LoveHoney Happy Rabbit Triple Curve [Gay on Tuesdays]

Happy Rabbit Triple Curve Review

Lovehoney is a stellar company that really is available with what seems like everywhere, and who is going out of their way to be more inclusive in their products. At the moment they are not totally gender neutral with some of their language but they are slowly getting better. Happy Rabbit is a recent campaign that was generated about legitimate tests LoveHoney conducted. Lovehoney found “women”, to be assumed as vulva owning people, were taking longer to achieve orgasm with a vibrator as compared to manual stimulation. However, the interesting part holds in the orgasm length; Lovehoney found that orgasms were 3.4 seconds longer than that of manual stimulation. It was very interesting to read, but I would have liked some more detail about the study, but all I have seen are write-ups of it so maybe Lovehoney released more details elsewhere and I just have not stumbled upon them.

As for my Happy Rabbit Triple Curve, I was excited and picked it specifically because I like to test the “unordinary” product. I do enjoy anal stimulation and have spent tons of Tim staring at triple stimulation toys when working in a sex shop, so I thought that this was my chance. My package arrived swiftly and without a hitch, as everything I have received from LoveHoney does. Happy Rabbit Triple Curve is a medical grade silicone toy with ABS plastic ascents. Meaning, like everything else I test, it is totally nonporous and body safe, and that it is not comparable with a silicone based lubricant. The Happy Rabbit Triple Curve only comes in black but I feel like most of the anal toys I see come in black so I do not really mind. I personally only dislike purples, but ultimately a toy is a toy. Happy Rabbit Triple Curve is rechargeable, but not submergible; I would consider this toy to be splash proof only seeing as the charging port is totally exposed.

First impressions

I was totally caught off guard by how large the Happy Rabbit Triple Curve is! When holding it at the base I feel like I am wielding a sword, but in into that! The firm plastic base is flat which makes for a simple charging set up, which is always appreciated because I feel like I can never find the right place to charge a toy. The anal beads portion is very defined, and does a great job at creating a gradual fit/look; the Happy Rabbit Triple Curve itself carries nine beads for stimulation. Whereas the “shaft” or the middle portion of this toy has a very subtle (to the eye) curve that I knew would prove me with some great G-Spot stimulation. Finally, the rabbit or external/clitoral portion of this toy is large, looking at it I assume I will bypass the ears and find my stimulation solely in the “face” of the rabbit.

The controls are simple; there are two buttons, a longer “pill-like” shape, and a small circle. The circle controls the rabbit and beaded portion of the toy, carrying nine functions; nine seems to be the magic number. While the “pill-like” portion controls the shaft of the toy, having 15 functions. On top of that there is a travel lock function, which I have never been a fan of until I was traveling endlessly and constantly having to shut toys off or finding them dead when I needed them. Additionally, the Happy Rabbit Triple Curve gets its name from the triple motors, this ensures your pleasure is really formulated for success and intensity. Having a multi-motor toy means every aspect of your body gets individual attention; which is great because specialized attention can sometimes make or break a toy for some people. The motors are totally powerful, but I will say this toy, and the Happy Rabbit line in general kind of pushes patterns on you when it comes to the shaft of this toy. You cannot have a steady, the closest to steady is more like a flashing function, which is not bad but I am just not into patterns.

In use

I used my Happy Rabbit Triple Curve almost as soon as I got it, as I said I was very excited about a triple stimulation toy! I anticipated, like every other rabbit I have I would put the whole thing inside me as far as I could. It is not as easy with this toy, and I still have yet to do it. I attribute it to the anal portion, I find the beads harder to push into myself. Another factor I was not thinking about was my usual vigorous “thrusting” motion I use to masturbate when using internal toys, because of the anal portion I could not tug like I usually would. My range of motion was limited, but I would not say this is a bad thing, just different. I do have experience with another Happy Rabbit product and more to come with that, but I MUCH prefer my Happy Rabbit Triple Curve. I find myself letting the Happy Rabbit Triple Curve do the work. In both cases, this toy is like an autopilot toy for sure. Beyond placement and some side to side movement my orgasm really was in this toys hands, or ears I should say.

The triple stimulation was SO, SO SO pleasurable, I cannot get enough of my Happy Rabbit Triple Curve. The sensation is familiar but different, because again my typical masturbation practices were a no go. Another surprise came from the ears of the external/clitoral portion of my Happy Rabbit Triple Curve. I expected to really be working with the “nose” of the rabbit, but instead I found my clit between the ears being stimulated back and forth like a tetherball game. Now, I have a VCH piercing, which is a clitoral hood piercing. This sometimes makes my clitoris incompatible with a toy. Yet, with the Happy Rabbit Triple Curve I had no issue, but with another I did. I did some measuring and the ears are farther apart with the Happy Rabbit Triple Curve as compared to my other, giving my clitoris very gentle touches instead of the pinching I experienced with the other. So, I kenos a tetherball game sounds intense, and it is, but maybe not as hard or aggressive as it sounds. Take in mind though I am a power queen so my taste is somewhat “extreme” so to say.

Final thoughts

Well I loved this toy and recommend it if you are looking for going the extra distance or just love the idea of triple stimulation but have not made the jump. This Happy Rabbit Triple Curve is totally affordable, just under €90; it is also available on different regional sites so if you are American or Australian you are covered. As mentioned this toy is big, and does not come with a dust bag so I have not found the perfect method of storing it, but beyond that small flaw you are really golden with this thing. However, if triple stimulation is not your thing check out the rest of the Happy Rabbit line, minus the G-Spot Rabbit, I would be a little wary; more to come about that in the very near future so stay tuned.

This toy was sent to me by LoveHoney in exchange for an honest review. My experience with a toy is no way related to my receiving a toy. I seek to always be totally honest and clear because everyone’s tastes are different; my negative could be your positives. To get a better idea of my writing check out my “ethics and policy” page. Thanks again for reading!

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