LoveHoney Happy Rabbit Triple Curve [Gay on Tuesdays]

Love Honey Triple Curve, my first triple action toy! LoveHoney has a science behind these rabbits which had me even more excited to perform some of my own experimenters. If you have ever been interested in simultaneous triple stimulation this is probably a great place to start reading. The Triple Curve went through the full scientific method of sex toys just for this post. … More LoveHoney Happy Rabbit Triple Curve [Gay on Tuesdays]

Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii [Gay on Tuesdays]

Nü Sensuelle is another tried and true manufacturer that holds a place in my heart, with fabulous toys at a stellar price. With that being said, Bobbii and I had a little bit of a different interaction than all the other Nü Sensuelle Products. Being I am a power queen, it does make me a tougher grader on bullets. So read on and see how Bobbii measured up. … More Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii [Gay on Tuesdays]