Mimic + Plus Review [Gay on Tuesdays]

Clandestine Devices Mimic + Plus Review

Clandestine Devices Mimic + Plus in pink resting on top a sequin floral background

EasyToys, a fabulous company I work with reached out to me with a bundle of toys to review. One of them being, Mimic + Plus; at first I was not sure I wanted anything to do with Mimic + Plus. I had read several reviews from other bloggers tearing into Mimic, even their revamp was terrible. There seemed to be no hope for this toy, that is until I tired it and it absolutely blew me away. I do not know how it previously operated but from what I heard it was quiet pitiful.

Mimic + Plus. Design

Mimic + Plus in pink from a profile view, revealing how Mimic + Plus was designed to be held. With the fingers resting atop Mimic + Plus.

Mimic + Plus is a small, handheld rechargeable vibrator with a unique design shape. Mimic + Plus is designed to be easily and comfortably held by the palm of the hand, with the fingers resting atop the toy. However, this is an unrealistic expectation; I find few people hold their vibrators in such a manner. Overtime it hurts your hand if you keep holding Mimic + Plus in this way, and it’s just not practical for use. Though the original design idea is not the best, I think the shape of Mimic + Plus is stellar for sitting on the toy itself. The high arch and wings allow for a comfortable sit right on the toy. This toy does not just target vulva owners, you can sit right on Mimic + Plus and receive some anal stimulation or place it under the balls for a nice cupping sensation.

The backside of Mimic + Plus, being cupped in the palm of my hand.

This design has three key areas; the focused tip, the arch, and the wings. At the top of Mimic + Plus you will find the focused tip which allows for pin point stimulation. The exponential nature of the curved tip provides the user with two options; direct use of the tip itself or my favorite, using the curve beneath the tip for a gentle but still powerful stimulation. I find the focused tip to be my absolute favorite part of the toy, and how I achieve the most orgasms with the Mimic + Plus. Next, the arch which can be found on the underside of Mimic + Plus; the underside would be the side beneath the controls. Additionally, this side can be used for a less intense form of stimulation or grinding nature. I also use the arch to stimulate and focus on my vulva rather than give all the love to my clit. Finally, the wings, these wings can offer a subtle flicking sensation, or I even use it to scoop around my clit as a major tease. I rarely use the wings; I refer my Cal Exotics Ember if I’m looking for a flicking sensation. However, this wide array in use could be a great way to explore what and which sensations you prefer. I think that’s something that makes this compact toy so unique; the design allows for tons of combinations of pleasure.

A profile shot of Clandestine Devices Mimic + Plus resting on a sequin floral background. The curves and arches of Mimic + Plus

Mimic + Plus Details and Controls

Mimic + Plus flipped upside down.

Mimic + Plus has 8 whisper quiet vibration patterns. While the rumbly, deep vibration intensities range from 1 to 6 with 6 being the highest intensity. I personally love toys that separate patterns from intensity, this way when I max out I do not slip into a pattern and lose my momentum. Mimic + Plus is waterproof, I saw no specification of waterproof means submergible or not so I would play it safe and keep Mimic + Plus out of the bath. As for the material, Mimic + Plus is are of a high quality body safe, and nonporous silicone. Leaving Mimic + Plus with a silky texture to the touch, and a great slide when partnered with water-based lubricant.

Photo of Clandestine Mimic + Plus taken from straight on, following the waves of the design.

The controls are simple with Mimic + Plus, the control panel resembles the We-Vibe NOVA. With a 3 key control panel; the positive (+) key to the left, a sunken circle key in the center, and the minus key (-) to the right. The positive key controls the intensity, click the positive symbol to move through the 6 intensities. The sunken in circle in the center is the on/off key and patterns setting. Hold down the center circle to turn Mimic + Plus on or off or click to move through the 8 patterns. By clicking negative key (-) you decrease the intensities of Mimic + Plus. The controls work great; I do not struggle with the center key as much as I did with my We-Vibe NOVA. The function of Mimic + Plus is easy and simple, even the control panels placement is great. No reaching for keys and ruining your buzz, pun intended.

Using Mimic + Plus

Clandestine Devices Mimic + Plus viewed from the side, resting on a sequin floral background

As I mentioned I had dismal hope or attraction to Mimic + Plus because of its reputation. I turned Mimic + Plus on and applied my water-based lubricant and sat right on it. I began to looking through some porn; I like to have a vibe on while I look through videos so I do not lose my momentum. Anyway, while searching through videos I could not ignore the strong vibrations of Mimic + Plus rumbling beneath me. I found myself naturally grinding against Mimic + Plus, until I just could not ignore the sensation. I switched positions and got down to business; I laid on my back and explored the curves and arches of Mimic + Plus.

A focused photo, centered on the tip of Mimic + Plus.

I explored the focused tip at the top of Mimic + Plus was a bit too intense for me, however the curve under the tip was stellar. I love sliding Mimic + Plus tip across and around my clit. My vulva began to grow jealous of my clit, so I flipped Mimic + Plus over and used the other arch to stimulate most of my vulva at once. Mimic + Plus consistently moved so naturally, I cannot get enough of this design. As for the wings, I was not impressed. The wings hold less intensity, but are what I would refer to as a tolerance break. The change in intensity and sensation lows me to be more present when I get lost in the mind numbing pleasure. I would not rely heavily on these wings for that flicking tongue sensation, as I mentioned you can find something significantly more intense in Cal Exotics Red Hot Ember.

Recommending Mimic + Plus

I would HIGHLY recommend Mimic + Plus, it has become one of my absolute favorite toys. Though this design shape is orgasmic and lovely, I think the design is better for solo play than with a partner. Points of recommendation for Mimic + Plus:

• Design allow for multiple forms of sensation

• Intense and rumbly vibrations

• Separate controls for intensity and patterns

• 6 forms of intensity; wider pleasure range

• Rechargeable, small, body-safe, and nonporous

There is much more to Mimic + Plus, but this would be my top points for purchase. You can find Mimic + Plus on EasyToys website or on Bettys Toy Box. EasyToys runs in Dutch, but has an English site but it can be glitchy sometimes so be patient.

This post CONTAINS affiliate links, which means any purchase through Bettys Toy Box cuts me a small percentage of sale. This does not affect the cost of the product nor the content of the review. All reviews on Gay On Tuesdays are honest and about my own personal experiences. I appreciate all support in reading, if there are further questions please contact me or check out my “Ethics and Policy” page. Thank you again for reading Gay on Tuesdays.

2 thoughts on “Mimic + Plus Review [Gay on Tuesdays]

  1. Love this review! Do you also know the lelo Siri 2? If so? If you compare these 2 which one has better vibrations? And which one more silent? 😉


    1. First of all, thank you for the read! Secondly, I have not used the Lelo Siri 2, I’ve only used their SONA Cruise. I know a lot of people enjoy Lelo’s products. I’m just not sure if the vibrations themselves are quiet or “rumbly” versus “buzzy”. I would imagine Lelo Siri 2 would be relatively quiet though. Hope this helps some! 😘💖


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