Femme Funn Ultra Bullet [Gay on Tuesdays]

Femme Fun Ultra Bullet

Femme Funn Ultra Bullet is hands down my absolute FAVORITE toy, and I cannot stress enough the powerful this thing holds. I first came across this toy when working at a sex shop, Femme Fun graciously sent us a tester that I got to handle at work, nothing dirty, just actual handling. Now this toy may look ordinary but it has deep rumbly vibrations that can make a huge difference when you are struggling to cum.

The Ultra Bullet comes with a dust bag which is the standard these days but always appreciated. There are three color options pink, purple, and a gorgeous turquoise which I rarely see so I appreciate such a lovely color. This toy is just over 4 inches/10.6cm with almost a 3 inch/8.1cm circumference. Another small and unintimidating toy that is great for solo use or partner. The Ultra Bullet is waterproof made entirely of a medical grade silicone, and is rechargeable using a USB port for universal access. The button is at the base and you simple hold to turn on and off and click to change patterns. On occasion it is a little though to click, but just make sure you press hard and you won’t have an issue. As for patterns the Ultra Bullet has 20 patterns and a memory function meaning whatever you shut it off on will be your first pattern once you turn it back on. The functions are as follows

1. A slow, steady rumble

2. A medium, steady rumble

3. A high, steady rumble

4. A slow rumbling revving

5. A faster revving

6. A quick two blinks followed by a steady rumble

7. A quick blink that gets faster and more intense

8. Longer steady blinks

9. A faster blinking

10. Shorter but faster blinks

11. A very fast paced revving

12. A slower but just as intense revving

13. A high, medium, low rumble

14. A slow blink that speeds up every few beats

15. Virtually similar to the last

16. A very slow blinking crescendo

17. A more steady crescendo

18. A deep, longer blinking

19. A very low heart beat

20. A spiral revving

Personally the patterns are hit to miss and I feel like every few patterns are basically the same so I still to 1, 2, and 3.

In use

Ultra Bullet offers a rumbling sensation which is quiet different to a buzzing; a rumbling offers deeper sensation that, personally, I prefer. I feel that it stimulates the “steams” of the clitoris which are the internal portions that are often forgotten about. My first experience and every experience after has always been phenomenal. I find myself stimulating not just my clit but by vulva as well. Rubbing the vulva is very underrated but this toy really helps one discover the whole clitoris not just the external portion. I even use this toy internally and the powerful vibrations can be felt everywhere, with hope one day Femme Funn will make some kind of G wand because it is extremely rare for me to use bullet international. The rumbling offers me full, and head numbing orgasms. This toy is often the first toy I introduce to partners, seeing as its size does not hurt any egos. I especially suggest using this with a penis, by that I mean placing it on the frenulum or perineum of a person. Or overall play, you can up your hand job game or place this on your throat for a extra special blow job. Or for vulva owners a great way I’ve taught a person about my body is with this toy. Having my partner use their fingers while they watch how I stimulate my clit then letting them take a crack at it. Truthfully, every partner jumps at the opportunity so do not be afraid to try this out!

If you’re really interested the base of this toy is slightly flared allowing for careful, anal use. I have used this as a plug when the Nü Sensuelle Mini Plug was not big enough, just be aware that you keep that flared base out and if you sense any changes, by that I mean it’s gone up your ass, take it out immediately. Another method is when you’re in some sex position and need that extra boost for your clit, pull this toy out; it has definitely given me many orgasms in some of my absolute favorite positions like doggie.


This is what I buy and highly recommend for anyone’s first toy, as mentioned there are several different type of ways to use it or beyond that it’s just so fucking powerful. A bullet is simple toy that could not ever let you down, especially a sleek and smooth ty like this. This can be found affordably for $49 at Peepshow Toys so please, please, PLEASE TREAT YOURSELF TO THIS TOY. TREAT YOUR FRIENDS. TREAT STRANGERS. This toy is not only affordable but a true cornerstone in my daily sexual play of any kind! I would consider this a perfect tool for exploring ones body as well as discovering your true preferences.

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