Red Hot Ember Review [Gay on Tuesdays]

Red Hot Ember Review

Red Hot Ember boxed over a floral sequin back drop. Packaging is red with black accents and contains a photo of a two people lustfully holding on and other.

Picking out the perfect sex toy is hard enough, but it is even harder when you do not know what to buy or really what’s out there. Therefore companies like Bettys Toy Box are so valuable, they allow new comers to browse products from the comforts of their own home. Beyond that Betty’s Toy Box offers an array of products for you to choose from, all of which are carefully curated by Carolyn. Carolyn is how passed on the fabulous opportunity of testing Red Hot Ember, and after my experience with Cal Exotics San Francisco Sweetheart this summer I knew flicking tongue shape would change my life. You may think I am exaggerating but I am really not, a good toy can start a domino effect of pleasure and success.

Backside of Red Hot Ember packaging against sequin floral backdrop.

I had seen Cal Exotics Red Hot Collection in the past while working at a sex shop in Northern Virginia, but I never tested the Cal Exotics Red Hot Collection out. If I remember correctly, we were selling them for $75 or something like that, while Betty’s Toy Box has the Red Hot Collection at $35, so total steal. My friend at the time had her own and really encouraged me to purchase one because she could not get over how powerful and intense this little thing was. However, I was preparing to move to Europe so my sex toy budget was nonexistent. So to my surprise when Betty’s Toy Box reached out, I jumped at the opportunity and was not disappointed.

Details and stats

Red hot Ember unpackaged beside charger and business card all set upon sequin floral backdrop.

Red Hot Ember, as mentioned is basically the external portion of my San Francisco Sweetheart, which I loved and ached to have a bullet form for those days I am not trying to put anything inside. Red Hot Ember is a ruby red shade of medical grade, nonporous silicone; Red Hot Ember is rechargeable and waterproof. Red Hot Ember has 10 functions all of which are practically silent, so your vibrator cannot upstage you or distract you from your pleasures. As always, I am not a big fan of the patterns but the first three steady patterns are more than enough! The vibrations of the Red Hot Ember are powerful, similar to my FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet but with a different sensation because of the shape.

Backside of Red Hot Ember upon sequin, floral backdrop

As for size Red Hot Ember is just 5in/12.75cm, so manageable in any position. Controls are simple, Red Hot Ember is a one control system. At the base of Red Hot Ember is a single button; hold for on/off or click to navigate through the 10 different patterns and intensities. You can see the effect of each pattern on the “flicking” motion of Red Hot Ember. I advise using lube because this flicking can be a little intense, lube only smooths that out. Seeing as this is a silicone toy you should only use water-based lubes on this product and know of the ingredients in these lubricants. The longevity of a toy can really depend on quality care, and beyond that some ingredients in lubricants and other sexual products can be harmful to you or your partner’s body. Stay educated and check out my post on body safe products or do a little research for yourself at reputable resource sites like The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health.

Single button at the base of Red Hot Ember resting upon sequin, floral backdrop

My Experience

Profile of Red Hot Ember set upon sequin floral backdrop

When my package from Betty’s Toy Box arrived, I knew I was in for a great day. The package arrived quickly and with more than one toy for review, but best of all there was some Halloween candy! I miss American candy so much since moving away, and though it was not American, it was close enough (so thank you so much). I immediately charged my Red Hot Ember and waited in agony for it to be fully charged and ready for action. Once Red Hot Ember was charged, I made room in my schedule to get testing done, and oh my god! This toy was outstanding and somehow beat my FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet as my favorite toy.

I began with a warmup, I always start at a low setting, starting low and working up prevents numbness to sensation; it can be a lot of work and time but worth it. Typically, I start every session with my FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet just to ensure I am properly aroused and giving each toy a fair shot. Once I felt ready, I applied more lube and got to work; Red Hot Ember is a little intense even at the lowest setting. I had an advantage after testing my Nü Sensuelle Bunnii Vibe; I knew exactly how to angle Red Hot Ember for my pleasure. What makes this toy unique is the shape of the head when using such a toy you can have a wide-angled stimulation directly above or beside the clit.

Red Hot Ember side by side to charger on sequin, floral backdrop.

Personally, I find angling the toy to either side of my clit to be way more of an intense and beneficial experience because of the sensation of Red Hot Ember wrapping around the side of my clit but “flicking” right in the front is a game changer. I know it is tough to explain, but I really recommend exploring when you are using this toy. Another aspect about Red Hot Ember that makes it a cornerstone in any collection is it takes away the numbness one can experience of accelerating through intensities or just using powerful vibes frequently in such a short time. I know many people fear vibrators desensitization but that is not the case.

Yes, truthfully, if you are using some powerful toys in a short window of toys, you will notice things do not feel as intense. However, soon after you are back to normal, this is just a temporary moment of time, do not believe you are broken. I know just as much as the next person how frustrating these moments can be. To find something that can turn my masturbation session or sex marathon around in such a short time proves invaluable.

To recommend or not to recommend

Would I recommend this toy, yes, without a doubt it is befitting everyone’s needs. I do not feel this toy needs a billeted list of pros, rather just a jump over to Betty’s Toy Box immediately to get this product at the limited price of $35! This is just as cheap as my favorite, the FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet and with both toys you can ensure orgasms in any situation! If this particular shape is not your style Betty’s Toy Box carried the whole Red Hot Collection, checkout all the pleasurable variety of toys. Red Hot Ember is not limited to a vagina either, you can use this for testicle, frenulum, or even anus simulation so do not limit yourself; be creative and reap the rewards of that creativity!

***This post contains affiliate links. All content is real and truthful, and if you have questions contact me or review my “Ethics and Policies” page. I only offer honest content to my readers and would never recommend a toy I did not feel was beneficial or worthy of such praise. Thank you for reading and thank you to Betty’s Toy Box for this opportunity.***

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