbands the idea that vibrators have to be these hulking jelly toys. Vesper has helped me open the door for so many people, giving them the confidence in their pleasure. Another major pro is the people who know what I am wearing, often industry conferences, I get a range of responses from subtle, devious smiles to “wow, I LOVE your Vesper, I have never seen the gold before”.

The small details of Vesper

This toy even offers the purchaser the opportunity to engrave a personal message making this a great gift. The stunning design and naughty discretion really makes this toy one of a kind. In terms of sound Vesper is whisper quiet but Vesper packs a punch. Offering the user four simple functions that are incredibly easy to control; controls run under the use of a single button. This button acts as the on/off switch, as well as the pattern and intensity controls. To turn on and off you simply click the toy on, then click through each function; a low, medium, high, and pulsing all of which hold a buzzy vibration. Additionally, Vesper is a stunning rechargeable toy that comes with a dust bag, allowing a clean travel or in my case, a snug home in the bottom of my purse.

Vesper Crave resting within dust bag at the bottom of my purse

Close up on Vesper Craves single control button

I have used this toy plenty and the pinpointed tip has given me an orgasm even in the most hopeless of situations. This toy is like my Zumio in some sense because this toy focuses on the clitoris, reaching my orgasm by circling my clitoral head. Making this a fun toy to use when you are in positions that lack that clitoral stimulation. Or when you take someone home and they may be better suited as a friend than a lover. What is wonderful about this toy is you can pull it out at any moment even around the most toy intimidated person.

Vesper Crave front and center of a ruby red purse while various tools surround Vesper Crave

More often than not I use my Vesper with my partners; one specific instance was a person I had been dating wanted to explore anal play and at the time I had long, stiletto nails making my own tools very intimidating. However, the Vesper was about the size on my pinky relaxing my partner and allowing us to both explore a different sense of pleasure with each other. A way to play with a penis while using Vesper could offer some major pinpointed stimulation, dragging the tip of Vesper on every crease, vein, wrinkle, and wherever all along your partner’s body. Allowing you some control and a bit of an extra tease to the routine foreplay, or even place this toy under the balls, in the perineum while you are performing oral sex. Ultimately, the decision is in your hands how to play!! A final word about Vesper is it heats up some, where this is on purpose or because the toy itself is a metal, I do not know. These heating is not a burning or anything negative, I find it to be a pleasant extra that makes having a steel toy more enjoyable.

Vesper Crave set within dustbag, while Crave logo peaks from the top

To sum up

Vesper is one of my first and I hold it near and dear to my heart, I definitely recommend Vesper to:

– Someone looking for something to start out with or wants to explore more

– Anyone looking for a conversation piece or a kinky secret

– A newcomer to toys looking for a new twist on something classic

– Anyone looking for some aesthetics

A bullet is never something you can go wrong with; Vesper is very versatile and like most is only limited to your imagination. However, I will say if you are a tad more experienced you may want to try something more unique like Zumio. Just keep in mind what you are looking for in a toy, personally I love having this conversation piece that offers positive attention with anyone I meet. Best of all seeing as my Vesper is always in my purse this toy has made it through cruises, international, and local travel plenary of times without a single hitch! Vesper can be purchased by clicking here, for a responsible price of $69.99 for the silver and increasing in price based on the metal. As mentioned, I have the gold but I am in love with all things gold, making my purchase a tad more expensive.

***This review my one of my honest opinion and is written as a result of my own purchase. This post does not contain any affiliate links. If you are curious about my writing process please check out my “Ethics and Policies” page. Thank you so much for reading!***

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