Nü Sensuelle Bunnii Rabbit Ears Vibe [Gay on Tuesdays]

Nü Sensuelle Bunnii Rabbit Ears Vibe Review

I have some experience with Nü Sensuelle Products, you can read all about the remote control panty vibe and remote control butt plug by clicking away. If you have already seen my posts you can only imagine just how fucking excited I was or the opportunity to review a few more Nü Sensuelle Products. The very first time I laid eyes on the Nü Sensuelle Bunnii Rabbit Ears Vibe was back when I was working in a sex shop. I remember this little bullet packing a major punch, and I would spend many hours holding the toy to my nose and imagine what this could do for my clit. I was not totally sold just by looking at it because I had only had experience with a pinpoint bullet head, these were my pre-Femme Funn Ultra Bullet days. At that time I was not willing to pay that absurd price tag the store I was working in had set, and even with my discount, it is not nearly as inexpensive as it is on Latex, Leather, and Lace! Latex, Leather, and Lace are who gave me this opportunity after I contacted Nü Sensuelle directly several months prior.

Back to the bullet, Nü Sensuelle Bunnii is a medical grade silicone, making this toy incompatible with silicone lubricants. Additionally, the base of this toy is an ABS plastic which is also nonporous and body safe. Nü Sensuelle Bunnii can be found in three colors; blue, pink, or purple. I have seen the blue in person, and it’s a gorgeous shade of turquoise, while I received a purple model which has a striking shade of violet! Nü Sensuelle Bunnii comes with a dust bag, which is something I am always grateful from. I believe it really sets apart companies who go the extra mile to ensure their customers have the discreetness and luxury their toy deserves. Nü Sensuelle Bunnii is rechargeable, with a magnetic base and USB port, allowing charging to be easy and internationally friendly. Charging is very simple, once the charger is in place the toy will flash a blue light until the toy is fully charged. Nü Sensuelle Bunnii also states its waterproof, though I have not personally checked that out, I trust this toy is in fake waterproof not just splashproof (cannot be submerged). Controls are very simple, Nü Sensuelle Bunnii has one button; holding the button turns this toy on or off, and a quick click changes the vibration patterns. Nü Sensuelle Bunnii has 20 functions beginning with a steady buzzy vibration however many of the patterns are similar, that being some form of blinking. I would assume this is related to the structure of the product, the blinking allows for the ears to flick and move at different speeds. This creates that flicking tongue sensation that I find SO pleasurable. This toy also has a memory feature that will resume whatever pattern it was left off in which can be handy or sometimes a major surprise when you have not worked up to the function you left off on!


Now I knew these ears would work out favorably OR be a terrible disaster, but thankfully I have a new favorite bullet! Nü Sensuelle Bunnii is SO POWERFUL, I cannot relay this enough! Typically I do not enjoy buzzy vibrations as much, because they lack intensity and that deep stimulation I live for, however, the combination of the shape and powerful buzz sends me to the moon. I would definitely start on a low setting with this toy because though these ears can create a flicking tongue sensation, they are a little pointy, so be aware. I played around with this toy but found I really enjoyed a light hand, instead of my usual technique of pressing the vibrator against my clit. Rather holding the ears just near my clit and VCH piercing, allowing the light stimulation to tease me before making my way through patterns and intensities. I have to applaud Nü Sensuelle on the design of the ears, they have a lot of flexibility which generates all kinds of sensations; I am always finding a new way to love this toy every time I use it! I especially enjoy sliding my clit in between the ears, this way the ears dance around both sides of my clit; it is really hard for me to keep myself from squirting with this position. Another great design aspect is the curvature of the ears, I can really pinpoint my pleasure this way. Or I can tease myself by playing my clit like a violin, haha. More often than not I am using the backside of the ears, but when you need that extra push or want that hard pain/pleasure boarding orgasm I use the front of the ears.

I did have an opportunity to use this with a partner, but for me, it fell short. Granted this was my very first time using the toy so I cannot say for certain. I just think that in the act of penetrative P to V sex its hard to just play around with the toy, or hold it just so. I personally need a rumbly, rounded bullet that way I can safely press the toy against me. Whereas the Nü Sensuelle Bunnii I was not able to get my placement just right, or if it started to get good I was thrust out of place by my partner. I would suggest your own exploration, or use the vibe or other parts of the body like nipples, wrists, and whatever other sensitive areas begging for attention.


As I said, in the beginning, the Nü Sensuelle Bunnii has made it to my favorites list! I would totally recommend this to someone, and for sure suggest it as a gift! This toy really empowers it user by having you really explore every nook and cranny with those Bunnii Ears! If the ears do not have your heart or you are hesitant as I was when I first met the toy, I will add that just below the ears is the bullet itself, and you can always rely on a bullet for all your pleasures. Nü Sensuelle Bunnii can be found on Latex, Leather, and Lace for €58.81, which is very cheap for a rechargeable vibe with such a unique shape.

I have to thank Latex, Leather, and Lace for this opportunity and a few others, however, this in no way impacts my opinion of the toy. If you are curious about my ethics and policy to go ahead and check it out. I promise my readers only the most honest reviews.

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