Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine Review [Gay on Tuesdays]

Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine Review

Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine set on a sequin sunset colored backdrop. While the packing sits vertically beside Yummy Sunshine and a Gay on Tuesday.

Satisfyer has drop some major supplies on me, and many other bloggers. Penis toys and vibrators galore, I am up to my eyeballs in Satisfyer and it just keeps on coming. Satisfyer has a bit of controversy surrounding its name regarding undercutting prices in the sex toy industry and knocking off big manufacturers designs. I personally have used none of Fun Factory’s products but the resemblance is very obvious. However, as someone who could not afford the collection of products, I own under my normal pay grade I appreciate Satisfyer’s affordability. When I recommend products it really makes it easier on individuals who have yet to learn that sex toy quality actually REALLY matters.

Yummy Sunshine Details

A close up view of the rippled texture of Yummy Sunshine.

Of all the bright and alluring colors in this line, the Yummy Sunshine stuck out. The vibrant shade of yellow and rippling texture attracts some major attention. Yummy Sunshine is rechargeable and medical grade silicone meaning it is body safe and nonporous. The shape is absolutely divine, Yummy Sunshine’s scoop shape seeks to stimulate the G-Spot or even under the shaft and balls of the penis. The looped handle makes this an excellent partner play product and great for individual use seeing as looping through the handle allows the user to cradle the toy. This handle is also much easier on the wrists, so definitely a design plus.

Yummy Sunshine is waterproof and submergible in smaller bodies of water, meaning you can have a bath time buddy but maybe leave this toy home from the swimming pool. As for vibrations, to my surprise Yummy Sunshine has rumbly vibrations. I was ecstatic to discover this as rumbly vibrations can be felt much deeper than the ordinary buzzy ones. Yummy Sunshine has 6 patterns partnered with 6 intensities, so great for those of us who like more of a range in vibrations. Maneuvering through the controls and vibrations of Yummy Sunshine is simple.

Yummy Sunshine Controls and Information

Satisfyers Yummy Sunshine instructions explaining the charging information, waterproof capability, and use. This product has a three button control panel; two intensity buttons at the bottom and top of the panel and an on/off button in the center. To turn on or off Yummy Sunshine hold the power button directly in the center, marked with the average on/off symbol. To increase intensity click the button closest to the button of the base. The intensity symbols have clearly marked ripples around them, the fewer being a lesser intensity and the higher intensity being that of more ripples. If you are interested in patterns, just click the high intensity button at the bottom of the base until you feel the vibration pattern kick on. Once you have found your pattern you may situate the intensities by clicking the lower intensity key, shown with fewer ripples around the center circle. This button may also be found on the top of Yummy Sunshine closer to the shaft. Here you may click to lower the intensity of your selected pattern as each pattern begins on the highest intensity.

Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine three key control panel. The lower intensity marked with a lager circle and less rings, set on top of the control panel. The on/off key in the center. The higher intensity key at the bottom indicated by a smaller circle and more rings.

As for size, Yummy Sunshine carries a averaged length and girth. Length measuring at 8.9 inches/22.5 cm. As for girth Yummy Sunshine is 4.5inches/12cm around. I forgot to mention when speaking about design that there are two peaks in the shape of Yummy Sunshine. First, at the top of the toy, it scoops down before peaking again at the end of the shaft. This is to offer some clitoral stimulation. This peak contains more ripples for an added texture, however I do not find it is necessarily tall enough to be felt, at least not for me.

Using Yummy Sunshine

Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine, placed horizontally on a sunset colored sequin backdrop.

I would have to say of the entire Fun Factory knock off line Yummy Sunshine is my favorite. The powerful, whisper quiet vibrations let me reach my orgasmic goal quickly if Id like. The rumbly vibrations can be targeted or felt across whatever you are putting it on. After applying some water-based lubricant, I took my usual position of sitting criss-crossed on my bed while just rubbing the tip of Yummy Sunshine on my clit. The rumbly vibrations allowed me to get wetter and feel the vibrations internally making me ache for some duel stimulation. After a while I used Yummy Sunshine internally, the flexible shaft allowed me to angle the toy at what seemed like a right angle to get that perfect level of clitoral contact. This is the first shafted toy that has given me an orgasm with the external motor or additional bullet held in place. I was both shocked and pleased by this, and in every subsequent use I have not had an issue reaching orgasm with Yummy Sunshine. I cannot say the same for some other Satisfyer Products.

A close up view of Satifyer Yummy Sunshine’s looped handle.

Beyond that the controls are so easy to use I often use Yummy Sunshine as a “fluffer” for my other testing adventures, that way I am properly aroused without desensitizing or finishing to quick. I truly enjoy playing with this toy, something about the shape of the design does me well internally or externally which I find rare for myself. The yellow color makes it great for introducing to a newbie partner, yellow is non threatening to even the most sensitive of masculinities. My partner finds using the toy is easy, the controls after not too difficult to understand, though I do not let them really touch them, haha. While they noted they enjoyed the looped handle, it makes giving me that extract orgasm after sex easier for us other; no one is left with a wrist cramp anymore.

Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine placed vertically beside a Gay on Tuesday business card.

Recommending Satisfyer’s Yummy Sunshine

I would definitely recommend Yummy Sunshine to even the most experienced of sex toy user. The basic design makes it an absolute joy and a versatile tool for your sexually creative mind. Some key points in purchase would be:

• To anyone looking for a simple and affordable vibrator

• Non-intimidating design and color

• Loop handle makes for easier use

• Simple controls

• 6 intensities meaning more range and less concentrated vibrations

• Shape and texture are there but not overwhelming

Yummy Sunshine can be found at Bettys Toy Box for only €49.95 which is an absolute deal. I would highly recommend this product, even deeming it one of my favorites. For the price it is a great first toy or addition to a collection. Check out Satisfyer’s other products on Bettys Toy Box, or my reviews of some of their other toys like Satisfyer’s G Rabbit, Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 & 2 or Satisfyer Pro Plus Travel.

This post contains affiliate links, however all writing is based on a true experience with the product. The affiliate nature does not affect the outcome of the review. My affiliate status just means if there is a purchase made for Bettys Toy Box I will received a small percentage of the product in return. If you have questions please reach out to me via email or comment. Otherwise, you may review my “Ethics and Policy” page to better understand my writing and ethical promise to my readers. Thank you for you support in reading.

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