Blush Silicone Willy’s Vanilla Review [Gay on Tuesdays]

Blush Silicone Willy

Blush Silicone Willy Vanilla in packaging

Blush Novelties is a wonderful company that ensures all of their products are safe for consumers by creating all product with only quality materials. Blush takes the ick out of the stereotyped jelly toy and creates silicone masterpieces. In my early stages of blogging, Peepshow Toys gave me the opportunity to review a dildo from their Avant line. Now, Peepshow has sent over a lovely product from the Silicone Willy’s line; 7 Inch Silicone Dildo With Balls, the shade, “Vanilla”. Originally I asked for a mocha color but ultimately received the vanilla. In all honesty it makes no difference for me, but the same may not be said for others ordering from Peepshow Toys website.

As for the dildo, I was thrilled to review another dildo. Though I enjoyed the shape of my Avant Pride P2, I was not satisfied with the very soft and flexible silicone. Personally, I have learned I need a dildo with much more force than flexibility. Once my package arrived from PeepShow Toys, I immediately opened the package, freeing my new best friend. I gave my Blush Silicone Willy a good squeeze and a few slaps on my palm to get an idea of the density. Blush Silicone Willy passed the test and had me aching to give it a good test, but not without further inspection.

Blush Silicone Willys Details and breakdown

Blush Silicone Willy Vanilla vertical beside Gay on Tuesday logo

This Blush Silicone Willy, is made of medical grade silicone, so it is nonporous and body safe. It was exciting to open the packaging of a dildo and not have it reek with the smell of chemicals. This Blush Silicone Willy has a decently strong suction cup base, I could lift my coffee table at ease, but just as easily you can knock it off the table. Though in my daily use I am not one for using the suction cup, I can always appreciate the good fun of sticking the Blush Silicone Willy to things and just testing what it can take.

Closer look at Blush Silicone Willy Vanilla showing the natural look of the toy

Blush Silicone Willy carries a natural look, at least with the “vanilla” shade. Blush Silicone Willy has every ripple and bump in the average penis; this thing even has a frenulum! The Blush Silicone Willy carries two features that truly make this toy a favorite of mine and the best dildo I have used; the slight curve downward and the girth. The girth partnered with the firmness of this silicone had me writhing in pleasure. I have little experience with girth, but at my core I am always desiring for the sensation of being pushed beyond my limits. Being so full and the pressure that comes along with, something about it really gets me going. Though this Blush Silicone Willy is not as girthy as I expected I am pleased and pleasured.

Blush Silicone Willy Numbers

Horizontal Blush Silicone Willy Vanilla, set on orange back drop with Gay on Tuesdays logo

Blush Silicone Willy has a circumference of 5.1 inches/13.5 cm, which for many may not be that girthy but compared to my Avant Pride P2 and assorted toys it is all I have got. While the mentioned curve bends downward which gives this dildo a more natural feel when using in penetration. Though some prefer a curve upward for G-Spot stimulation, I much rather a curve downward. I notice that in fast insertive motions the bend of the toy hits the body which created an arch and stimulated my G-Spot.

My Blush Silicone Willy has more than girth to offer but also a fair amount of length, measuring at 7 inches/18.4 cm. Again, I am terrible at eyeing measurements so I expected a much longer and girthier toy, but I received a toy that resembles my partner. So in my case it worked out so well, but for anyone looking for something “above average” I would check those measurements. I have little experience with longer or girthier toys so I cannot speak from experience, but I am beyond satisfied with my Blush Silicone Willy. So much so it has taken the coveted place as my new favorite dildo, top toy, and rests on my bedside table for daily use.

Close up on Blush Silicone Willys Vanilla suction cup base

I did get to use this with a partner, but not with a harness, we use Blush Silicone Willy manually. Yet, on the packaging Blush Silicone Willy claims harness compatibility, though I am unsure because in my experience with strap-ons the balls get in the way or make the direction of the toy a little awkward. I feel it is never as steady around the ring, but again I cannot speak directly about the Blush Silicone Willy’s line, but rather my experience with other toys.

Using my Blush Silicone Willy

Vertical Blush Silicone Willys Vanilla giving an aerial view

I was beyond ready to lube and go with this toy, I really could not get it in my fast enough. As always, I began by using my FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet to get myself started; I masturbate externally but always craving that penetration after I have edged myself for far too long. Once I was wet and ready, I slip my Blush Silicone Willy inside myself, and was surprised by how pleasurable a non-vibrating toy could be. I thrust my Blush Silicone Willy faster and faster, somehow mastering using a bullet and fucking myself. I guess determination and pleasure are great tools for multitasking, and in minutes I reached my orgasm. I was more than satisfied my first l time with my Blush Silicone Willy.

I have used this toy with a partner, but never in a double penetration setting, at least not yet. However, my Blush Silicone Willy was there when my partner had tapped out. I recommend having someone use this toy on you, or any toy. A toy takes on a whole new sensation when you are not behind its pleasure. My Blush Silicone Willy hits new spots and angles I cannot comfortably reach alone, while leaving my fingers free for some clitoral stimulation. Whenever I pick up my Blush Silicone Willy or my partner, I know I’m finishing with a powerful, and satisfying orgasm.

Recommending Blush Silicone Willy

I would recommend the Blush Silicone Willy if:

• You are looking for a body-safe, nonporous, and potentially harness friendly product

• A natural-looking product and feeling product

• A firm and rather flexible toy

• A strong suction cup base

• A toy that is just a tad above average

If this is not up your alley, I would check out the various toys Blush Novelties carries at Peepshow Toys. Blush is a great company to support, they do a lot of great work and support many of us in the industry; you can find all kinds of toys by them across Peepshow Toys. I personally LOVE my Blush Silicone Willy so I HIGHLY recommend it if you are looking to begin or add to a collection. I have used my Blush Silicone Willy countless times, and in countless ways. My Blush Silicone Willy helps me test new products, is there for me if my partner finishes before my needs are met, and is ready for me whenever I need it to be. I could not be happier with this product, and could not recommend it more.

Thank you to Peepshow Toys for the opportunity to review.

***This post contains affiliate links, this does not influence the honesty of the review. All reviews are from my honest experience with the product. If you have questions check out my “Ethics and Policies” page, or contact me. Thank you for your support by reading Gay on Tuesdays. ***

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