Hot Octopuss Queen Bee [Gay on Tuesdays]

Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Review

Hot Octopuss’s has a special place in my heart because I have followed this company for a while now but have not had the opportunity to see, feel, touch, or test any of the toys. Hot Octopuss did this amazing, award-winning press event in New York City; they had a pop-up booth to try out a Queen Bee, all after I left The States, so fuck me. When I saw them at Eroticon they were my first stop! Ali and Alex were engaging and a lot of fun, they definitely valued my feedback and enthusiasm. Overall, as a company I love what Hot Octopuss is doing; body safe of course but what’s unique is the toys themselves. The toys kinda play up the penis, or penis having partner. There is the Pulse Solo or Duo, Pocket Pulse or Pocket Pulse Remote, and then Atom or Atom Plus, but the crux of these things is the frenulum stimulation of the penis owner.

I am always introducing vibes to any of my partners so for me this is very intriguing, it buts the spotlight on someone other than the vulva, and I respect the fuck out of that. Now, Hot Octopuss did agree to have me review the Queen Bee and Atom Plus but all before I won their Eroticon competition. Take a photo at their booth and offer the best caption, which I had planned mine as soon as I saw this contest on Twitter before Eroticon. I tried to play up the whole power of the sea thing, I said, “give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he will eat for life. Give a woman a Hot Octopuss and she will end the orgasm gap!”

With that being said I was sent all the toys and some Royal Jelly lube, which I personally did not use because it contained propylene glycol which is not body friendly. As for Queen Bee itself, this toy is rather large and rather loud. Personally, I don’t have a problem with the noise level but the sound itself sounds like the washing machine according to my roommate while I felt like it sounded like an overheating computer. Again, I am unbothered by this, it will only affect using it with timid partners, haha. I found in my exploration, similar to a talkative partner if you sit on the face of Queen Bee, the sound is muffled and much quieter.

Queen Bee is ABS plastic and TPE making it waterproof and body safe, also, safe to use with silicone and water based lubricants. It’s initial charging time was lightning fast and my favorite part about every Hot Octopuss Toy, THE CHARGER HAS A RED LIGHT WHILE IT CHARGES THAT TURNS GREEN WHEN FINISHED. Why is that so exciting? Sometimes I forget if my toy is finished charging when the lights solid and need to shut off, or if the blinking needs to go to a solid light, and all the other combinations of indicators that are different for every toy. This is a pretty well-known signal, red-stop green-go, so I fucking love it!!

Settings; initially we are introduced to the lowest setting

1. Basic rumble

2. Rumbly blinking

3. A faster, rumbly blinking

4. An even faster, rumbly blinking

5. A quick rumbly blink-blink to a long rumble

6. A rumbly heartbeat

The toys controls have a positive (+) and negative (-) to control how intense you’d like each setting.

For the main event, while I search through porn I like a nonjudgemental warm up with a toy, this is how I discovered you could muffle the loud vibrations of Queen Bee. I sat criss-crossed with my toy in my lap, grinding up against the large face of Queen Bee while I check out some porn. The large face is a pro and con because no matter how much I shift the toy there is not much new sensation, but I am able to stimulate my whole clitoris, both externally and internally. Queen Bee is able to stimulate my external clitoris while resting at the entrance of my vagina to stimulate the internal legs of the clit, which I enjoyed. While grinding or even just stationary I found the Queen Bee enjoyable, but I am a power queen so I like something more direct and targeted for my stimulation. However, I was able to get off with minimal work.

I went for the second round with Queen Bee, but again I felt I needed some more pinpoint stimulation for the second round. Understanding the dynamics and uniqueness of the toy, I do not discredit the toy itself, it’s about my preferences and changes in demands after each orgasm. So overall, I would not say this is my favorite toy, but it’s definitely a good one. Hot Octopuss is a going company and I’m sure Gen 2 of Queen Bee will be even better, or whatever vulva focuses toy they come up with next. You can find Queen Bee on the hyperlink given, for the price of $119.

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