Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii [Gay on Tuesdays]

Nü Sensuelle Bobbii Review

Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii 69 Function Flexible Bullet Vibe is the last add-on to my Nü Sensuelle Family courtesy of Latex, Leather, and Lace. Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii is more closely related to a typical bullet vibrator seeing as it has a pointed tip, which can maximize pleasure by really honing in on the perfect spot. Seeing as my orgasms are so built around external stimulation, I felt I would have no issue with this toy seeing as Nü-Sensuelle has never let me down. If you. Have not already seen my previous reviews check out “Nü-Sensuelle” by clicking or finding the category link on my homepage; typically on the side or footer of the page, depending if you are on a mobile site or not.

Getting to know each other

Whenever I get a sex toy I always give it that initial charge, once finished I give each toy a nose test. If you do not know what that is, it is a tireless technique in the sex educator community where toys vibration strength is determined by placing the toy on one’s nose. This is because the hands are so desensitized from touching everything throughout the day, so the nose or wrists are just a few places we try to grade with before finding out the real deal. I even have my roommate hold, nose test, and just give me their first impressions of every toy. This helps me keep in mind the first timers mindset with every toy because I can get a little too judgy at first.

Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii comes in two different colors, but both are variants on shades of pink; I received Magenta but there is also a “pink” available which is very, very light and neutral in terms of colors. I personally like the magenta and any pink instead of purples, but more color variety is never perfect. I noticed in the user manual of this toy it was not recommended more than 30 minutes use, which seems to be in every Nü-Sensuelle product manual, but do not freight usually this kind of thing is just a formality. As we know using sex toys does not, I repeat does NOT ruin any sexual satisfaction or desensitize. Anyway back to Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii, Bobbii is very easy to control, similarly to my all time favorite, FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet, the control system is as follows; a single button on the bottom of the toy, simply hold for on/off and click to go through Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii 69 functions. Yes, I said it 69 functions, so there is no way I will list them all, but they definitely get creative. However, a Plain Jane like me finds all their success in the entry low, medium, and high function.

Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii is a nonporous medical grade silicone which makes this toy totally body safe, and features a small gold ring at the bottom of the toy made of ABS Plastic which again is nonporous and body safe. Ensuring your toys are as safe as they are satisfying is of utmost importance. In addition to body safe this toy is rechargeable, which gives your toy more of a lifespan than battery powered toys, and is just so ugh more convenient. Finally, this toy is submersible, meaning you can take Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii into the depths of your bath, jacuzzi, and whatever ensuring your toy will not only to the job but make it out alive.

In use

My time spent with Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii actually started a little bit differently than usual which is with a partner. The day my package from Latex, Leather, and Lace arrived I actually had a date and they were totally into the idea of playing with some toys; so I took out Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii and Nü-Sensuelle ‘G’ Massager. We started with Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii, I think related to its size it makes the toy less intimidating for those are unaccustomed to sex toys. We incorporated this into foreplay, but more often than not I never let my partners take a toy, for new partners, it is easier for me to use Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii or any other toy as I normally would and direct them on how to stimulate me internally. What I found with Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii was that it seemed Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii lacked strength. Now, this could be related to the fact that I had an influx of toys and had been testing a lot, and just masturbating a lot of days prior so I was accustomed to a deeper rumbly vibration instead of a powerful buzz. At this moment I felt its better to put Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii down and pick it up again later when we have more privacy.

I was a little nervous after my first encounter with Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii, but I was ready to get back to it with it. While I was looking for the perfect porn I used Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii to tease myself and keep me in the mood, because I am sure we have all been there, you spend too much time looking and before you know it you are no longer sexually frustrated but generally frustrated and just end the whole session without orgasm. Now I have a system where I search and play, just to keep me from rage quitting my masturbation sessions. Once my cinematic stars were aligned I used some of my System Jo Naturals water-based lube and got to business. I felt the pinpoint stimulation was a bit minimal for me, I am a fiend, I want everything stimulated when I arise so this leads me to seek more rounded bullets or bulbous toys. Instead of utilizing the pinpoint I began using the side of the toy, and this came with much more pleasure. I tried flipping through functions, but this becomes so distracting, and I only find the different sensations pleasurable internally.

Final thoughts

Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii did a pretty good job, I was able to have an orgasm, but this toy did not drive me crazy like some of its other counterparts in the Nü-Sensuelle Family. I would recommend this toy to someone who is new to the toy world and is looking for an inexpensive bullet to start off with to learn about themselves. I would also recommend this toy if you are looking for buzzy, powerful vibrations, which tend to be more surface powerful than felt deep within the body. However, if you are a little more experienced and want something more unique than I would check out some of the other Nü-Sensuelle Family both on my site or Latex, Leather, and Lace because Nü-Sensuelle does a great job taking timeless ideas and making them fresh again. Nü-Sensuelle Bobbii can be found for a reasonable €48.31 on Latex, Leather, and Lace.

I was sent this toy in exchange for a totally honest review from Latex, Leather, and Lace. This association in no way biases my writing or ensures a positive review. I try to be honest about every fault or success in every product. If you have questions about my writing please refer to my “ethics and policy” page to get a better idea of why I do this and how I maintain my morals.

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