Nü Sensuelle Mini Plug [Gay on Tuesdays]

Nü Sensuelle Mini Plug Remote

Seemingly a lifetime ago I worked at a sex shop where I was introduced to Nü Sensuelle Mini Plug. Initially, I was never interested in having a butt Plug and beyond that my anal experiences were very limited. There was just something about this toy that gave me the impression I had to have it. I knew from experience the Sensuelle line is exceptionally powerful, while the remote control has an impressively long range.

The mini plug is named very appropriately, it is just a tad longer than middle finger putting it at 4 inches/10.6 cm and very slim with a circumference of 3 inches/8.1cm. Senuelle offers two color options black and purple, personally, I like the black better but purple is typical. The mini plug is a sleek medical grade silicone as well as the remote but featuring an ABS plastic logo plate. Charging is very simple, both the remote and the mini plug are rechargeable which is a major score! The charger for the mini plug is magnetic while the remote requires a puncturing of the silicone. Boastfully the mini plug and the remote are waterproof, meaning they can be submerged. The remote offers a functions button which looks like waves and a positive (+) or negative (-) to control intensity. This toy carries 15 functions, about every three or four is different, for the plug I definitely suggest exploring the patterns!

1. A simple steady buzz

2. A buzzy blinking

3. A faster buzzy blinking

4. An even faster buzzy blink

5. A quick revving

6. A longer revving

7. A slower revving with shorter phases

8. A buzzy blink leading to a quick revving

9. A longer blink that gets shorter with each blink

10. A buzzy blink leading to a drawn-out buzz

11. A blink to a long revving

12. A very quick blink

13. A “strobe light” like blink

14. A slow revving to a high buzz

15. A quick buzzy blink that gets longer and more frequent

The act

After applying some water-based lubricant I was able to introduce the plug to my body, I would like to stress that this is a medical grade silicone toy meaning it’s poreless. The significance of a poreless toy is if you were not enjoying the anal stimulation you have the capability to utilize this toy elsewhere but ONLY AFTER CLEANING this toy with warm water and mild soap; you can go front to back but never back to front. Anyway, I relaxed and slipped the plugin, and it was absolutely marvelous! I took notice to a new level of stimulation but beyond that, I noticed how I had a level of vaginal stimulation; believe it or not anal play can stimulate your G Spot. I explored different positions; the angle (on my back) partnered with the intensely strong vibrations of the mini plug was enjoyable. Though alone this toy could not give me an orgasm, the moment I have even the slightest clitoral stimulation I cum with ease. In total truth, this set me up on an anal kick.


Using mini plug with partners was so much fun, but not just people partners I explored double penetration with a rabbit vibe and my mini plug, I highly recommend for those days you just want it all. Seeing as how small this plug is, it’s basically like having a finger added to your daily routine. This pushes the muscle layer between the anal canal and the vagina creating a “tighter” sensation and can stimulate your G Spot. The toy helped angle my rabbit closer to my G Spot but beyond that offered an even strong internal vibration. I would say alone and with another toy, we’re highly successful trails for the mini plug but how would this translate with a partner?

My Tinder dates are constantly pushed to their creative brink when dealing with me. Thankfully my Ryan Reynolds look-alike was very open-minded. We started with me on top, then slipping the plugin, instantly he let me know that this may not last very long for him. We pressed on to a second round, this time from behind, where he kept the plug at his control. We used patterns, which typically I am not a fan but in tandem, with the thrusting motion of my partner, it took me over the edge.

On occasion, the plug does begin to slip so I recommend a position where you or your partner can access the mini plug quickly. Another tip would be pull and push the plug creating a thrusting motion, or have your partner help you, I found it highly stimulating and unique sensation. As for the remote control aspect of it, it was not as successful as Sensuelles other remote control toys, I noticed that my partner or myself had to basically have the remote right next to the toy to switch up the patterns.


I am very pro butt plug over cock ring when it comes to partner toys so I highly recommend this little toy. My reason for this is a cock ring can be uncomfortable and distracting sometimes whereas the mini plug turns your body into a vibrating vessel for you or you and a friend to enjoy completely. It is a great first plug, it’s so small it does not illicit any notion or intimidation and if it does not do it for you anally you always have a remote controlled bullet. Even though the remote is not as good as I hoped I suggest the remote over the mini plug alone because the button of control is at the base of the plug so in use it’s definitely challenging to press. I purchased mine through Dallas Novelty for $69.99 which I think is a reasonable price. This toy is very powerful and versatile so you will not be losing out on your investment by purchasing. This mini plug and some water-based lube will soon be your favorite combination.

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