ANYA heated vibrator by SVAKOM Review [Gay on Tuesdays]

ANYA Review

SVAKOM ANYA in packaging. A white box with “SVAKOM” across it horizontally, with accenting metallic silver lines. While the second box has ANYA set in a foam material with the name “ANYA” beneath.

ANYA is my latest review for SVAKOM; I was first introduced to ANYA through Cara Sutras Pleasure Panel. I had shown interest in reviewing this lovely heated vibrator but did not get the chance. These things happen, there is a ranking system so no harm, no foul. However, I had hoped that soon I would have a chance to review ANYA. The spiraled design partnered with vibration and heating capabilities was unique from all the other vibrators I have experienced. After the Sex Expo my contact at SVAKOM decided besides Tammy, I could have my shot with ANYA. To say I was excited would be an understatement.

Details, design, and numbers

Deep blue background with a gray velvet dustbag reading “SVAKOM”. ANYA resting vertically on top.ANYA is a lovely rose pink shade, of medical grade silicone. I have mentioned in my other reviews of SVAKOMs Nymph and Tammy that SVAKOM goes beyond quality materials for their products. SVAKOM creates unique products with an ECO-friendly touch by using ECO-friendly silicone for every one of their products. Bravo!! SVAKOM also provides a high quality dust bag with every product, this means you can keep your toy clean between uses. For cleaning ANYA is also splash-proof meaning you cannot submerge this toy, just have light shower fun or give it a good scrub without fear of damaging your toy.

SVAKOMs warranty card material with coding covered by Gay on Tuesdays business card

ANYA is also rechargeable, which means no frustrating batteries or their harm to the Earth. Speaking of time spent on the Earth ANYA comes with a 1 year warranty for total replacement of ANYA. Following your 1 year warranty begins the 10 year warranty which entitles you to 50% off your next SVAKOM product. Meaning SVAKOM has always got you and your investments covered. To active your warranty just go online and follow the instructions included with your product.

Tammy resting vertically beside its white charging cable, and Gay on Tuesdays business card. All set on a deep blue backdrop

ANYA is detailed with a spiraled texture that begins about an inch after the controls. At a 7.7inches/19.5cm SVAKOM markets ANYA as a medium-sized vibrator, but I personally would place this on the larger side. ANYA carries 26 vibration combinations made up of 5 intensities and 5 different patterns. If you are more of a steady vibration kind of person, like me you should be thrilled by the 5 intensities, meaning you can go beyond a low, medium, and high. Best of all there is a heating function, which may have you wondering why that is so great?

A deep blue backdrop with a close up look at ANYAs spiraled texture.

Well temperature has its own role in our arousal, especially heightened temperature. An increase in body temperature can increase your orgasmic likelihood. So if you need that extra push click on the heating, you will not regret it. Beyond, that heat can soothe for those of us who need a gentler stimulation or something to relax our muscles. You will notice the difference in your heated to non-heated stimulations, for some it may be more intense than others but surly that is worth exploring.

ANYA Controls

Blue backdrop with an up-close look at ANYAs four button control panel. A downward facing arrow, an “S” key n the center, an upward facing arrow, and a separate heating key marked with a thermometer

ANYA has a four button. Control panel, allowing for each function to be independently decided upon, wish I love. I hate clicking one time too many and ending up with some shit pattern when I just want more intensity. Beginning at the button closest to the charging port:

• A downward triangle key (V), this is where you can lower your intensity.

• The middle key indicated by an “S” which can be used to turn ANYA on/off and change the patterns. Simply hold for on a back light will click on then vibrations will be felt, then later hold for off. The back light will blink a few times then promptly shut off. To change your patterns you just click, allowing you to experience each vibration pattern.

• Just above that, at the top of the oval outline you have the upward triangle key (^) that controls intensity. With this key you click to continue through the higher intensities ANYA offers.

• Finally, in a circle above the rest you have the heating button, this is indicated with an image of a thermometer. You may activate the heating function with or without the vibrations; I think it is best to do so before that way your toy is good and ready for you. Just hold the key down until the back light kicks on. Then wait for ANYA to heat just around body temperature 100°F/38°C. ANYA is not burning hot, but rather a comforting and familiar warmth of human touch.

When using ANYA

Deep Blue background, ANYA vibrator set vertically above ANYAs instruction guide.

ANYAs heating function intrigued me and could not get to testing soon enough. As soon as ANYA was charged I was ready to go. Admittedly, it takes time for ANYA to heat; I suggest giving ANYA time before to heat under the covers while you pick a video or something. This way your bed or wherever is warming up too. You can also leave the toy on your boy and feel the gradual heat grow in anticipation. Whatever you prefer, but do not forget to turn this function on. I would also like to note the heat is rather concentrated in the center and only slightly moves beyond that so if you are using just the tip of ANYA you won’t be feeling much of the heat.

Once Anya was heated I noticed an intense difference in my reaction and sensitivity. I felt the heated added an element that kept me present and did not let the vibrations get dull or numbing. ANYA is whisper quiet, and rather powerful. Though the vibrations are more buzzy than rumbly. This means the vibrations do not penetrate as deeply as a rumble would; though still pleasurable. With that, the spiraled texture also helped immensely. I spend a lot of time playing with ANYA, just twirling the texture across my clit or placing inside myself and twirling while thrusting. The texture helps keep new sensation and keeps me from getting bored; I felt I could edge myself longer with ANYA rather than a typical bullet toy.

Deep blue backdrop with ANYA set in original packaging revealing ANYA and a Gay on Tuesdays business card

I partnered my ANYA with my Blush Silicone Willy as well as a partner and got great results. I did not hand over ANYA to my partner but rather let him handle my dildo or pulled out ANYA for heating up our sex routine. I love bringing a vibrator in bed, especially in positions I do not get the clitoral contact I NEED for orgasm. This allows me to orgasm in positions I usually could not!! What’s great about ANYA is being on the larger side I get a good hold on the toy even when in vigorous or wild positions. Plus, I can cover more surface area so I am stimulating more than the clit.

Recommending ANYA

ANYA has quickly made it to my favorites list and has an exclusive home on the top of my bedside drawers so I may have continued access at any moment to it. I would highly recommend ANYA. If you need the breakdown here are my reasons:

• ECO-friendly body safe, non-porous material

• Rechargeable

• Heated and slightly larger making great for penetration or external.

• The texture makes all the difference without being overpowering.

• 10 year warranty, so I always have half off with something new and improved in my life.

• Whisper quiet and powerful vibrations.

If you would like to purchase ANYA check out SVAKOMs site, it can be found for $99. Otherwise, check out some of the other products they have to offer.

Deep blue backdrop. Side by side rests ANYA and its packing. ANYA heating vibrator is set on its gray dustbag, above the word “SVAKOM”. While the white packaging has accents of pink and black, with a large image of ANYA centered on the top.

There are NO affiliate links in this post though I was sent ANYA for a clear and honest review. This had no impact on my writing. Please review my “Ethics and Policies” page if you have questions, or contact me for further details. Thank you for your support in reading and thank you to SVAKOM for providing me a product to review.

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