LoveHoney Deluxe USB Mini Wand [Gay on Tuesdays]

Lovehoney’s Deluxe USB Mini Wand

I received my Deluxe USB Mini Wand from the LoveHoney Affiliate Program in exchange for my totally honest review.

I was definitely very excited when I was first offered to test this toy because I am a power queen, meaning any intense and strong vibrations are my closest of friends. Beyond the preference of power this is my first wand….totally shocking, I know! For those who do not know what a wand is its name is founded in the shape of the toy, but the truth is do to a wands magic power properties that provide its users with some intense vibrations. The famous wand that started it all s the Hitachi, which is definitely on my wishlist of things!

Back to the Mini Wand, my first impression was picking up the box itself from the Post Office and thinking, “wow, this is SO light”, I started to wonder if anything was even in there or how “mini” was this toy? I could not wait to open up the box so on my walk home I tear into it, finding a smaller, and still very light weight box. Puzzled, I throw it on the charger as soon as I get in the door. Another aspect that differentiates this toy from typical “wands” is typically most wands stay plugged in, adding to their power. This toy is cord free, and rechargeable, which is my favorite!

The bottom of this toy is so light, while all the weight rests in the “head” of this toy. I finally turned the toy on by simply clicking the positive (+), one of its three buttons on this simple control panel. What’s nice about this toy is it offers users the ability to play with he power intensity, by providing a positive (+) to raise intensity/turn the toy on or a negative (-) to lower it/to turn the toy off. Turning the toy on and off is done simplest by clicking the positive (+) to turn on, and to turn off you click down the intensity with the negative button (-) until the toy turns off. While in the middle is a patterns setting, represented by a wave (~). Mini Wand has ten intensities and advertises seven different patterns but upon inspection it carries eight!

1. Standard buzz

2. Buzzy blink

3. A very quick revving jumping into a blink

4. A two blink and long buzz

5. A more rhythmic blinking

6. A revving blinking that follows to a steady buzz

7. Several blinks that lead to a steady buzz

8. A revving blinking that leads to longer blinks before a steady buzz

In use

I was a little skeptical of Mini Wand only because it was just so light I could not imagine that this thing actually packed a punch. I turned the intensity up high off the bat, but the moment I pressed Mini Wand to my clit I realized I totally underestimated this toy! Quickly I returned to a steady, low buzz before working my way up. In that time I gave some of the patterns a try; I must note I am not a pattern fan, but I did enjoy these vibrations. I believe that’s related to the fact that after the second pattern all the patterns work together on every setting but in a new way. So when blinking starts to set me back in my orgasm hike, the revving kicks in, or a steady buzz comes back to push me back up. I love having a toy with a slightly larger head, allowing me more of an opportunity to stimulate the external portion of my clitoris while still covering the internal “legs” of the the clit. Even just working the toy around my vulva for a less intense but still satisfying pleasure.

This toy shattered my expectations and beyond that I was left fantasizing about every possibility this toy could bring. This toy is like a slightly larger, and powerful bullet! Being slightly larger this will given my partners a steady handle on a toy, and just offer new ways to play with other toys I have! The flexible head on Mini Wand gives me more movement in different positions or when it comes to how I place this toy. While the strong vibrations are not overpowering enough that it causes one to lose their grip on the toy!

To sum up

WOW! I have not loved a toy like this since my Femme Funn Ultra Bullet!! I definitely have been back for more and intend to do a lot more “research”. This toy can be found though LoveHoney for a stellar price of $50 or you can use a promo code for 10% off everything (HONEYX10). All my attached links on the page are for the European site but by clicking here it will send my American readers to the American site. Lovehoney is definitely a great place to start your toy collection, even offering a student discount or Deal of the Day! When you are unsure, exploring, or just looking for something cheap to start with this is a great place. Just be conscious about what you buy because not everything is nonporous or body safe, read more about it here in my sex education article.

***As mentioned LoveHoney sent me this toy for my honest opinion, this has not swayed my thoughts or writing in any way. I would just like to be clear to all readers of how I source and offer complete transparency in my writing. Check out my “Ethics and Policy” page if you have any further questions or contact me.***

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