Zumio [Gay on Tuesdays]

Zumio Review

I was first introduced to Zumio at Eroticon by the Eroparter Rep Geraldine. Zumio is entirely unique in terms of look, design, and stimulation. The small antenna head of Zumio or “SpiroTIP” is designed to spin in tiny circles that can be utilized to stimulate the clit itself or areas around it. When you turn Zumio on you can notice the halo around the head, giving you just a glimpse of the “SpiroTIP”.

This toy is very easy to manage, coming with an upright charging port so you can easily set it in place without having to let your toy just lay around until use. Initial use is just as easy, with the control panel of this toy having just three buttons; an on/off switch and two buttons for higher or lower intensity. Zumio even has a travel lock, but personally, I never make use of that, even if I probably should start. Zumio is made of medical grade silicone and ABS plastic, and yes it is waterproof. This toy is small but not in a bad way, Zumio is about 6.9 inches/18 cm with a very pinpoint head. This toy was charged initially when I got it, to my surprise, but according to the user manual, this toy takes 16 hours to charge giving the user 4 hours of play time, depending on your usage.

This is a toy that does not use patterns and that carries more of a buzzy vibration than a rumbling one. In terms of sound, this toy is rather quiet until you begin to reach its higher setting. The user manual offers some direction because this toy is small but it does pack a punch. Using a diagram of a vulva Zumio suggests a three-step orgasm program to its users in 20-second intervals. Basically, they do not suggest going directly for the clit but to “build excitement” by stimulating the surrounding area.

Technical stuff aside here’s my experience. This toy definitely caught my eye and was worth the wait. Do to the pinpoint stimulation I do cum very quickly, but I would not say they are really fulfilling orgasms, I cannot blame Zumio for that because my orgasms definitely vary based on my stimulation, mood, and just the damn day really. However, I can always appreciate a quick fix, which is how I would label this toy. Zumio was very easy to handle, the handle itself

Zumio fit my hands very well and all the buttons were within fingers reach. Something I like about this toy is the power really is all in the tip, so my hand is not buzzing or going numb due to strong vibrations or prolonged play. Which is absolutely great because Zumio is truly powerful!

The tip is plastic which I was a tad nervous about, but the next generation of Zumio will have a silicone tip, so definitely an exciting upgrade to come. I turn it on and get to work, initially, it was a tad too powerful to start off with. For me masturbating is a long game, I try to hold off as much as I can before cumming but beyond that, I just need to be warmed up. I began swirling Zumio in the suggested circular motion near and around my clit. To my surprise, I actually felt really stimulated and like I really could have an orgasm in a minute or two. I did try to stimulate other parts of my vagina but the tip is to focused to stimulate the larger portions of my anatomy. I also want to add that for nipple play Zumio is amazing!!

I do not have too much to say about this toy, because even though it kept its word to me and got me off in a moments notice I found it underwhelming. This is related to my lifestyle and preferences, so I think I’ll appreciate Zumio more at different points, like when my libido kicks up before I have to go to work. Zumio also mentions partner use, so I have not gotten the opportunity yet, but I think this toy has great potential to drive a penis owner wild.

Would I suggest this toy? Yes, and I would suggest it for a first-time toy buyer because if you enjoy external stimulation you cannot go wrong with this toy. It’s worth purchasing but beyond that, it is unlikely that it will fall flat for you. If you are looking for something more versatile you may want to go a different route, but it is all in how you play so any better ideas please comment. I’m always trying to explore and up my game!

I would like to thank Eropartner and Geraldine for the opportunity to test Zumio out in exchange for my honest opinion. Zumio can be found by clicking the hyperlink sending you to Betty’s Toy Box where it can be purchased for $140, but for something that can practically guarantee an orgasm I would say it is worth the purchase.

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