Nü Sensuelle ‘G’ Rechargeable G-Spot Massager [Gay on Tuesdays]

Nü Sensuelle ‘G’ Rechargeable G-Spot Massager Review

In addition to my Nü Sensuelle Sensuelle Bunnii and ever-growing Nü Sensuelle Family, Latex, Leather, and Lace sent me the Nü Sensuelle ‘G’ Rechargeable G-Spot Massager! I was thrilled by the opportunity because if you know me, I LOVE Nü Sensuelle, I have had nothing but success with every toy I have had! I find their products to always be high quality, every improving, and reasonably priced, but back to Nü Sensuelle ‘G’ Massager. Typically, I am all about the external stimulation or dual stimulation, very rarely do I take a chance on something that really only focuses on G Spot stimulation. However, I was really struck by the rolling ball that rests in the “head” of this toy. I had a backup plan of using it for some level of external stimulation if all else failed; I always like to have a plan b with a sex toy.


Nü Sensuelle ‘G’ Massager only comes in purple, which it is very surprising, normally a toy has at least two color choices; pink or purple. However, purple is the most popular toy color so I am sure there is some basis to the mono-color decision. This toy is a combination of ABS plastic and medical grade silicone, meaning this toy is both body safe and nonporous. It is also rechargeable and I saw no mention of waterproof on the instructions nor the site page on Latex, Leather, and Lace so I would keep this one dry. The shape of this toy is a standard hard curve to really stimulate that erectile tissue behind the pelvic bone or any other places you have this toy. I see total prostate play potential, however,r I am no expert so I cannot say for sure! The hook shape is, in my opinion,n improved upon by adding various ridges and smaller bulbs throughout the shaft of this toy.

While the silicone is silky the toy itself is very hard, which for me is absolutely what I need. I really enjoy the sensation of something hard thrusting in and out of me; not everyone shares that same love though. As mentioned this toy is silky, and smooth until you reach the bulb of the toy, at the very top are small nubs. This was my first experience with these nubs but from what I know they are supposed to feel great, and in some cases, with external toys, the texture creates the sensation of water play. I think the nubs only aid in the G Spot stimulation seeing as the massaging ball is going to really bring life to the texture.


Controls are very simple, just two buttons at the bottom of the toy labeled (M) for ‘massage’, which refers to the massaging ball, and a (V) for you guessed it, vibration. Nü Sensuelle ‘G’ Massager boasts 10 functions and 3 different speeds, as someone who is underwhelmed with patterns the mention of speed is all that piques my interests. This toy is quiet until the massaging ball function comes into play, this is definitely not something you will want to use when you are trying to exercise discretion. Every Nü Sensuelle Toy I have played with carries a “buzzy” vibration, meaning thought the vibrations are strong they are not felt as deeply as a rumbly vibration would be. I personally prefer a rumble, but it does not by any means mean I cannot enjoy a good buzz. For me working my way through the steady settings is what creates major orgasmic success. The patterns are typical, the steady beginning that leads to blinking and revving vibrations.


Okay, so I want to be clear, I did not use this toy alone, I chose to partner it with my Nü Sensuelle Bunnii Bullet. This made this toy a two-hand job, BUT totally worth it! When I slid the Nü Sensuelle ‘G’ Massager inside of me, after applying a water-based lube of course. I was very impressed with the sensation, the toy itself is not very girth or bulky nor is it thin, the various ridges and textures really made exploration very pleasurable. The vibrations may have been better if they were rumbly, I think it would better stimulate the internal portions of my vagina and maybe made me a believer in a G Spot orgasm (I’m not there yet). I tried this toy in several different positions, most often missionary, but I had my fun in doggy, cowgirl, and a few other basics. Again I used my Nü Sensuelle Bunnii to ensure I actually had an orgasm so I was limited in the positions I was testing in. After some time with vibrations alone, I finally added the “massage” function into the mix. The buttons seem very easy, but when you have the toy at that perfect angle inside of you it is very tough to start reaching for the very bottom of the toy and hope you are clicking (M) and not (V). Once I was situated and got the massaging function where I needed it, I was stunned. I used this toy for more A Spot stimulation which is farther back inside the vagina and started to experience contractions of my pelvic floor muscles, the same contractions I normally feel when I am having an orgasm. These contractions were mild but totally pleasurable! This is the first time I had really experienced this without an orgasm.

I think having one use this toy on me would have made all the difference. I think this would have made my job both easier and more pleasurable than it already was. Beyond that when your partner is using a toy like this you realize all the angles and strength they can put into it that you could not possibly do alone.


I would without a doubt recommend this toy to someone, even if you are mainly an external power queen. I stand by Nü Sensuelle products, and I have a ton of experience in some way or another with most of their toys. They are almost always rechargeable, body safe, nonporous, premium toys, but best of all totally affordable. You can find Nü Sensuelle ‘G’ Massager on Latex, Leather, and Lace for €75.47, it is not the cheapest thing around, but if you are looking for another basic toy with a unique twist it is totally worth the cost. Nü Sensuelle also carries duel stimulation toys featuring this rolling ball if that may be more of what you want. I know I keep saying it but they are a company worth checking out and watch for cause I know they are only improving and adding to their preexisting orgasmic success.

As always a big thank you to Latex, Leather, and Lace for giving me a stellar opportunity, though this in no way changes or effects my experience with the toy. All posts are honest and truthful experiences I have had, both good or bad. If you have any questions about my procedure or how I manage honesty when reviewing check out my “Ethics and Policy” page. Thank you again for reading, and please contact if you ever have questions, or you are welcome to leave comments about what you think.

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