MyMagicWand Review [Gay on Tuesdays]


MyMagicWand beside attachments on a sequin backsplash

Sex in the City has become a cornerstone in the sex toy industry; Charlotte and her rabbit “addiction”, Miranda’s vibrator being swapped out for a saint, and my favorite Samantha and her magic wand. As someone who’s been in the sex industry for a while you see plenty of companies building around these famous scenes; using television to normalize and familiarize consumers. I think it’s a stellar idea personally, anything that makes consumers more comfortable to run towards pleasure instead of away.

After my longest, and most fun review of EasyToys Naughty and Nice Sex Toy Advent Calendar I was given the opportunity to take my pick of what to review. I spent a lot of time checking into EasyToys site, opening tab after tab of sex toys galore; it was hard to decide because EasyToys really carries everything. I pondered a lovely pink bondage set, and several vibrators; I even glanced at the lingerie which was not up for review but my curiosity and personal love for lingerie got the best of me. I finally settled on MyMagicWand, in blue and two attachment heads for even more pleasure. I had my sights set on MyMagicWand because somehow, with all the toys in my collection I have yet to purchase or had the opportunity to review a plugged in wand massager. So I was off to the races with this one!

Bored MyMagicWand and Attachments

MyMagicWand is one of the more familiar wand designs, looking similar to the Hitachi and as mentioned having a “Sex in the City” mark to help bring about people. EasyToys offers MyMagicWand in four colors; pink, purple, blue, and turquoise. For some colors are not important but I think the color and packaging can make a compelling statement, enough to tip me over the scales of whether or not to buy. Sex toy realities are taking note and offering more than just pink and purple these days, and boy am I grateful.


MyMagicWand drives its power directly from the source allowing for it to carry more power than your standard battery or rechargeable toys. MyMagicWand comes with an EU plug, which seeing as EasyToys is based in The Netherlands it makes perfect sense, but it will get a little tricky when I return to the states. MyMagicWand’s power cable is beyond long, which means you can sit back and relax wherever you would like when using it. Especially if your bedroom layout is like my own with limited and inconveniently placed outlets. The power cable measures roughly at 11.4 ft/3.4 meters, this measurement may not be exact because I was measuring this cord across my floor with my 25 inch paper measuring tape, but either way the thing is insanely long!

MyMagicWand cord spread across full sized bed

MyMagicWand is made from ABS Plastic and Silicone, making this toy body safe and nonporous. This toy is not waterproof or splash proof so lets stay away from water when we have a corded toy. MyMagicWand is also heavy, which is not bothersome for me but for the sake of a thorough review I think it should be mentioned, MyMagicWand weighs 1.5 lbs/710g.


MyMagicWand control panel of three buttons

As for controls, I will say I was a tad disappointed with the quality of the control panel. The control panel is a three button system that is self explanatory, however my issue is the buttons indicating pictures are printed on. This means with longtime use they will wear off, I am not sure how long that will take, and I am sure if you are using it that much then it does not matter too much because by that point it’s probably second nature.

As mentioned, the buttons are simple, the bottom key, closest to the power cord turns the toy on and off, one clicks and MyMagicWand begins its rumble, and when you have finished you click it off. The negative (-) button in the middle allows the user to decrease intensity or change the pattern to the mostly previous. While the positive (+) allows the user to increase intensity or move through the 6 patterned functions. MyMagicWand does not cycle through functions, meaning that once you have reached the final function, you must decrease to get back to a steady vibration or a different pattern. The vibrations throughout the toy are deeply felt, rumbly vibrations that may not be too quiet but are not too loud either; I would say this toy is not for discretion.

MyMagicWand in box set beside a GayonTuesdays business card

Closer view of MyMagicWand head

Though I LOVE rechargeable toys, I will say it was such a good feeling to just wash MyMagicWand and get straight to business. I had not masturbated in a short while seeing as I was doing holiday travel, so I was more than ready for MyMagicWand. I was just hoping I did not tap out too soon!! Luckily; I lasted through several testing sessions with MyMagicWand. The rumbly vibrations could be felt deep through my body, and the flexible head allowed me to angle myself or MyMagicWand exactly how I needed. My previous experiences with wands before MyMagicWand were all with smaller models, and though I love focused pleasure, it was so nice to massage my entire anatomy. I could only imagine how the two attachments heads would enhance my experience.

MyMagicWand G-Spot/Prostate attachment and MyMagicWand Bunny Top Attachment

EasyToys offers three different wand attachments for MyMagicWand, I was most interested in two of the three. MyMagicWand Bunny Top and MyMagicWand G-Spot/Prostate Attachment both in a matching blue. Each attachment comes in the matching colors of MyMagicWand, or you can mix and match if your prefer. MyMagicWand Bunny Top and MyMagicWand G-Spot/Prostate Massager are made of a medical grade silicone making them nonporous and body safe. Additionally, the fit of each head is perfect. There was no shifting or falling off during any of my playtime.

MyMagicWand Bunny Top

MyMagicWand Bunny Top in packaging MyMagicWand Bunny Top close up

MyMagicWand Bunny Top resembles the exterior portion of a rabbit vibrator or even my Screaming O Toone. The ideas behind this shape is to stimulate both sides of the clitoris or even other body parts like nipples. The movement of the rabbit ears creates a flicking effect which I am IN LOVE WITH. Any toys with this set up sends me to sheer nirvana, and I will always advocate for this shape. Another point to note, is if you prefer you may insert both “ears” of MyMagicWand Bunny Top for a unique stimulation of both the upper and lower walls of the vagina. You could even use this toy anally if you desire, there really is not too much limit here.

MyMagicWand with Bunny Top Attachment on Closer view of MyMagicWand Bunny Top Attachment on MyMagicWand

I surely was not limited either, because I LOVED my MyMagicWand Bunny Top, I made great use of the many ways you can play with this toy. The ears shaping allows for fuller stimulation or just using the tip of the ears for a harder, more aggressive flicking. I have a fondness for toys with a slight point to them; it is something about the intensity change between a rounded portion of the toy and then the top. You can play delicately with MyMagicWand Bunny Top and just slide the dares up and down your desired body part or tease yourself with the flicking sensation. Either way, I would HIGHLY recommend this attachment and just this shape in general. The sensation is almost exactly like one of my absolute favorite toys the Cal Exotics Ember.

MyMagicWand G-Spot/Prostate Attachment

MyMagicWand with G-Spot/Prostate Attachment on

While MyMagicWand G-Spot/Prostate Attachment resembles my Nü Sensuelle G-Spot Massager, though the curve is not as intense and the material is not nearly as hard. However, both carry the small “studding” on the end which to my knowledge is supposed to recreate the feeling of a shower head. Personally, I could do without the studding, it does not do me any justice and I find it a little uncomfortable. The design of MyMagicWand G-Spot/Prostate Attachment is intended for external and internal stimulation, transforming MyMagicWand into a dual stimulation toy.

Close up of MyMagicWand G-Spot/Prostate Attachment and StuddingMyMagicWand G-Spot Attachment studding close up

The idea seems great, but personally I think the execution does not work out, between the two attachments I liked MyMagicWand G-Spot/Prostate Attachment the least. I think the curve was just not hard enough for my anatomy and same can be said about the material. I know my personal preferences lean towards a harder silicone; I find it significantly more pleasurable. Beyond that, the studding just seemed to irritate me, it kinda reminded me of someone’s fingernails scratching me internally. I tried giving MyMagicWand G-Spot/Prostate Attachment a few goes, but they all ended up with me switching out the attachment or taking it off totally.


I would recommend MyMagicWand and the Bunny Top Attachment to anyone

• Who enjoys a powerful and rumbly vibration

• Someone who is seeking to add variety to their pleasure

• New comers, I think this is a friendly first toy especially with the Bunny Top Attachment

• If you want to escape from toys with dead batteries

One can find MyMagicWand and their attachments on EasyToys website, at the cost of €90 for the wand and €20 for each attachment. If MyMagicWand is not your thing check out some other products featured on EasyToys, especially their lingerie selection!

**This post does NOT contain affiliate links, though the toys were provided by EasyToys in exchange for a review. This does not affect the experience I have, and all posts on GayOnTuesdays are honest and true experience. If you have questions, feel free to write me or check out my “Ethics and Policy” page. Thank you for your support by reading and visiting GayOnTuesdays.**

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