Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration [Gay on Tuesdays]

Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration Review

I was first introduced to Satisfyer at the SEX Expo, formerly known as SHE Expo. I was struck by this lovely rose gold object, that looked like a face washer. After years of hearing others rave about the Womanizer and Satisfyer, I had finally been given the opportunity to try it out. This company has grown vastly and I have come to love all the of the products I was given to test out. I truly appreciate the variability in such a niched realm of stimulation. Beyond that I appreciate being offered the variety in the first place, it is clear customer satisfaction is the crux of Satisfyer Products.

The beginning

With that being said, I was a tad nervous to review this product due to my VCH piercing. I was worried about the wonderful trove of products would be wasted on me, but I was WRONG! I opened the very chic designed box to find a magnetic charger and what resembles a sex ray gun. The toy itself is a medical grade silicone with ABS plastic controls. A simple on/off switch right at the top of the handle, while just beneath a control panel. Positive (+) to increase the intensity and negative (-) to decrease offering eleven levels of control. While the final button is to turn on or off the vibrations (~) represented by this symbol. I really appreciate the vibrations themselves as well as being offered a separate control system for them. The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration offers ten different patterns, all I will explain later. The last interesting and wonderful feature is the removable nozzle for a total cleaning. This allows one to really rinse and wash the toy “inside” and out.

After my initial charge, which took an hour and a half to two hours I chose Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration to be my first test subject. I began by turning the toy on, the suction portion is quiet and even quieter when in place, even at a higher intensity. The vibrations are a tad louder but nothing too noticeable if you have a roommate. I began playing with the vibration settings learning that it begins with

1. The strongest steady buzz-rumble hybrid.

2. A medium steady buzz-rumble

3. The lowest steady buzz-rumble

4. A simple blink

5. Two quick blinks with a small break in between

6. A decrescendo to a crescendo

7. A low steady buzz that drops down lower after a moment

8. A longer buzz followed by a break, that begins to speed up

9. A consistent blink that takes a break on the 10th buzz

10. A decrescendo to a crescendo but less intense and long as number six

If one desires they have the option to turn on the vibrations alone without the suction by simply clicking the (~) button.


Technical stuff aside I applied “lots of lube” as directed and set out to see if this wide “mouth” on the Pro Plus could contain my entire clitoris. The answer is yes, this toy successfully encased my clitoris and even worked symbiotically with my VCH piercing. On higher settings, this toy allows for a pulling and flicking motion to be felt in use. The sensation is very intense at times and I often find myself shaking or squirming which loosens the “seal” around my clit, which at times can be frustrating. With this toy, I found that I need a specific position that does not allow me to much squirming room. The best I found was sitting upright, with a wall or something supporting my back. That way when things get intense I have nowhere to press into but myself. Another minor heads up is I notice if I am taking a little longer than usual I have to reapply lube, or else it gets somewhat uncomfortable.

Anyway, let’s talk orgasms, did this toy get me off? Yes, and I have noticed the more and more I use it the faster it does it. Compared to SONA Cruise it is not giving me that deep stimulation down to the legs of my clitoris but my word does it feel good. The sensation is very strong, but yet gentle, like the magic touch. I even have placed it on my nipples, and I find it absolutely ravishing! The design of the toy makes it easy to control and handle even in the most delicate moments where you are debating on cranking it up or losing that tingly feels. I would say this type of stimulation is different, and maybe for some risky to invest in but truly I suggest it. I have yet to try it in the shower or bath as recommended due to having such a small space but when I do I’ll surely update everything. The water is supposed to add to sensation and the intensity of this toy. However, all and all I have very deep and full orgasms, by that I mean I get that numbing truly lasting euphoric feeling which I do not always receive from any old toy.

Sum it up

As I mentioned this toy is definitely worth the very reasonable price of $69.95 at Betty’s Toy Box linked in bold. If you are a toy novice and want to branch out this is the stimulation and variation for you. I have used Satisfyer Travel, and while the nozzle is larger and it got me off I do not find it as orgasmic as I do this toy. This is worth putting the extra money into! I would like to remind my readers that this is an unbiased review that I have written in exchange with Satisfyer. Thank you to Sally for giving me this wonderful opportunity. My experience with Satisfyer as a company has been wonderful, as I said they really take feedback seriously and are willing to invest in their future as I can tell from my communication with them.

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