Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 & 2 Review [Gay on Tuesdays]

Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 & 2

Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 set atop a carnary yellow backdrop. With the charger wrapping around the bottom of the frame Satisfyer Multi-Fun 2 set atop a deep blue background with the charger draped in the bottom left corner. Satisfyer Multi-Fun 2 packaging in the upper right beside a Gay on Tuesdays business card

Satisfyer is an exceptionally generous and involved company in the sex industry. They seem to sponsor every event; they are constantly lining the pages of every sex industry related publication, and beyond that they throw toys at bloggers. It is always exciting to hear from Satisfyer and have their package arrive at my doorstep packed with toys. In this most recent round came two of Satisfyer’s latest products from their Partners series. I had seen the designs of both products all summer and was elated to see the time has come to review them.

Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 packaging; white with blue accents. 14 images of the various uses for the Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1Satisfyer Multi-Fun 2 packaging; white with pink accents. 14 images on the box illustrating the multi fun ways to use Satisfyer Multi-Fun 2

Introducing Partner MultiFun 1 (Blue) and Partner MultiFun 2 (Pink), these are the only color options for the toys. Seemingly alike both Partner Multi-fun Products carry a slightly different design, but with virtually identical “ways to play”. On the packaging of both products and the user manual you will see the 14 demonstrations of use. These uses are hetero-normative, and do not take into account same sex pleasure use, but I guess they are thinking of more mainstream advertising. Both toys can be used with or without a partner though these are found under the “Partners” drop menu. Within the demonstrations Satisfyer you will find the individual suggestions too.

The Multi-Facets of Multi-fun

Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 set atop a canary yellow backdrop.

Both products are medical grade silicone, meaning they are body safe and non-porous, so they are safe for shared uses after cleaning with warm water and mild soap. Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 & 2 are rechargeable products, that are waterproof. Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 & 2 have a waterproof rating of IPX7, which means they can be submerged in a about 3 feet/1 meter of water without issue. The charging cable is magnetic; it can be a pain when you just toss your toy on the charger and do not follow up on the secureness of cable before walking away.

Satisfyer Multi-Fun 2 set atop a deep blue backdrop. The pink has a nice contrast against the deep blue.

Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 & 2 have 10 vibration patterns between the two button control panel, according to Satisfyer you have 100 combinations of vibrations at your fingertips. Speaking of vibrations, Satisfyer missed the target with these powerless, buzzy vibrations. Though whisper quiet the power level seems that of a hive of bees, that vibrating hum that surrounds the bee hive. I am more for rumbly vibrations because they can be felt deeper through the body, resulting in some strong orgasms.

An up close photo of Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 buttons. The canary yellow backdrop can be seen slightly, but focus is on the two button control system.

As mentioned Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 & 2 both have a 2 button control system to control the three separate motors in the toy. These motors can be found at both tips of the Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 & 2 and the final motor in the base. Each button is marked with either one (.) or two dots (..), this is to indicate which motors you are activating. To turn on the Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 & 2 or change the patterns, you use the same buttons. Hold to activate the singular motor at the base or the double motors at the top. When you are ready to turn the Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 & 2 off you hold the same button for a few seconds. While trying to maneuver through the 10 patterns and intensities you have a quick click and your off to exploring the seemingly infinite combinations Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 & 2 offers.

Flow up photo of Satisfyer Multi-Fun 2, with the deep blue backdrop slightly in the backdrop. The focus on the two button control system.

Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 & 2 Design Differences and Similarities

The sun ray design on the Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1Focused on the stunning design and texture of Satisfyer Multi-Fun 2

The Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 & 2 look almost identical, with an equal length of 135mm and a similar width of 65mm [Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1] and 70mm [Satisfyer Multi-Fun 2]. The color and a slight difference in “arm” shape are really what separate the two, at least upon inspection. Once you get a closer look, you can notice the textured arches behind the base of each toy are different. Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 has a sun ray design, while the Satisfyer Multi-Fun 2 has almost undetectable stunning.

A side view of the sky blue Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 rest on top of a canary yellow backgroundA closer look at the sky blue Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 and it’s upper two motors

The curves of the arms are different, with the Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 having a consistent size from start to finish but a tiny window between the “arms” for anything to be put in between. The Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 lacks flexibility, which is something I would define as a critical design error. This lack of flexibility combined with weak vibrations leaves you unsatisfied and at time in pain. The “bones” of this toy prevent the Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 from doing what is demonstrated in Satisfyer’s various illustrations rendering it useless.

A side view of the baby pink Satisfyer Multi-Fun 2. A closer look at the small opening between the Satisfyer Multi-Fun 2 motors

While the Satisfyer Multi-Fun 2 flares at the tips of the vibrating arms. Which allows for a tad more range in stimulation, but again these weak vibrations won’t be satisfying anyone. However, the opening between the arms of the Satisfyer Multi-Fun 2 is larger, does it make all the difference? I would not say the Satisfyer Multi-Fun 2 could fulfill all its illustrative promises, but you will have better luck with the Satisfyer Multi-Fun 2 than the 1. The increase in flexibility in the Satisfyer Multi-Fun 2 alone makes it the better pick between the two. You or a partner can stimulate nipples, clits, frenulums, and foreskin with ease.

Satisfyer Multi-Fun 2 on a realistic dildo giving an example of stimulating the frenulum

So do the Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 & 2 satisfy?

Satisfyer Multi-Fun 2 at the base of my Blush Silicone Willy. Showing the “cock ring” function Satisfyer Multi-Fun 2 offers

In short, no, and when I say no, I mean FUCK NO. Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 & 2 is a combination of poor design and weak vibrations. My partner and I tried all kinds of ways to play but these weak vibrations caused more frustration than pleasure. While we got creative we tried each suggested use of the toys, only to be meet with disappointment and pain. The hard skeleton on the Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 & 2 caused some major pain for the both of use while I was on top. The curve in the arms missed the mark, though the fit was okay for my partners penis. The worst part was my vertical clitoral hood (VCH) piercing got stuck and aggressively tugged while I was on top trying to use the Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 like a cock ring. After that the testing was over for use both. Nothing worse than unwanted injury to your intimate areas to kill the mood.

Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 at the base of my realistic Blush Silicone Willy with the upper motors above the sulfur and the base above the balls or the dildoA side view of Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 on a realistic dildo. Two motors facing upward while the base of Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 rests above the balls

Recommending Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 & 2

Under no circumstances would I recommend this toy. Satisfyer needs to give the Satisfyer Multi-Fun 1 & 2 a total makeover and maybe involve a wide variety of beta-testers to get it right next time. If you are really interested in a toy with weak vibrations and poor design, you can find both toys on Bettys Toy Box for $49.99 each. If you do not want to waste your time, check out some of Satifyer’s earlier products like the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration. If you want to make the best investment in a cheap but magical toy check out my review of the FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet. You can use it with a partner and in many ways. FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet can be found at Bettys Toy Box and for a fabulous price $59.99, so just $10 for the BEST product I have ever used. Check out some of my other reviews if you are still looking for that perfect product.

This post DOES contain affiliate links which means if you make a purchase I will make a small commission. This does not alter my experience with a product in any way. All content on Gay on Tuesdays is completely honest and accurate; if you have questions feel free to check out my “Ethics and Policy” page or contact me. Thank you for your support in reading.

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