Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand [Gay on Tuesdays]

Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand

Purple Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand placed beside black packaging

While attending the SEX Expo in NYC this summer I got the opportunity to meet Katy over at Adam and Eve . I am very familiar with the brand, I grew up hearing advertisements on the radio for their products, but never have had the opportunity to work with them. After returning to Spain and collecting myself I reached back out to Katy with some products I was interested in reviewing. Adam and Eve offers SO many varieties of toys, lingerie, and extended pleasure products so it took some major research to decide what I wanted the most. I finally settled on the Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand and one other toy but after I received the package I have not seen it appear on the site.

Back side of Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand set on baby pink backdrop

First impressions

My package arrived quickly, and without any customs issues so I was already pleased with my experience thus far. The Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand was larger than I initially expected, but then again I have a terrible habit of never checking dimensions before ordering. The Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand has a length of 10 in/25cm, but what contributes to the size of this toy is the fact that it is a multi purpose toy. The Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand has a wand head to deliver direct, external vibrations while the other side of the toy has an insertable rabbit vibe. The rabbit portion contains a rolling ball for G Spot stimulation, similarly to my Nü Sensuelle G-Spot Massager but not nearly as loud.

Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand horizontal on baby pink backdrop


Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand is medical grade silicone, meaning it is nonporous and body safe, which I implore all my readers to invest in safe pleasure products. The Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand comes in a lovely violet shade, and only this color; I am not a big purple fan but ultimately color does not impact my experience with a toy so I do not mind. Now, the Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand states it contains three motors, and typically when a product features multi motor stimulation the motors are focused to vibration. In this case we have some tricky wording, two of the motors are dedicated to delivering vibration which are located in the wand head and rabbit portion, while the third is a rolling ball massager located in the shaft of the internal mechanism.

Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand packaging containing motor locations

Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand is waterproof, strong, and most importantly whisper quiet; with seven functions and intensities in each vibrating portion of the toy. The vibrations are my very favorite, meaning they are rumbly-deep vibrations. The rolling ball carries three speeds and its own separate button for total control. The Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand controls are simple and easy to understand. With three buttons marked and placed accordingly; the button closest to the wand activates vibrations by simply holding the button down for a few seconds. The middle button turns on and off the rabbit potion of the toy, and finally the button closest to rolling ball controls just the rolling ball function. All the buttons work exactly the same, a hold to turn on and off and click to maneuver through patterns and intensities.

Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand control panel featuring three buttons for each settingAdam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand rolling ball massager headAdam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand, wand head on baby pink backdrop

Measuring up

My first experience with the Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand I wanted to test a few things out at one time, but that did not totally work out. Initially, I had planned to just use the wand head to keep myself aroused while I looked through various porn scenes until I found my perfect match; I did not even have the Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand on a high intensity, just a medium-low speed. Before I even found my video I came, typically I like to do a lot of edging and really torture myself before giving in but with my Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand I could not help myself or refrain from an orgasm. In terms of positions I was just sitting up right with my legs criss crossed scrolling through videos and really just circling the wand head around my clit and occasionally sliding it downward to stimulate the legs of the clitoris. When I am using a wand I usually take a doggie style position so I can tighten my pelvic floor muscles while grinding on the head of the wand. This gives me just enough to really work myself up to the brink of pleasure.

Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand vertical laying on baby pink backdropAdam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand charging port set and wand portion on baby pink backdrop

I will call then first experience a phenomenal surprise, now for the rabbit side; similarly, I did use the wand to work myself up but I was so carful not to give in to the orgasm the first chance I got. Once I was dripping wet and aching for more I slid the rabbit portion inside myself. When I first got a look at the actual rabbit head I expected weak stimulation and kept my FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet by my side in case I needed to push the external portion of Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand to the side. Let me just say, this toy kept the surprises coming; pun intended. The external rabbit head delivered pretty powerful vibrations, though the rabbit ears seemed useless there is something about the floppy-lightness of them I enjoyed.

Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand rabbit ears set on baby pink backdrop

The rolling ball massager did not seem to be as powerful in this toy as it has been in my Nü Sensuelle G-Spot Massager, but I did notice that it seemed the rolling ball massager caused the toy to make a subtle thrusting motion. I could see the toy shifting in and out of myself, maybe just a couple centimeters but I could definitely take note of the stimulation and that little bit really made a difference. However, this may have been the somewhat awkward position I was in (one leg up, one down and my torso leaning up to look at myself and the toy) because when laying on my back on another occasion I did not see/feel the thrusting motion.

Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand horizontal featuring internal shaft on baby pink backdrop

Summing up the pleasure

I would, in fact recommend this toy to someone if they are looking for:

  • A multipurpose toy
  • A toy for exploration of different sensations and stimulations
  • Something that you can use individually or with a parter
  • You desire a quality toy made of body safe, and non-porous materials
  • Rechargeable toy

I will make note, that when reading other reviews on Adam and Eve’s website there were mentions of the toy dying suddenly; there is nothing I hate more! I have yet to experience this, however, if that were to be the case I will surely revise my summation for the Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand. You can find the Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand on Adam and Eve’s website for €100 and they constantly have coupon codes or sales so probably even less.

Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand care instructions

****There are no affiliate links in this post, and all content is honest and original. If you are curious how I write or want to better understand my system please see my “Ethics and Policy” page. I am grateful for all my readers and only produce honest content, but encourage readers to take everything I say with their personal pleasure in mind. Thank you for coming to GayonTuesdays!!***

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