Met Millie Wonders and the Roza Mehendi Lingerie set [Gay on Tuesdays]

Millie Wonders Roza Mehendi Lingerie Set Review

Red accented Millie Wonders Lingerie set on white backdrop. Including a bra, stockings, Suspender belt, and thong.

Myself in the Millie Wonders Roza MeHendi set, skin tone lingerie with red floral accents

One of the many perks of my job as a sex blogger definitely includes reviews, but more than anything I love finding a new company to support. Millie, from Millie Wonders Lingerie has been an absolute godsend. If you had read my more recent post about Eroticon, you would know that Millie is one of the biggest factors in how I got there. Mille Wonders Lingerie sponsored me and even sent me some lingerie on top of “paying” or my work. I am grateful for Millie and her company, she is like a fairy godmother and really offers herself as an asset to me and her customers.

Millie is PASSIONATE about inclusion, lingerie, empowerment and all that ties into it; she’s got some great goals that’s for sure! Millie Wonder Lingerie carries not just your basic lingerie but way more lustful pieces with even more appealing prices, beyond lingerie there are accessories and swimwear. This is basically your one stop shop for all your near naked needs. Another aspect I LOVE about Mille Wonders is the constant flow of new products, I swear every single time I check the insta page or site there are so many new and stunning items in stock. As an added bonus you have endless sale or promotional opportunities so even though the prices are affordable, Millie helps you get the BEST price in every case; it’s almost unreal.

Myself, in the Millie Wonders Roza Mehendi lingerie set. My hair in a half up half down look with a red crystal tiara creating the carnival regal look

Do not fret if you get something and the fit seems off or you have tons of questions, getting in touch with Millie is simple. Millie, is a genuine person who seeks to ensure every customer is receiving exactly what they want, and if that is not the case she will put in the extra hours to talk in depth with you about your shape and the fit. I had a piece I had received that was not as flattering, however my like of lingerie knowledge prompted me to request this specific item because it was pretty. I am sure we have all fallen victim to it. Though I made some small adjustments to the style and fit because I am handy with a needle and thread. Millie was all over it, talking to me about my “bell-shape” and how maybe a soft cup corset was not the best option for me. Just feeding me a vast amount of information I was clueless too. My relationship with lingerie has always been about empowerment as you can see here, but Millie was dropping some real knowledge behind it. I would highly suggest checking out her site for your lingerie needs or questions.

My last little blurb about Millie Wonders, Millie is willing to listen to your suggestions about what you want to see. For the bigger picture Millie Wonders wants to start working for trans inclusive lingerie or lines of products. So when I am gushing about someone and it seems a bit over the top like no one can be that great. Millie and Millie Wonders truly is one of those few companies that are trying to make a difference. Supporting Millie Wonders is supporting progress and inclusion, not just in body but skin color, shape, etc. I could honestly write a whole post about how inspiring and wonderful Mille Wonders is but I will focus back to this review and the sexy pictures to come from it.

Myself in Millie Wonders Roza Mehendi leaning downward looking he camera in the eye

Roza Mehendi Set

Roza Mehendi packing featuring a tan blonde modeling the look

Jumping right in, my Roza Mehendi look was inspired by the traditional henna design. The way the lingerie sets on your body is designed to appear like artwork on your body. The flowers traditionally found in Henna designs are to represent happiness and joy. Which are true to how I feel wearing this look, without a doubt this lingerie set is unique and alluring.

Myself turned around slightly giving a big toothy smile while showing off the backside of Millie Wonders Roza Mehendi setAn image angels downward of myself modeling the Roza Mehendi set.

Roza Mehendi Push-Up Bra Review

I am a big fan of the push-up bra; I love a dramatic look, when I put on lingerie I want to feel like a bombshell from head to toe. The Roza Mehendi Push-Up Bra is not exactly what I expected, typically push-up bras are these overly padded, soundproofing monsters. When I wear a typical push-up bra, I keep a more look but do not touch vibe. However, Roza Mehendi Push-Up Bra is soft and works with your natural curves. Admittedly, I found myself have to pull my boobs up from time to time, but this was after lots of movement, posing, and action. This bra is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, it could be worn outside of a seductive setting without an issue. Best of all it does not give your boobs some weird shape to them. This bra embodies power and elegance you can channel with or without a partner.

A playful phot of myself with my finger in my mouth gesturing like I am biting the tip of my finger

As mentioned, the shape was fair, and as for sizing I think the bra did me justice. I am a tough person to fit because I am wide but my curves do not match my size. I have a column shape, with about an even C-cup breast so being in L or XL is tough because cups are usually so big. However, with my Roza Mehendi Push-Up Bra I felt the cups were small. I received a 36C, which is my usual size; average but not for being of a larger size. In some photos you can see the bra looks smaller than my frame, but I am not unaccustomed to this so for me it is not an issue. I would say the bra gave me a more natural push-up look rather than the dramatic look I was expecting. Overall, I still love the look, and still felt powerful and sexy in it.

The Roza Mehendi Push up Bra up close set on a white backdrop

The quality seems great; I have received items that almost instantly began to fall apart but this seems durable. I am sure I could wash and air dry with ease, and the station did not look cheap nor scrunched up in any way. I am not sure exactly what the materials are; I saw nothing online or on the tickets that showed the materials used. Personally, material for lingerie does not bother me too much, as long as it can make it through a couple rounds I am happy. The Roza Mehendi Push-up bra runs at €34.95 which is your typical bra cost, I would recommend it to anyone who wants a more natural push-up. If you are like me and like the dramatics, it may be best to check out some other fabulous offerings on Millie Wonders.

Roza Mehendi Suspender Belt Review

Close up look of Roza Mehendi Suspender Belt set on white backdrop

I am just going to work my way down the look, so next up is the Roza Mehendi Suspender Belt. I have little experience with Suspender belts, I never put the investment in to them. I would say this is the second one I own and I have mixed feelings about them. They can be sexy, snapping the locks of your stockings is such a power move. Yet, locking them to the stocking can be a bit of a shit. Luckily my Roza Mehendi Suspender Belt had the longest adjustable straps on it, making it great for someone like me who has a longer torso and larger hips. I felt I could put the Suspender Belt in its rightful place around my waist without fear of pulling it down or yanking up my stockings.

A backside view of self wear the Roza Mehendi Suspender Belt

The locks themselves are tough at first, like any, but once in place they stay. I was sweating, moving, walking, pushing my butt out, and strutting around in these and I never had one lock come undone without it being at my hand. This was a total win, and I would say the quality was wonderful. As for the fit, it was great, I would say better than the bra because of the double claps at the back, I could fit myself just right. Beyond that the boning was strong and kept straight, I did not have an issue with a warp or bending in the boning unless I was sitting. The Roza Mehendi Suspender Belt knocked it out of the park for me. I would say the €25.95 is a fair deal and well worth the investment; this Suspender belt could be partnered with your most basic and neutral sets to add a sexy flare. The pop of red can take your next lingerie set to the next level and even allow for some sexy accessorizing to follow.

Roza Mehendi Thong ReviewFront side view of the Roza Mehendi Thong

Backside view of Roza Mehendi Thong on white backdrop

Normally, I am more about the boyshort but I thought to try something different this time and try the Roza Mehendi Thong. Typically, when a thong comes with a lingerie set, I always end up tossing it out the moment the photos are taken. Thankfully, Roza Mehendi Thong was not the average accessory thong. The elastic in the Roza Mehendi Thong is very stretchy and does not cut your hips up or create the look of rolls on your body. Though there was some bunching and I had to unroll the thick red sides of this thong, that was a small price to pay for this flattering look.

Myself modeling the Roza Mehendi Push up bra and thong, pale skin being accented with scarlet red lingerie Size view of myself wearing the Roza Mehendi lingerie set with a big toothy smile and tiara

The materials though unknown were breakable and comfortable. I have had instances of swelling when I have woken certain panties because of the materials not being breathable. I had no issue with the Roza Mehendi Thong. Best of all was the sizing, I felt the L size was true to fit and framed my ass nicely. Well worth the €16.95 price tag. The thong made it through a few washes and the embroidery was unaffected. Even with all the aggressive pulling and tugging from my nails the breathable mesh held up and never tore. I would totally recommend the Roza Mehendi Thong to anyone looking for their next sultry look.

Roza Mehendi Stockings Review

Roza Mehendi stockings resting on top of the other next to packaging set on white backdrop

The final piece to our daring look is the Roza Mehendi Stockings. Continuing the design theme these stockings defy gravity and stay up better than any other stockings I have ever used. The silicone lining inside the top of the Roza Mehendi Stockings ensure these babies are only coming down when you are ready for them. The stockings were also very stretchy, but I would not call them strong. To be clear, I have stiletto acrylic nails which tear into anything they come into contact with. The amount of money I spend on stockings and tights is excessive, but for me a small price to pay for my lovely talons. I tried ever so gently to put on these stockings, and after my first wear I put a run in them taking them off. I blew it off as another victim of my nails. Yet another wear I was trying to pull up the stockings by tugging at the silicone band and the stockings split from the band and began to run. After I took photos in them they were out in the trash.

A view as if looking up on myself wearing the Roza Mehendi Thong and stockings

I do not think I can accurately judge the strength because of the first run in the tights, but after the second I knew they were not the strongest. Or that silicone band is just too strong and did not want to budge from my thigh. I will let you be the judge based on your own stocking experience. It seems fair that way, so recommendations are up to your better judgement. At €21.95 you have to be sure you can hold your investment and not tear things apart as I would. I think the last point to make before finishing. Up talking about the stockings would be the color. So I know “nude” tones have a lot of controversy, I’m lucky because I am white so I have little issue finding things for my skin tone. Though these Roza Mehendi Stockings run “dark” for me, I would say if I had a healthy tan they would be perfect, but there is a clear mismatch in color. I am not bothered by this, I wear black stockings so I am not looking for true match perfection. I wanted to mention it for those readers who are looking for their neutral tone, these may be the stockings of your dreams. If you are on the darker side than you will have the same issue, but I know this kind of inclusion matters and is worth pointing out.

Final Summation

Close up image of me in Roza Mehendi lingerie set Another photo of me in Roza Mehendi set but with a geeky smile A photo of me sitting in the Roza Mehendi set

Another photo of me in the Roza Mehendi set smiling

After, all that detail about Millie Wonders would I recommend this set or the other lingerie I have received? Yes, for sure. A purchase with Millie Wonders is a great decision, talk to Millie about your sizing needs and desires. Mille Wonders is here to make your fantasize come true and help you admire yourself. I am so grateful for the opportunity to get to know this company better and work with them. This post does NOT contain affiliate links. Though I was sent these items in return for a review, this did not change my experience with them. All content on Gay on Tuesdays is original and honest. If you have questions contact me or review the “Ethics and Policy” page. Thank you for your continued support.

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