Satisfyer G Rabbit [Gay on Tuesdays]

Satisfyer Pro G Rabbit

I am about to gush about this toy, and I mean that literally and figuratively. This toy out of all the Satisfyer products I was set, I was the least excited to try. I assumed that this suction duel stimulation combo would fall flat like Cloud 9s Air Touch 2, but BOY WAS I WRONG!!!

If I had to sum up my experience with this toy it would be, it’s as if the lord themselves made a map to my G Spot and it came in the form of this toy.

My G Spot is farther back I would say, so getting to it or having the right curvature can be difficult. Not for G Rabbit, the moment they hopped inside I immediately was awestruck. Now, this toy can be tricky, thankfully my anatomy lined up right so the clitoral suction piece was right where it needed to be, and equally said for the internal portion. My biggest worry with the Satisfyer line in general was my clit piercing and the suction. Unlike, SONA Cruise I did not feel my piercing was a bother, but rather enhancing my experience. The clitoral heads on all these toys are large enough to fit my clit and most of the piercing. Since I can incorporate my VCH I get a suction and flicking sensation that makes me squirm and red in the face. Enough gushing though, let’s get to the real details.

G Rabbit is a medical grade silicone toy; white with a complimentary rose gold accents. Fully waterproof and rechargeable, with a magnetic charge port. Initial charging was quick and simple. My only wish for this toy is that it came with the typical satin storage bag to ensure a dust free toy.The insertable length is 4.5 inches/12 cm, while the total length is just about 9 inches/23.5 cm. The circumference of this toy is just shy 4.5 inches/12 cm, and the insertable portion is very flexible with a very gradual curve. The clitoral arm is a short and statistically, which for me was not a problem but is worth noting.

In use this toy is very quiet aside from when the seal around the clit comes loose, but overall it’s one of the quieter of the Satisfyer products. On some level I wish it was an inch longer but again my G Spot is farther back so I would have liked some wiggle room, even though G Rabbit was on the money! The control pad on the toy is separate to control the shaft vibrations and the clitoral air pulse. The air pulsing has ten levels of intensity but I didn’t need it to be too high to get off. In terms of vibrations it begins with

1. A low buzzing

2. Medium buzzing

3. High buzzing

4. A buzzy blinking

5. A buzzy blinking with a beat of rest in between

6. A buzzing decrescendo into a crescendo

7. A constant low rumble

8. A blinking buzz that speeds up

9. Similar to the blinking buzz but with a rumbly sprinkler pattern at the end

10. Rumbly decrescendo to crescendo but at a faster pace than number six.

Unlike the other Satisfyer products I did not feel I needed a loose grip or the toy would lose intensity, I think the air pulsing in the head of G Rabbit maintains but I could be distracted from the G Spot stimulation. This toy does not allow for much movement or you will lose the clitoral stimulation, so this is a static kind of stimulation which I am not entirely used to but it did get the job done. I tried two different positions for this position to ensure I was not reaching too far while masturbating; I was on my back like a typical missionary position, and switching from that to legs down and feet together. Both of which were very stimulating and I had no trouble getting off. I tired right after the first orgasm to get into a doggie like position but more hunching than elevating my ass, and both were very successful. I’d suggest elevating your hips in this position definitely helped ensure I had a proper air seal and g Spot stimulation.

The air pulse sensation is very unique and needs patience initially, and lots of lube, I will notice if I’ve been at it to long I’ll have to stop and “reload”. I’ve noticed as I shift my legs or where I place my hands sometimes a higher setting will suddenly become to much or the lower just is not cutting it. So I would not recommend this as anyone’s first toy, but if you want to play around, Satisfyer as a whole is worth looking into.

To sum up the G Rabbit is one of many in the line of Satisfyer products, all of which are very affordable, G Rabbit is only $69.95 which for a rechargeable, silicone toy is damn affordable. As I said, I would not make this your first toy but definitely worth the buy. I would like to make note I was sent these products by Sally at Satisfyer for my honest opinion, and any suggestions or posts are honest experiences I have had. I write and explore so readers have a better sense of what a toy is about; I was not paid for this and it’s not an ad.

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