Avant Pride P2 [Gay on Tuesdays]

Avant Pride P2 Dildo

I was sent the lovely Avant Pride P2 Dildo from Peepshow Toys in exchange for my honest review, and I was definitely excited to try this toy out. This is actually my very first dildo, I have always been very wary of dildos because I am more stimulated externally so I have always talked myself out of buying something that focuses on internal stimulation or that does not vibrate. The Avant Pride P2 is made of a soft medical grade silicone and of course is body safe and waterproof. Medical grad silicone makes this toy beyond body safe but also nonporous, which means it will not absorb any of your body’s natural fluid nor will it pass on anything to you. Another wonderful aspect about this toy is it carries a very strong suction cup base; I have stuck it on several hard surfaces such as the coffee table, wood floors, bathroom tile, even the side of my dresser all carrying great results.

The stats: the Avant Pride P2 dildo is a soft medical grade silicone measure in at 6 inches/15.24cm, the insertable length being 5.24 inches/13.03cm, and the width being 1.4 inches/3.5cm. The shape itself is definitely geared towards optimal G Spot stimulation, but we will get to that later. What I really enjoy is the slope towards the end of the toy, you can notice the change in girth. I think the only qualm I may have is with the softness of the silicone, upon receiving this toy I learned that I really like the firmness of a toy. For me it allows me to really enhance my mental fantasy and stimulation. This toy being a softer silicone offers flexibility which some may prefer, but I think I am more a of a medium to hard fan when it comes to my toys.

Something I found very unique about this toy is that on the box there was a serial number, but not for a warranty but rather to verify the toy itself, stellar! I really appreciate that Blush Novelties wants to ensure that all products purchased are in fact their products and not some kind of knock offs. If you were not aware that was a thing, I am telling you, it definitely is! Companies like Amazon, Groupon, and various seemingly reputable sources in fact carry almost identical products that are not what they seem. Definitely do your research and only trust reputable brands, I have several listed in the bottom of every page, but obviously Peepshow Toys and the manufactures own sites. More often than not Amazon is advertising the EXACT same price, but buying direct ensures you get what you pay for!

Now that that’s out of the way lets get to the fun part, my experience. As mentioned I was wary, and I will say I did partner this toy with Screaming O Toone to give me that clitoral stimulation I need BUT without inter fearing with the fuckability of this toy. This toy took some getting to know how I wanted to use this toy. I made several failed attempts by placing it on the floor and realizing I cannot do the splits and bounce on this thing, plus it really hurts my knees. Next stop was against the door, my roommate was not home so she would not be there to hear the door shake and whatever else. I think the trouble with that position was the length and my booty ratio, the toy itself is not exceptionally long so backing my ass up on it was not the move. Then I tried the dresser being it is small in terms of width so I can wrap my legs around it like a partner but I could not get the rhythm. My last attempt was the classic, against the shower wall…..and my tub slopes so I could not get as close as I need, plus I am too lazy to stand. I settles for fucking myself, I sprawled out on my bed and got to work.

I struggled because as mentioned I was using a clitoral vibe to get off, but I did to want to lose the dildo amongst the vibrations. I will say I was pleasantly surprised, this toy really held up. I could take note of the curvature of the toy, and the variations in girth. I had a fabulous orgasm, but my exploring did not end there. In another encounter I was really having just one of those days, a day where no matter how many orgasm, porn, masturbating, and even sex NOTHING is enough. I kept my newest toys next to me on the couch for an hourly fucking, as I said I was so needy that day! Anyway, I decided to use my Avant Pride P2 but with an additive, my Crescendo by Mysteryvibe. Crescendo can be bent and maneuvered however you may please, its pretty incredible, with that being said the Avant Pride P2 is noth a girth toy and nor is the Mystervibe soooo I decided to take on both! Boy it was stellar, this extra boost of internal vibrations created a very addicting combination. This goes back to my continual soapbox to explore!

Lets sum this up

This is a toy that offers simplicity and satisfaction but both mental and physical stimulation. You can buy Avant Pride P2 and check out its siblings wide range or colors, lengths, girth’s, and more at Peepshow Toys! These toys are absolutely vibrant and lovely but best of all they are so affordable. Avant Pride P2 is only $30 at Peepshow Toys, so its pleasure accommodates to all individuals financial needs! I would totally recommend this to a newbie, but maybe for someone looking for some double penetration kind of play, or even to use with a partner. Really the possibilities are endless with this thing.

Notes: Peepshow Toys has sent me this toy in exchange for my honest review and experience. Not all are uniform and you should definitely keep your pleasure in mind when making a purchase. I am only offering suggestions and thoughts on how it compares off screen. Start exploring and happy orgasms!

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