Satisfyer Pro Travel [Gay on Tuesdays]

Satisfyer Pro Travel

I was given the Satisfyer Pro Travel along with several other Satisfyer products to review for my honest opinion. I was absolutely stuck when I received a large package, I was expecting one or two toys and in reality I received nine!!! Dumbfounded but completely elated I wrote back to Satisfyer thanking them for the generosity and trust in me (thanks again). I was very drawn to the Satisfyer Pro Travel due to is stylish and discrete design. About the length of my palm, and official 3.7 inches/10 cm in length and about 2 inches/5.6cm in width the Satisfyer Pro Travel fits the name a pocket sized body.

This toy is waterproof and rechargeable; the charger is magnetic to ensure a simple charge. What I liked about this model of Satisfyer specifically was its body is its case this gives the toy a very discrete and sleek design. The “mouth” of the Satisfyer Pro Travel is larger than most of its “siblings”, I would put it on par with the Satisfyer G Rabbit. Personally, I enjoy a larger opening because I have a VCH or clitoral hood piercing. Having a wider opening guarantees that everything will fit comfortably and functionally. Plus, a wider opening means I have an easier space to clean. Though this toy is made of nonporous, medical grade silicone the does not have any nooks or crannies so cleaning will be an absolute breeze!

Controls are simple, simply hold the positive (+) to turn on the almost silent pulsing. To increase the intensity continue to click the positive (+), and to decrease click the negative (-). This toy does not have a patterned functions but it does maximize pleasure with 10 levels intensity; a slight downside is the toy itself can get pretty loud when on the highest setting but ONLY if it does not have a proper seal. Then to turn off the toy, just as it is to turn Pro Travel on you press and hold the positive (+) until the airpulsation stops.

In Use

After my experience with the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration I was eager to get started, so after applying some water based lube I got right to work. The sensation was definitely different from what I had experienced with the Pro Plus, and honestly I probably should have begun with the Pro Travel because I found it rather lackluster. The sensation is not very intense, so when I pressed this toy against my body or turned up the intensity I just was getting more and more frustrated. It took me several attempts before I finally reached an orgasm with this toy, but I did notice something. Every attempt I got a better grasp on the sensation and started to actually like the toy; Pro Travel definitely began to grow on me. I still would not call this my favorite toy it in the right position this toy over time has been able to get me off.

For me as with all these suction toys, I have found the best position is sitting on my bed or couch with my legs “crossed” like when you are a kid sitting on the floor. This position allows me to clench my pelvic floor muscles while using this toy so I have a more intense orgasm. This toy has the potential to be loud if not properly sealed, but once its locked on target its noise level is cut down significantly. I think lube is major for this toy and if you are at it for awhile you may need to reapply. I struggle at times finding the perfect equilibrium of lube, because sometimes with too much I feel it dulls the already minimal stimulation.

This is the kind of toy I like to use in tandem with others, or even just to warm up.; I would not qualify this toy as a stand alone toy. Typically while looking for something to watch or when I want to experience a slow building orgasm. The Pro Travel is not limited to the clitoris either, at times I have used it on my nipple with some lube for a very satisfying experience, similar to having a partner with you.

Final words

The Satisfyer Products offer a slow building orgasm, and Pro Travel is not excepted from that. This toy really taught me to take my time with a toy and not put so much pressure on a toy or myself to get off every single time. Though if you are a power queen this may not be the toy for you just for the fact it is not as strong, you may be better off with the Pro Plus Vibration. However, I will add as a result of receiving so many I offered some of my coworkers the Pro Travel and I definitely received rave reviews. I did not get depth or detail but from what I was told they definitely enjoyed it. So this feeds back into being objective whenever reading reviews, and understanding we all have different preferences, bodies, likes, and needs. If this toy seems like something you would like based on the discretion or whatever give it a shot! I personally would not recommend it but rather the Pro Plus Vibration. Overall, I think these suction toys are of a unique sensation and friendly to new comers, maybe not a first toy but first few. This toy can be found on Peepshow Toys for the lovely price of $39.99 so very inexpensive.

****Please note Satisfyer sent me this toy for my honest review, and all my experiences and reviews with any toy are totally honest but as objective as an option can be. Check out my ethics and policies page if you have any question. Additionally, any links in this post are affiliate links which mean I get recognition from these sites from your clicks or purchases. I always try to link the cheapest valid site I can find, GayonTuesdays is not something I seek to profit on.****

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