Lovely 2.0 Review [Gay on Tuesdays]

Lovely 2.0

Gold sequin background, with a pink Lovely 2.0 below the user manual, reading “Lovely”. Beneath the Lovely 2.0 and user manual is a note from Lovely, it says “Hello Lovely Get the app” followed by URL. Above the user manual and Lovely 2.0 is a Gay on Tuesdays business card featuring logo and social media names. Lovely was sent to me after the company Our Lovely put out a few PSAs for bloggers. Though this was not my first run in with Lovely. In Early summer of 2018 a good friend of mine won “The Future of Sex” competition. This was a major score for him, he swung a basic collection of sex toys in one click. As he is Australian and was away traveling Europe for 6 months, he had everything sent over to me so I could just plan a meetup. Which we never ended up meeting, so I had to post it over to him when he got back, but not before I looked over the loot.

A lot of sex tech toys need to be updated upon arrival, its creation does not always coincide with the latest software updates. So I took out his Lovely, with his consent, to clean, charge, and update everything so he can use everything upon arrival. Naturally my curiosity was piqued when I researched on the Our Lovely app. Our Lovely is the application in charge of all the “greatness” behind Lovely. The moment you get a good look at Lovely you see their mantra everywhere, “Great Sex Made Easy”. Keeping this in mind I explored the various functions… oh wait there was no variety. Just one weak and steady buzz. Immediately I had written Lovey off until the call for reviewers was for the purpose of testing the newest improvement; the vibrations being a part of that. I am ready to see what sets apart the Lovely 2.0 “new and improved” or so you are sold.

Gold sequin background, with a boxed Lovely 2.0 set on top. All the Lovely 2.0 features are listed in tiny blue print on a white box.

Lovely’s details and improvements

Lovely 2.0 comes in a peachy shade of pink and teal, I prefer the teal but I was set to review the pink. Lovely is covered in a medical grade silicone that keeps this toy non-porous and body-safe. Lovely is rechargeable and waterproof, you can completely submerge Lovely without issue. Lovely fits in the palm of your hand, measuring at just over 3 inches/8.5 cm. The band meant for a penis, dildo, or even fingers measure at 1.4 inches/4cm though this toy flexes this is not for the girthier type. For my partner it was seriously uncomfortable, especially with a thicker silicone band. This is not uncommon, we experienced this same thing with Tammy, luckily it is a double-ringed toy.

Lovely 2.0 in pink, set on top of a gold sequin background. A close up look of Lovely 2.0 band size Gold sequin background. A vanilla shaded Blush Silicone Willy dildo laying horizontal with Lovely 2.0 in place. A Gay on Tuesdays business card right before the shaft of the realistic looking dildo.

As for the shape Lovely has a pointed design. The design plays into its seamless charging. Lovely sets right into its own basin for charging. The charger basin is rather bulky so if you are trying to store Lovely the charger makes it a little difficult. Back to the design, Lovely offers more friction between the toy and the people using it. Lovely is designed with 3 equal stripes bending upwards to optimize that friction for maximum orgasm. The biggest issue with the face of Lovely is that the power button is located right beneath those stripes. If you have read my review of Eva, you know that a front faced button with a toy designed for penetrative acts is a terrible idea. Why you may ask? Because every thrust or pressure takes your hot steady vibration and changes it to whatever comes next. As someone who relies on a steady and consistent vibration Lovely, like Eva is a mis-designed buzz kill. Emphasis on the buzz, because these vibrations are WEAK. Though whisper quiet their power is dull and useless.

Gold Sequin background with white Lovely 2.0 charging base, and Lovely 2.0 in place.

Lovely has 8 vibration settings and no intensities, after the 5th pattern they all are more or less exactly the same; a weak reeving just increased in speed. The app can impact this, you can slightly increase the pressure. However, it is still weak especially when acting in penetrative acts and the last thing I want to do when trying to use a sex toy is fetch my phone to maximize its capabilities.

Lovely 2.0 App

Lovely 2.0 opening page with tabs for “Profile [starting at the far right], Remote, Your Lovely, Discover”

Okay, so I am pro app based sex toys, I almost never use the app but whatever its like pattern functions as long as it does not get in my way I can support it. I like to keep my information private. I do not see the need to enter my gender especially when there are only 2 options. I do not want you to always have my location; I do not see the need for my phone number, birthday, height, weight. I am all for progress but we are getting a little excessive. We-Vibe has an application but the personal details asked are not this intimate and excessive. You can use just about every feature We-Vibe has without the app, so it is unnecessary. Whereas Lovely is almost nothing without the app, especially for the price.

Lovely 2.0 task about whispering in ones ear

After you submit all the information, you are granted access to the main page. With 4 different sections; “Discover, Your Lovely, Remote, and Profile”. Profile is self explanatory this is where you can edit your “body traits” or pick new subjects to show interest in. I forgot to mention when you download your Lovely app you are met with a bunch of bubbles you pick some interests in so better suit which “daily tips” Lovely will generate for you. These daily tips are hit or miss in my opinion, I have screenshotted a few so you get the picture. I think some were great fun like asking my partner what physical thing do they love about me. While others are misinformed like the suggestion to use coconut oil on your “delicate parts”.

Lovely 2.0 task about using coconut oil as lube though harmful

This leads me to Lovely Premium, a subscription of $9.99 gets you access to 50 or more videos for sex education and pleasure and personal chats with a “sex educator”. As a sex educator myself I was interested and of course, support the idea. Key word being the idea, I reached out to my contact at Lovely asking for access even just for a week to get an idea what this is about. The matter was being looked into, then I was blown off for a few weeks. I reached back out asking, then lead down another rabbit hole asking what system I used. Before my final follow up last week asking what went on, because I would love to publish this post with this information, but met with silence. So I cannot speak about a personal experience with premium.

Lovely 2.0 opening menu where you may select from options such as “BDSM, Passionate sex, Rough sex, oral, bedroom atmosphere, erotic intelligence, threesomes, intimacy, and foreplay”

Although, based on the entire being of Lovely falling short, and their daily tips having miseducation in them I would not say it is worth it. Again especially after how much you shell out for this thing they cannot give you a free month or 2? Like even bigger companies toss you a bone for way less than they are asking for you. Speaking as a sex educator who knows and is part of an international network of educators I do not know a single one working with Lovely. So I would assume these are bots, or presidential answers by one educator that is now formulated out based on keywords in your questions or chats. So again, do not waste the money.

Sex with Lovely 2.0

Gold sequin background with a close up of the pink Lovely 2.0.

So if you are still interested in Lovely 2.0 after all that then here is what it’s like to get in bed with Lovely. My first interaction with Lovely was in penis and vagina, penetrative sex. As mentioned Lovely was uncomfortable for my partner, we lubed up and worked together to get it on. Before quickly getting to the act before his penis turned purple as it has in the past with other toys. Though my partner has girth, I would say this is the average girth you would find in penis owning people of Spain. Lovely may be better suited with what I know of many American averages.

While I was on top Lovely changed patterns and its weak vibrations left me frustrated and no longer aroused, the same can be said about my partner. It was not long before we gave up on Lovely and returned to our usual methods of sexual pleasure. From the penis owning perspective my partner said he MUCH preferred SVAKOM’s Tammy to Lovely 2.0.

Gold sequin background with an aerial view of my realistic Blush Silicone Willy, shade Vanilla. With Lovely 2.0 in place

Besides using my partner I used my Blush Silicone Willy Dildo, this dildo is similar to my partner in sizes. It is nice to get all the satisfaction of my partner with more of the control, and without wounding my partner. When I used Lovely with my Blush Silicone Willy, I had a much more pleasant experience. Though the vibrations are weak, the slower and circular movements I made with my dildo lead me to orgasm. The shape of the dildo gets me every time, that partners with a little vibration helped me get over the orgasmic hill. So Lovely is not all bad, I think anatomy and sensitivity play major roles in your purchases decisions.

Recommending Lovely 2.0

Gold sequin background with Lovely 2.0 in packaging, a white box with blue font across the top and bottom of packaging. Listing features and stating Lovely 2.0 name

After a mixed review I would NOT recommend Lovely 2.0 unless you:

• Okay with submitting lots of info

• Pay no mind to misinforming sex tips

• Are more sensitive to weaker vibrations

• Do not have a girthy person you want to put Lovely on

• Are looking for something as basic as it comes

If you are interested in Lovely, you can find it at Bettys Toy Box for $139.99, which is the listed price on Lovely’s site. I would say the hefty price tag is not worth the amenities, but this is for you to decide.

This post DOES contain affiliate links, meaning if you make a purchase from Bettys Toy Box I will make a small commission. This in no way impacts my experience or writing about a toy. All posts on Gay on Tuesdays are of honest experiences. If you have questions please see my “Ethics and Policy ” page or contact me.

Thank you for your support in reading Gay on Tuesdays.

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