EasyToys Naughty and Nice Advent Calendar

EasyToys Naughty and Nice Advent Calendar

EasyToys Naughty and Nice Advent Calendar completely unboxed

It is the holiday season and boy has it come in full force. I am not a fan of this time of year; I keep my head down until New Year’s Eve, but this year I made an exception for a EasyToys Naughty and Nice Advent Calendar. I love the whole advent calendar concept it puts my self control to the test; I remember my old neighbor Hans giving me my first advent calendar when I was a kid since then I have always been smitten. It overjoyed me to have this enormous advent calendar full of the things I love most; it gave me some holiday cheer. EasyToys Naughty and Nice Calendar is a 24 day calendar, featuring seven sex toys, 6 condom and lubricant samples, 5 soft bondage pieces, three pieces of lingerie, and three accessories and fun. It is an overwhelming amount of goodies, and you could have a solid collection after the unboxing of this massive advent calendar.

  This season the advent calendar concept was popular, I think every major company had their hands in an advent calendar of their own. However, I think in terms of presentation and price EasyToys had them beat! When my package arrived, after a minor postage error, the size of this box shocked me. Opening and staring at the stunning colors and design, I mean this calendar was radiant. I think the only design flaw I found was the numbers were both written out or in their normal symbols, but that mix of numbers and letters made it hard to hunt for the next box. Minor flaw though, I think with this kind of thing consistency is better.
EasyToys Advent Calendar box cover reading “naughty and nice” EasyToys Naught and Nice Advent Calendar opened revealing each of the 24 days
 Seeing as there are 24 different products I will write a small blurb about each, varying on how I used it, would use it, how I felt about the product, etc.
Day 1:
A lovely blue floral box was my first experience with EasyToys Naughty and Nice Advent Calendar, standing vertically right in the upper left-hand corner. Like any unboxing experience I shake the box to guess the contents inside. I was off when I opened box number 1 and discovered another little box, but in this case it was shaped as a heart.
 The Erotic Heart is a box full of 21 different erotic tasks for you and your partner to enjoy. This is one of those simple pleasures that get overlooked. I would never think to buy something like this, but I was elated when I received it because its is a gentle reminder to go back to the basics with your partner(s). I sometimes forget to “explore my partners body” or ask for a massage that does not lead to sex. The Erotic heart could also be used to pump up the sexual tension even for the most vanilla people. a love, and this was one of the first products I used after unboxing everything!
Day 2:
 Much larger this time, box number two shrouded with little pink hearts. After shaking the box and reading the “slip and slide” on the top of the package I inferred I had a bottle of lube waiting for me. Thank you EasyToys for the context clues because now I am 1-0 for my personal guessing game.
 Water-based lube, add a generous amount of it! Water-based lube is a staple in anyone’s sexual exploration fun, but I also encourage consumers to check the ingredients of their lube before purchasing. With this being said the EasyToys Water-based lube contains ingredients like glycerin and citric acid which are not body friendly. Some people use products containing these ingredients with no issues but I dislike taking chances on my anatomy so I will not be using this lubricant. (Have questions about ingredients check out my basics on lubes and toy materials)
Day 3:
 A vertical box dancing with geometric patterns and swatches of pinks, purples, and blues Day three looked promising. After a good shake I was surprised to find one of my seven sex toys looking back at me; a lovely hot pink finger vibrator awaited me. This toy is nonporous and safe because it is medical grade silicone, this finger vibe is battery operated. The buzzy vibrations are a great way to electrify your touch this holiday season. This toy is simple with an on/off switch at the top and only one setting, this toy is a great introduction toy for our beginners.
Day 4:
 A much larger box this time, covered in dashes of colors and dots; day fours box was light as a feather which discouraged my original guess of a massage oil candle. Inside day fours box was a bag of red rose petals! Another simple but impactful sex accessory, I have always dreamed of walking into a room with love messages written in flower petals or even following a trail to a candle lit room. I know it seems corny, but this is just another way to add beauty to your passionate experience. Beyond that, who does not wanna fuck in a bed of rose petals? Maybe I am just too corny, but for me this was stellar.
Day 5:
 Day five was a rather plain box, just a simple ombré blue in a “large” box.the weight and size put me back at my earlier guess of massage candle, which it in fact was! I LOVE massage candles, because the simple sensory surprise can enhance someone’s affirming love language, a massage is always lovely but a warm, lubricated massage is oh so much better. I enjoy the shape of the candle holder, the angled lip allows for a cleaner and more exact pour. As for the scent they label it as “tropical island” however, I feel as though it does not have a scent at all. This may be great for those who hate the overwhelming scents that some of these massage candles have, I know I have one I am terrified to light for that exact reason.
Day 6:
 Another blue floral box, but larger than day one. After noticing “hold me tight” on day six’s box I had a feeling I would come face to face with the bondage pieces. I was right, finding a pink medical grade silicone set of handcuffs. This may be weird for some people because you lose the aggressiveness or power play when you have loose cuffs but silicone cuffs have so much more potential.
 You do not have to limit yourself to hands, you can cuff other parts of the body do to the stretchy nature of silicone. You can also use this toy for impact play, and there is an auditory factor that comes about when enacting this kind of action. Best of all seeing as these are nonporous you can use them with other partners without fear of passing on any fluids or bacteria, making these cuffs, timeless.
Day 7:
 Another simple box marked with a christmas tree, day seven seemed light and almost weightless. I could not imagine what I had in store for mea blindfold! Another cornerstone for any sexual fantasy, and a great gift for the person always on the go. This is another simple toy that gets lost amongst the larger scale or more interacted products. Yet, I made such great use of it when I got to see my partner that weekend. Blindfolds allow you to intensity even the smallest acts and add anticipation and power to the user. Well worth remembering next time you want to shut the lights off or want to spice up your Tuesday night!
Day 8:
 A simple blue ombré box as we have seen before, almost as weightless as day seven so it was no surprise to find a pink feather tickler. Someone can use this feather tickler for that fun French maid fantasy or partnered with day seven’s blindfold or day six’s silicone cuffs. The feather tickler can add a gentler touch to your impact play or seal your power play roles. You can take the time to explore the more sensitive parts of somebody with this, but besides that you can just have fun tickling and giggling together.
Day 9:
 A light shade of pink featuring geometric ornaments and one of the heaviest boxes yet. I was not sure what awaited me inside but was delighted to see a matching pink remote control vibe. I LOVE remote control vibrators if I can get a remote I am invested. This toy is ABS Plastic meaning it is also body safe and nonporous so looking out for the consumer here.
 This toy has three speeds and seven patterns of vibration that are powerful for this little toy. You have to use the remote for control of this toy so there cannot be any user override. Whatever your partner sets is what you take, or vice versa! This toy can be used externally but because of the shape I think it is better suited for internal vaginal stimulation. Why not anal? Well because there is no flared base and that “string” is the antenna so you risk losing your toy if you take the risk to play anally. Do not limit yourself though, this toy can be held wherever you any desire so let’s use those handcuffs, blindfold, and lay your partner down and tease them with this little toy; try giving them the remote while you surprise them with the location. Your limitations are only that of your mind!
Day 10:
 Another blue box featuring a christmas tree with the words “sparkle it up” right at the top of the packaging. As someone who loves glitter, gold, and sparkles I am always eager for anything that shines. EasyToys did not disappoint, not only was this body jewelry gold, but it was sexy and a unique twist on lingerie. If you do not want to deal with the thigh highs and push-up bras of the lingerie world or maybe just prefer your natural glow, this is a great way to step up your visual game with minimal effort. You place the chain over your body and you have an interesting new look!
Day 11:
 Day eleven is a small vertical box featuring a little of everything in design; geometric patterns, various colors splashed across the face, and dots overlapping it all. I was unsure what was inside, to my surprise it was a vibrant red pair of crotchless panties! I LOVE lingerie, so much I wrote all about how it impacted my life/sex life so anything to add to my collection is welcome. The real worry is just the fit, and EasyToys fell short.
 These panties are marked “M” for a medium, but they were clearly extra small. I went to slip them on and literally could get it up my thigh and nothing more. The elastic lacks any slack for stretch and beyond it is not inclusive sizing. I am a solid large but can sneak in a medium from time to time, but with these panties there is no chance of that. I think sizing should be asked at purchase or more inclusive like with a ribbon waist for customization abilities.
Day 12:
 As we have seen before day twelve’s box was pink and simple, marked only with black geometric ornaments. Inside this little box was a bottle of vaginal tightening cream, now there is a lot of controversy around these kinds of products. I have used them before, and I loved the result not because I felt like I was tighter or anything but because of the “tightening” my partners felt larger. Making vaginal stimulation more intense for me, however, I have had negative experiences like intense burning upon entry into my vagina. The ingredients in these products are awful for vaginas or any mucus membranes. Alcohols and parabens that are just going to destroy your body, very. Beyond it places more emphasis on vagina owning people needing to be “tight” and not “sluts” or whatever.this bypasses that the vagina is like a rubber band and can stretch and return to its natural shape. I think when. It comes to these products ingredients and marketing is key, and as for this bottle it will not be getting used.
Day 13:
 Box thirteen was speckled and striped in various colors, and inside was the gift perfect for anyone, condoms! I can never get enough condoms, and I am always grateful for anyone that passes them on. Not too much to say about them other than I desperately needed some, so I guess day thirteen had my best interest in mind.
Day 14:
 Much larger but matching in design to day thirteen, day fourteen offered a simple clue, “wrap it up”. I thought maybe just tons more condoms, but soon realized it was rope! Black nylon rope measuring at 5 meters, which can be used both inside and outside the bedroom. I have been to rope workshops and bound up like a little a christmas gift and find this kind of bondage play so intense and relaxing. I know one people think the time it takes seems so annoying, but it’s a sensual experience with your partner to sit while they tie you up; for me it resembles art with the concentration and attention to detail it takes. I recommend attending a workshop and well using your new toy!
Day 15:
 Resembling spring another blue, floral print box offering the best of the surprises, a rabbit vibrator. I love toys as we all know and so anything that will give me duel stimulation is something I will be excited about. The Lily Vibe is medical grade silicone and ABS Plastic, and battery powered carrying 10 buzzy vibration patterns. Controls are simple to use and as for the Lily Vibe itself, it is a fun blast from the past for me. Getting to play with this little rabbit was made more fun by having my partner, who does not have much experience with toys, exploring with me. I love using toys as accessories to my education presentation whether that is sexually or in a professional setting.
Day 16:
 Day sixteen is a reminder of love with its warm tones and many hearts, reading “protection is the key” I was no expecting what I found inside. This was something everyone with at least a few sex toys could use, a velvet sex toy storage bag! Not all toys are the same, and not all toys come with dust bags for them; in my mind storage bags are a must so EasyToys is following in a similar mindset. Bravo, this is hands down the best thing thus far, and likely the best thing in the calendar for me. I am always in need for dust bags for travel or what have you so day sixteen was a total score.
Day 17:
 A rattling blue ombré box had me expecting a bottle of silicone lubricant for day seventeen; close but no cigar. A bottle of cherry massage oil; now I love flavored things as much as the next person, cherry but I want to make a serious note that flavored massage oil is NOT lube, I repeat this is not to be used as lubricant! The ingredients are not befitting a lubricator so respect your body, and let someone massage your feet, but, back, or any other external part of you with this but stay away from the indoor play!
Day 18:
 Rearing the end of our advent adventure I could only imagine what this dark blue box holds. I could not see any written clue as with the other boxes, just a simple christmas tree around “eighteen. I knew I had sex toys left to discover so my guess was this had to be some kind of toy, but what? Day eighteen had electric purple nipple suckers, I have no experience with official nipple suckers, in the past I have used my Satisfyer toys as nipple suckers and loved the sensation so I was ready to get playing with these.
 I was a little let down because they did not do much, but then I came up with an idea, I filled them with water and froze them for some fun temperature play. Now I get the warmth of my partners mouth and cold of these nipple suckers for a very pleasurable experience.
Day 19:
 Splashed with designs of every kind day nineteen kicked off with a noisy surprise. It sounded like rolling marbles inside, which turned out to be black medical grade silicone kegel balls. Kegels are a tricky issue because not everyone needs the attention, the kegel craze has been Pushing vagina owners to work on something they may not need to work. Some vagina owning people have overactive kegel muscles and working these more can worsen the inability some people have to relax these muscles. So you are just creating a different problem for yourself, so be sure to seek professional help or do to overwork yourself.
Day 20;
 Day twenty is a vertical white box with pastel pink geometric patterns across its face. When shaking the box it sounds like a bottle of something inside, to my discovery we have a delaying spray. These are targeted at penis owning people who prematurely ejaculate, this is defined as ejaculation before one desires to. The description given in the small note from EasyToy is not comforting epithet, referring to this as “bedroom disappointments”, which does not help the problem.
 Delaying creams and sprays are similar to the vaginal tightening issue that the marketing and ingredients can make or break this. Here I would say it broke I; if you feel you have an issue with premature ejaculation, try not to seek products with harmful ingredients which in some cases can be passed from penis owner to vagina owner leaving both partners numbed. It’s best to look at techniques to better control your body.
Day 21:
 More of the same, day twenty-one is a light pink box with geometric ornaments; inside we have another sex toy! A black, medical grade silicone cock ring inside; this toy is battery powered that has one vibration setting. For my personal use this is more like a non vibrating silicone cock ring because as a power queen I need major vibrations to stimulate me. However, for people who have never played with partner toys such as this it’s a great tool for both the penis owner and vagina owner.
Day 22:
 White box, pink geometric pattern carrying a faux leather flogger; I enjoy impact play but am more of a crop person myself. Beyond that, I have four floggers, one of which I made myself at Eroticon; that does not lessen the fun in any way. A flogger is a great way to deliver a little pain and lots of pleasure if you are seeking to step it up a notch try adding knots at the ends of each tether!
Day 23:
 As day twenty-two, day twenty-three is a white box and pink geo pattern. When shaking the box I expected another bottle of something, but rather a black silicone butt plug! Yes, some back door action, I am someone who loves anal play sometimes more than vaginal penetration so I was very excited to add to my butt plug ranks! This tiny, non intimidating plus is the perfect step not butt fun for even the most timid of partners. The spear head makes for an easy entry and the flared base allows for a safe anchor to leave in your partner if you’d like, or use the loped end to gently pull in an out the toy for some stellar stimulation.
Day 24:
 On our final day we have our ombré heart box which a big bow inside, making you tomorrows surprise extra! The elastic band makes this a one size fits most product, but the bow itself needs major TLC (Tender Love and Care) because it is severely wrinkled. I took a straightener to it to try to work out these intense wrinkles. It did a decent job but it’s not perfect. I still appreciate the lingerie and the fact that I get to wrap myself up for my partner.

Wrapping it up

 How would I wrap up EasyToys Naughty and Nice Advent Calendar, I would say I loved it; all in all it has its flaws, I have to recognize not everyone has most of this stuff and for a novice or someone who does not know where to start this calendar is invaluable. You can begin a collection and explore all of your basic desires here.
With that being said I would recommend this to anyone who:
• Wants to explore many things at one affordable price
• Does not know where to start
• Loves the novelty of surprises and advent cheer
• Wants a reason to spice up their routine
• Just loves the look and wants some toys
You can find EasyToys Naughty and Nice Advent Calendar on their website for a discounted price of €109. While you’re there check out some of their other advent offerings this season, it is never too late to buy because who needs to limit their pleasure?

***No affiliate links have been used in this post.***

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