Kink Pulse Review [Gay on Tuesdays]

Kink Pulse Review

Kink Pulse centered beside the Kink Pulse instructions and accessories

I am back from my little holiday hiatus, and ready to jump back in with my latest review on Kink Pulse from Doc Johnson. Betty’s Toy Box offered me a crack at the Kink Pulse, and I was definitely up for the challenge of four separate motors! This was a design idea that would be a flawless and pleasurable experience or a total failure. These four motors allow for individualized power to be delivered around the clitoris, the legs of the clitoris or the vulva, and the internal portion focuses on the G-Spot; this is just the design and does not mean the Kink Pulse cannot be used in other ways. With all this in mind, I imagined I would have a ball testing the Kink Pulse.

Kink Pulse packaging Kink Pulse back side of packaging listed with features and basic instructions

Details and controls

Kink Pulse is a rechargeable product, made of premium grade silicone ensuring a nonporous and body safe product. Kink Pulse is in fact waterproof meaning you can take Kink Pulse in the shower or submerge in the bath. With, 7in/18.2cm in total length the Kink Pulse only offers a measly 3.5in/9.4cm insertable length, which was a little disheartening. I believe by adding length overall in addition to insertable length would improve the Kink Pulse. I found it hard to control such a small toy and even just find the right place for it inside me to hit even just one pleasurable spot.

Vertical Kink Pulse on black sparkly backdrop

The length also affects the ability to control the toy; Kink Pulse has a three button control system. A button placed on the toy closest to the motors that is used to turn the toy on or off by holding the button to turn on/off. Upon doing so you will note the harmonious yet whisper quiet hum of these buzzy vibrations. The button in the middle, indicated with two circling arrows controls overall intensity before moving to overall patterns. The shaft itself carries eight different functions while the external portions have twelve patterns; this middle button unifies the patterns and intensities amongst the four motors. As for the final button, shown with a three pointed symbol, you then have the power to vary your motors in terms of pattern and intensity. By clicking this final button the motors will separate vibrations and power individually as you continue the vibration patterns focus more on shifts in the power; bouncing vibrations through the various motors.

Control panel of Kink Pulse

This shape

With my initial introduction to the Kink Pulse I thought this power-shift pattern would be a fabulous way to edge myself, which is my favorite thing to do when I masturbate. However, this feature very much fell short I am sad to report. Beyond the vibrations themselves and the length I want to delve deeper into the shape of Kink Pulse. Kink Pulse’s internal shaft is standard, a slim neck with a bulbous head that gently forms a very nice curve meant for stimulating the G-Spot or really any spot you desire. While the external portions on either side have a subtle curve that creates the illusion of ideal anatomical stimulation; with, these sides rubbing the vulva or stimulating the internal legs of the clitoris when the user is using a thrusting action. Finally, the middle external portion is this ugly nub of sorts that has the most mild curve downward, and this in theory should reach the clitoris.

Up close photo of Kink Pulse’s three external motors

In use

With all this in mind I think Kink Pulse has all the right design intentions, but for me and my personal anatomy it was one big dud. I got right down to business with the Kink Pulse; I was feeling particularly aroused that day, and wanted to experience this four motor stimulation. I slide the Kink Pulse inside myself, imagining how the external side motors would hit every last spot I needed, those that always felt neglected when using a typical rabbit. Once I had Kink Pulse inside myself all the fantasy I had built up those moments before were shattered; it was one of those “is that it” moments which I HATE!

Horizontal Kink Pulse on black sparkly backdrop

I quickly flipped through patterns and intensity before my excitement level completely dropped, but with this ill-fitting shape and weak vibrations I was pretty much over it and knew I’d have to move on to some other product in the queue for testing. I tried to give it my all, hoping that I could at least just focus on my clit and illicit some kind of pleasurable response from my body. The outer external motors I was so excited for did nothing but get in the way and prevent the center motor from doing its job and hitting my clit. I tried shifting Kink Pulse to use those pesky outer motors in the center but it seemed no matter how much I tried to maneuver Kink Pulse or shift my positioning nothing worked. My final shot was using the shaft and its motor to massage my clit, but I think after all the previous nonsense my time had run out and I would have to test this another day. For now, I’ll try to salvage my orgasm with something better like my Cal Exotics Ember. Note that on another day of testing the shaft vibrations were in fact too weak so all hope has been lost for Kink Pulse.

Would I recommend this toy someone?

I think the answer is clear that Kink Pulse is a stellar idea partnered with poor execution. Think Doc Johnson could improve upon this toy by lengthening it overall to allow for a more comfortable use of controls and overall improve the experience. Maybe flip the outer motors so the arch is facing towards the body for more targeted stimulation rather than away. While the center most motor could stand to be lengthened and reshaped. I think overall the Kink Pulse needs a makeover and maybe then it will be worth someone’s time. So with a poor design partnered with weak vibrations makes the Kink Pulse the Titanic of my collection.

If you want to take a crack at the Kink Pulse, head over to Betty’s Toy Box, but I think you’re better off with the Cal Exotics Ember or even the San Francisco Sweetheart. Betty’s Toy Box has a vast collection of sexual wellness products and toys, so it is just about finding your perfect match. A lot of my other reviews are products that are listed on Betty’s Toy Box and where I lack I know may other bloggers worth checking out for further reviews. I want to thank Betty’s Toy Box for the opportunity and appreciate everyone reading.

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