SVAKOM Male Masturbator Hedy Review [Gay on Tuesdays]

SVAKOM Hedy Review

 pick egg masturbator, Hedy set on top a orange sheet next to a gay on Tuesdays business card

If you are a frequent reader of my site, then you will be familiar with the name SVAKOM. They are a company I worked with after the Sex Expo. The more I learned about SVAKOM and worked with their products the more I really came to love them. The eco-friendly, body-safe silicone each product has is also a huge pro for me. I try to be environmentally conscious and am always trying to think about my impact especially when it comes to sex toys.

Most recently SVAKOM sent me their newest addition to the penis owning collection, Hedy. Hedy is a pocket masturbator intended for masturbation or even couples play. However, nothing is limited to penises, as it is possible to turn Hedy inside out and have a new textured sleeve for your wand or sex toy. I, myself have done this and found a noticeable difference in the girth and the sensation of fullness. Obviously, I cannot test this as throughly myself, however I sent out these little eggs out to a select group of my penis owning friends.

Six pink SVAKOM Hedys organized in rows of three inside their packaging.

SVAKOM Hedy details

Hedys packing is a black box with white text listing all the details of size, weight, color, etc. Hedy is made of TPE, this is rather typical in these masturbation sleeves. Though the material may be soft and flexible, there are a few issues with TPE products. So what is TPE? TPE is a blend of rubber and plastic, however not all of the materials in this blend are disclosed. Though SVAKOM’s site states Hedy is without phthalates that may not always be the case; a lot of companies will list “phtathlate free” but actually still contain the chemicals. I personally trust in SVAKOM but the potential is always there.

TPE is often used for its stretching properties, and its ability to flex but keep shape. This is a porous material meaning no matter how much you clean this product it will never be truly clean or sterile. This material carries bacteria, has potential to mold, and several not so great things. According to Hedy’s packing you can get 5-10 uses out of it, but be very conscious of your product. Though the chances of bacterial infections for penis owners is not as high as a vulva owning person, there is always a possibility no matter how much you may clean these male masturbators. Eventually, things will smell, and the material will become worn. Ideally, a medical grade silicone would be the better product, however, not always the most pleasurable though many companies are finding ways to change that.

Hedys black and white packaging with an image of the three offered colors; white, blue, and pink.

Hedy comes in three colors and textures, each color is indicative to the products texture. Blue having large studding similar to large bumps. White having a thinner and longer hair like textures.

A horizontal pink Hedy turned inside out showing the grid like linear pattern.

Pink has an elevated grid-like pattern, made up of vertical and horizontal lines. I was sent the pink shade of Hedy for review, this liner design is meant to simulate the sensation of a blow job. Which was confirmed by one of my users, but we will get into these details a little later. You also have the option of turning Hedy inside out taking advantage of using the spiraled texture for a different stimulation. Though I have not experienced this stimulation with Hedy, I have with SVAKOMs ANYA which is still one of my favorite toys. The twist in the spiraled texture have a peak elevation in the middle allowing for a subtle grow in the stimulation, or you can take a page from my book and go straight for the strongest or more aggressive stimulation at the center of the spirals.

Hedy set vertically next to a business card to depict the exact size when Hedy is at rest.

In terms of size Hedy is about the size of the average business card but it has some serious stretch. A few of the users made it known that the stretch was not to their satisfaction, one directly noted they could not stretch Hedy for full coverage while the other noted they could but they were stretching it thin. So thin in fact, that after a few uses they came while bursting through the top of Hedy. [Disclaimer: my users are above average in length and girth] This may not be an issue for you if you are closer to an average length or girth. I would suggest if you are a bit longer or thicker you may want a stroker masturbation sleeve rather than these egg-like sleeves. It may be far better, and you have the option of finding sleeves with open ends which was another complain a user had. They felt as if they were “Fucking a balloon” and the auditory result was not discrete.

Using SVAKOM Hedy

I will begin with my users’ experience with the toys:

A realistic white dildo with Hedy covering just the head of the dildo.

Hedy turned inside out with almost the entire packaging of lubricant poured inside.

User 1: “After several uses, including washing and drying, Hedy remained in good condition. The texture is nice and soft, while the internal forms and lines stimulate the head of the penis in a very satisfying way. As for the lubricant the single use packaging puts you in a position to either have lube on hand or taking Hedy into the shower where I had majority use. I often used Hedy with body wash and shower water, though I had issues fitting my entire penis. I did not have an issue with grip, and again the stimulation was great. Most of all I liked the container which I felt was discrete and easy to store.”

Hedy turned half inside out revealing the rolled up lubricant that is packaged inside each product.

Hedy being stretched onto a realistic dildo to indicate how thin Hedy gets when stretched to the max.

[The Blush Silicone Willy used in this image is 7 inches/ 18.5cm]

User 2: “I have not used the lube that came with it, the packing kind of turned me off. The lube was jammed in there and all I could think was some guy putting his hands into it. I did not read about the product beforehand and when I was first using it, it reminded me of a solid blow job and alas it was a blowjob one. So kudos to them on that! I would have preferred a hole on the other end, because it kind of felt like fucking a balloon at first; it was really noisy and not discrete. Once you get any lube on your hands, it becomes hard to use, though it definitely felt good. I would not opt to use this with a partner because it seems kinda silly to me. If it were an inch or two longer that would have been nice because if I am doing full stroke I am stretching the thing out and not getting the sensation across my entire penis. Cleaning was easy; I just used a mild soap and flipped it inside out to air dry. Nothing changed in the material or look of Hedy after cleaning.”

My use: So I cut the top off of Hedy and used it with a partner. One method is to hold the masturbator at the base while twisting and pulling Hedy from the top. This creates a sucking and swallowing sensation, or at least that was the goal. I had major grip issues but to be fair I was drunk, having drinks with friends before. I tried sober on my dildo the following day and did not have as much issue though the lube was not on my hands as much this time as it was before. I later tried to use a “hybrid” method of using my mouth at the top and Hedy at the base. I do not think it took me long before I gave up my hybrid method of using Hedy. I kept feeling like Hedy would ‘pop’ off the partners penis and it was more like a Marx Brothers special than anything sexy. We mutually agreed Hedy was better for solo play than partnered.


Would I and my users recommend Hedy? Based on the feedback I received I would recommend Hedy if:

• You are on a more average length and girth.

• You are looking for a basic solo masturbator.

• The double textures interest you.

• You are okay with the porous and chemical natural of TPE.

• You want a male masturbator with a few good uses before investing in something permanent.

Hedy is available at SVAKOM’s site for an affordable $39.99 which is priced for 6 male masturbators. You have your choice between any of the colors, but I do not believe a multi-pack is an option.

Thank you again for your support in reading Gay on Tuesdays. This post DOES NOT contain affiliate links. All experiences are diverse and honest, the natural of the transaction of product for review does not affect the honesty or experience of myself or my fellow reviewers.

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