FemmeFunn Figo [Gay on Tuesdays]

FemmeFunn Figo Review

FemmeFunn, like Nü Sensuelle, is another company that I have fallen madly in love with! FemmeFunn offers stellar high-end products that deliver powerful, rumbly vibrations without shattering your finances. Most recently Spectrum Boutique opened up an affiliate program, which allows me as a blogger really awesome opportunities to work with some inspiring people as well as presenting me with more financial benefits for my site. Spectrum Boutique Is owned by Zöe Ligon, and if you do not know who that is you have to check Zöe out; I have linked Zöe’s Instagram here! Zöe is always posting great content, most recently pinned to Zöe’s profile is a fun little video about sex robots! Beyond that, before I was even an affiliate Zöe at Spectrum Boutique really worked with me when it came to relatively inexpensive flat rate shipping from America to Spain. I cannot express how many friends have benefited from this seeing as most of my connections are American companies, so I am always grateful for a company that goes the extra mile to make international shipping affordable.

Back to Figo, I was delighted to have an opportunity to write about this toy. My particular interest in this toy relates to my experience with my FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet; when I was debating whether I wanted to take the plunge and invest in my first butt plug I actually explored with the Ultra Bullet. The base is slightly larger than the shafts so this was really my introduction to vibrations and ass play; knowing that an actual plug was out there had me pinning. I could not wait to receive my package, and every package I or a friend has ordered from Spectrum Boutique arrives in Spain in exactly one week, it is actually kind of spooky but no complaints whatsoever. My Figo was wrapped every so nicely with the Spectrum Boutique Logo facing me along with a lovely card of sorts and an info card on cleaning my toy. I peeled the sticker delicately back, and there it was my Figo. The box was sturdy with vibrant colors matching that of my toy. Figo comes in two colors blue or black; I personally loved the particular shade of blue so resting in a lovely sky blue box was my Figo, accented with hot pink.

Naturally, most people read the dimensions of the toy before purchasing or whatever, but I did not so I was totally surprised with how girthy Figo was. For a split second I was intimidated then I thought, “You have totally had bigger or equal things in your ass before”, so with that my nerves disappeared. I took great interest in the two large bulbs and the smaller portions beneath them, I knew going in or out this toy was going to feel fucking great. I think my favorite part of this design would have to be the base, a lot of plugs have a round base which is okay but others have this rocker shaped bottom which, at times, has gotten in the way of penetrative sex. This toy seems to be more anatomically flattering with the uneven rocker shape.

Figo is a medical grade silicone meaning it is both body safe and nonporous, beyond that this toy is totally waterproof! Figo has one button marked by the FemmeFunn Logo, the user simply holds the button down to turn the toy on and off or lightly click to explore all 20 functions. As mentioned this toy has a very powerful, rumbly vibration, this rumbling creates a deeper stimulation which is ideal for my personal pleasure success. Figo like Ultra Bullet has a memory feature so you can pick up right where you left off. The patterns are pretty standard, beginning with a steady low and increasing intensity for the following two patterns. Following the steady rumble you will find a few blinking patterns, revving, a combination of the two, but what sets this toys patterns apart is though this toy has one motor it does a really great job at creating a sensation of being multi-motored. There is one setting near the end, but it feels as if the vibrations only bury themselves deeper and deeper into you. As for charging Figo comes with a pretty standard charger that has a USB port this makes it internationally friendly and totally convenient.


Figo has given me an orgasm every time I give it the chance, and these orgasms are not just from the anal stimulation but vaginal as well. My first time with Figo I had my apartment to myself, I used some water based lube and slowly introduced Figo to my anus. After the first bulb, the second was very easy to push inside. I was pleased with how smoothly Figo moved and I REALLY like the girth of this toy; I found it to be totally stimulation whether I was placing it inside or taking it out. The sensation of my anus stretching then quickly retracting after each bulb was so hot. Though I have not had the opportunity to use it with a partner yet I think this toy is going to really press hard against the muscle layer between my ass and my vagina creating a very tight fit for my next partner. Beyond that, these deep vibrations will surely be felt throughout my body.

Beyond ass play, I did use Figo for some vaginal play, after properly cleaning my toy after using it in my ass of course. Originally I was trying to use the first bulb (the one farthest from the base) as a bullet, but I was not having much luck with that. From there I tried some internal vaginal stimulation which felt so good, the movement of the toy sliding in and out of my vagina was great. However, I need that clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm, thankfully that uneven rocker shaped design came in handy. With the longer portion of the toy, I was able to stimulate my clitoris without any issue. The powerful vibrations are felt just as intensely at the base. I used the base side to side and up and down on my clit, any motion of external pleasure had an equal internal reaction. The bulbs pressing up against the walls of my vagina or even clenching and holding the toy with my pelvic floor muscles had my legs shaking and allowed me to focus on the necessary external stimulation.


Figo totally exceeded my already pretty high expectations! I would totally recommend this toy to anymore looking for a more girthy butt plug or any kind of internal stimulation. This is hands down my new favorite plug and I am sure once I have a chance to get some double penetration in with this toy I will be formally in love. The price of Figo is inexpensive but not as inexpensive as the Ultra Bullet, however, Spectrum Boutique has a first-time offer of 15% off by simply adding your email, so you can buy both for a steal! Figo can be found at Spectrum Boutique for $69.99, please do yourself a favor and get one. If you feel ready to move up but are not sure if you will like the bigger butt play toys remember you can always be a little more playful and creative. For a beginner maybe start with the Ultra Bullet like me, but hey if you want to start big then Figo is the way. All in all, you cannot go wrong with FemmeFunn, and I am slowly going to try every last toy they have to prove this!

Special thanks to Zöe at Spectrum Boutique, thank you for this opportunity and for always being SO NICE! All links contained in this post are affiliate links if you are curious what that may entail check out my “Ethics and Policy” page. All reviews are my honest experiences and opinions with them, as a passionate sexual health educator, I would never write any kind of misleading information or falsehoods.

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