Bijoux Indiscrets Twenty One Review [Gay on Tuesdays]


While attending Eroticon I received a phenomenal opportunity from Andrea at Bijoux Indiscrets, one of the fantastic sponsors at Eroticon. Bijoux Indiscrets is based in Barcelona, Spain and worth checking out next time you take a trip to the sunny coast! Bijoux Indiscrets created an elegant way to disguise a very sexy secret; a kinky jewelry line! Haven’t we all taken someone home and really wished you could put them in their place or have that steamy erotic experience with a stranger? Now that’s made significantly more stylish and easier.

The Reveal

The moment I opened this box up I was face to face with a very truly glimmering gem. On some level the packaging alone made me feel like I was in a much more entertaining version of Lord of the Rings. All that crossed my mind was if this is how it looks I could only imagine the feel and experience I was about to partake in. Truthfully, I was in a hostel when I first opened this up and my face was not the only mesmerized look to hit the room. The men and women watching me all stopped and ask to hold, feel, and just look at this thing. I know Twenty-One got more attention then I did that night. Together we all figured out the controls, this vibe has several settings, though I’m old fashioned high, medium, low so I only bust out patterns for partners. Additionally, this is rechargeable, which I expected, but left the spectators baffled and amazed. I love sharing my work with awestruck strangers, it is the best experience.

Let’s talk feel:

In case anyone is unaware or has not read my preferences let me give you the cliff notes; I do have a VCH piercing, what’s that mean? Google it or check out my Instagram, I have a gorgeous illustration of my own personal anatomy to dispel the idea all vulvas are the same. Now, I do love a lot of strength but over time I’ve learned I have to start slow or I’m going to max out wayyyyyyy too soon and nothing will really do it for me. Beyond that I love exploring and anything unique so I am definitely not someone trying to rush though a moment. I like to savor every bit to describe every ounce of pleasure or struggle I had; there’s always more pleasure than struggle.

My first encounter with Twenty-One was very exciting, Twenty-One has a very unique diamond shape to maintain its elegance. I placed it in my hand and it fit comfortably, the vibrations were not so powerful that it’s bothersome to your hands. The toy itself is an ABS plastic so body safe and non-porous. So far aesthetically and in terms of feel this is checking all the boxes.

Firstly, I utilized the focal point at the tip of this diamond which reminded me of how wonderful “pointed” tipped vibes could be, as my present favorite has a rounded head. I played around some more, turning Twenty-One on it’s back, but for me the sensation was not as strong, so I stuck with the tip, haha. This toy gives me that old first boyfriend feeling, and by that I mean I just want to grind on it. I found it pleasurable sitting upright with my legs cross-crossed allowing me visual pleasure in addition to the physical pleasure. In this position I could grind with minimal effort which I definitely enjoyed for savoring every last moment. Another benefit of this position is looking at myself, it’s a great boost of confidence to have a diamond between your thighs getting you off. I kept it on a steady low setting for awhile, this toy was foreplay for me, finally at its highest setting I let myself have a very satisfying orgasm. I did explore the patterns, which as mentioned are not my cup of tea but definitely fun to play with.

1. Low

2. Medium

3. High

4. A buzzy blink

5. A buzzy blink with a rev at the end

6. A buzzy, decrescendo into a crescendo

7. A longer blink that speeds up faster and faster

8. A buzzy long blink that changes into faster blinks

9. A slow purr that turns into buzzy blinks

10. Buzzy blinks that decrescendo into deeper, more intense buzzing

Final words:

Twenty-One is definitely worth the affordable price of €49.95. As mentioned it is rechargeable, which is always the way to go in my opinion. It is not very intimidating so introducing this toy to a timid partner would be much less intimidating, which is the premise of Bijoux Indiscret, click and discover more. The toy itself is palm sized beyond that holds a deep rumbling sensation allowing a full orgasmic effect which can be felt beyond the external portion of the clitoris. While the unique shape offers different stimulation across each plane of your body. I would definitely suggest this for a newbie or to even the most experienced! For me personally, I’ll likely utilize this with partners, I want to try sitting on Twenty-One during sex, Ill obviously write and update with every new experience.

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