Cal Exotics San Francisco Sweetheart [Gay on Tuesdays]

Cal Exotics San Francisco Sweetheart Review

I am VERY pleased to share with you my review of Cal Exotics San Francisco Sweetheart, from their latest California Dreaming Rabbit Collection. I really appreciate Bettys Toy Box for this opportunity, because I was over the moon with this toy. Initially, I was given the choice between the Beverly Hills Bunny which is a stunning indigo shade and features a shaft of powerful rotating beads. Beads sound great, but I have had my experience with beaded shafts and was seeking something new. Next up there is the Venice Vixen which is a unique shade of canary yellow, which I LOVE, but the Venice Vixens main attraction is the “o” shaped external stimulation. Though this was very enticing, and a feature I have not personally experienced the San Francisco Sweetheart stole my heart with its “come hither” feature. By come hither I mean that the “internal” shaft moves up and down as if someone else is moving their fingers in just the right way. As soon as I saw that, I was practically jumping up and down because I have ALWAYS wanted to experience a toy with that feature!! Any of my partners could tell you, that I am ALWAYS begging for this motion in foreplay.

Once my Sweetheart arrived I admired the deep rose shade and girth of this toy. I am always a fan of thick anything so San Francisco Sweetheart was making a very good impression on me. After admiring color and shape of the larger portion I took notice to the most important feature for me, the external shaft. San Francisco Sweetheart has a very stimulating external shaft thanks to the tongue like shape, I fell in love with this kind of “flicking tongue” shaped with my Jopen Vanity 4.5. The control panel is a simple three-button system and features a travel lock. Personally, I do not make much use of travel locks, but I have definitely had a vibrator go off several times during travel so maybe I should start. The user simply presses and holds the top button to turn the travel lock on/off. The middle button controls the shaft feature which carries three speeds. Finally, the last button controls the vibration intensities and patterns; the San Francisco Sweetheart carries 10 patterns and intensities.

1. A steady low buzz

2. A steady medium buzz

3. A steady high buzz

4. A wave feature

5. A faster wave feature

6. A spiral pattern

7. A strobing

8. A wave leading to a strobe

9. A very fast pace blinking that grows faster and faster

10. A blink with a longer hold to follow

For the specifics this toy is a nonporous, body safe medical grade silicone, giving it a smooth and comforting texture. It is also waterproof, which in recent days I have become more appreciative of, and of course it is rechargeable. I personally prefer a rechargeable toy, because I can kill a battery-powered toy in a week, so the rechargeable toys hold up better in my personal experience. The only bummer is this toy does not come with a dust bag so I have to make do with storage. The measurements of this toy are a 4.75in/12cm insertable length, a 2.25in/5.75cm external shaft, and a width of 1.25in/3.25 cm.

The real question is it still just a fabulous in use as it is on paper…the short answer YES! I was a little nervous at first about the shaft of this toy, but my excitement overshadowed it. Typically I am very external so all the thrusting and beading, in my experience does not pan out to these orgasmic moments, but rather a complete letdown. I began by warming up with my Screaming O Toone, to ensure I was completely wet, ready, and excited for this toy. I picked Toone over my Femme Funn because I did not want to get off too soon and then not want to try out the San Francisco Sweetheart. After Toone had me aching for real stimulation, and I found a porn video worth fucking myself to I set off. I applied a quart sized amount of my favorite lube System Jo Naturals, then turned on my Sweetheart. I want to thank Betty’s Toy Box because this has made me a very happy person, and will continue to do so. This toy is on a limited time sale for $76.99 compared to $122.99 but at either price it really is worth is. Get this for your friends instead of that trash vibrator you giggled at, at the sex shop. Any of these three rabbits are sure to satisfy any person!

As a reminder I was sent this toy in exchange for only my honest opinion and experience. Not all experiences are uniform, and make sure you read my words with a grain of salt. Thank you for reading, and happy orgasms!

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