Lovehoney Late Night Liaison Deep Plunge Blue Crotchless Body Review [Gay on Tuesdays]

Lovehoney Late Night Liaison Deep Plunge Blue Crotchless Body Review

Myself wearingLovehoney Late Night Liason Deep Plunge Blue Crotchless Body

The Lovehoney Late Night Liaison Deep Plunge Blue Crotchless Body put my jaw to the ground the very moment I laid my eyes on it. It was absolutely unique in its cuts and the shade was like nothing I had in my closet, so I knew I had to have it. I have learned over the years that bodys look absolutely stellar on my shape so I was willing to take the risk for potential failure. My package arrived very quickly, and without any issue. I made sure to wash my Lovehoney Late Night Liaison Deep Plunge Blue Crotchless Body before I hopped into it. Once everything was cleaned and ready I made a whole day out of wearing it.

Lovehoney Late Night Liaison Deep Plunge Blue Crotchless Body sizing and details

I immediately took notice of the lovely shade of blue, and the quality of the lace. Even after a wash the lace was still in tact, and very strong. Usually I have long acrylic nails with a stiletto point, I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have ruined a great set of stockings or punctured a hole through some lace accents. I’m a tough person so I need something that can at least get past me before I can’t even think of looking to a partner. From all the tests, this Lovehoney Body seems to be passing with flying colors.

As I looked more closely I began to examine the straps and their adjustability. Simple enough, and easy to reach, but what I truly liked was after adjusting the straps they stayed in place. I have since worn and washed this Lovehoney Late Night Liaison Deep Plunge Blue Crotchless Body a good amount and it has not only stayed in shape but has not lost its perfect adjustments, so bravo Lovehoney. Another special detail was the small, Lovehoney emblem beneath the harness straps. It was even complimented by one of my partners at the time. We both were in agreement that the tiny bows are over-rated and we would like to see more charm variety in lingerie.

After I examined every last fiber and detail of my Lovehoney Late Night Liaison Deep Plunge Blue Crotchless Body I finally go around to putting it on. I felt like a Barbie Doll, which I LOVED!! I did notice the fit was a bit tight, and pulled a lot on my crotch. For anyone a fan of the camel toe, this is your look. The sizing was listed as “one size” which I would normally be hesitant of, however, with my history with bodys I figureI was safe. I am about a 42 in EU sizing and a 10 in American, so I know that puts me at the cusp of “normal” sizing versus “plus”; I’m very accustomed to the line I dance on when it comes to “on size fits most”. I think had I had known about the fitting ahead of time I would have just opted for the plus sizing, because again, its all elastic so I rather go up in sizing than down. I’m not sure exactly what materials it’s made of as I could not see it listed anywhere specific but overall its still a fantastic piece.

My experience and wear

The cameltoe snag was bothersome, but I looked so stellar it was not even a worry of mine. I opted to wear a bra with the piece not just for photos but for comfort. The straps over my hips outlined my “thigh brows”, a term my friend told me about in university which references the fat that bends over your thigh when you sit down. This is apparently very in, and I have “great thigh brows” so I will embrace it and let this lovely Lovehoney body highlight every sexy curve and pile of fat on my body. I practically danced around in this piece, and did not want to take it off! Aside from the small snafu with the sizing I am in love with this look as were my instagram follower, and partners past and I’m sure future.

Recommending Lovehoney Late Night Liaison Deep Plunge Blue Crotchless Body

I would highly recommend this piece to anyone looking for something unique but sexy. Again, this body highlights the overlooked sexy parts of you, but pay close attention to your sizing to maximize your comfort. If this is not your style Lovehoney has a plethora of sizes, accessories, and lingerie at your disposal so just do some exploring, or even reach out. Lovehoney is always looking to improve upon itself, and make everyone experience just a bit better. Thank you for your continued support in reading and visiting Gay on Tuesdays. This piece DOES contain affiliate links.

If you have any question about affiliate links feel free to contact me or review my “ethics and policy” page. Affiliate links just mean if you make a purchase I will receive a small percentage, which in no way affects your pricing or the state of my review. All reviews are about my honest and personal experience with a product, the nature of the relationship with Lovehoney does not interfere in any way. Thanks again for reading and supporting Gay on Tuesdays.

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