Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo III [Gay on Tuesdays]

Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo

Hot Octopuss has a very special place in my heart for several reasons; one being they are one of the first companies to put trust in me and offer me toys to test after meeting Alex and Aly at Eroticon.

Secondly, they had a fucking unique ad campaign for Queen Bee, find out more by checking out my review. Lastly, their line of toys has so much variety, it’s not all rabbits and bullets, it’s something I can pass a nod of approval for my penis owning friends.

All Hot Octopuss Products hold a strong vibration but with that comes a little bit of noise. I was definitely excited to give the Duo a shot because I have been watching it from the very beginning. I tend to research and follow companies from the ground up, because I love seeing the progress of a product!! Anyway, Pulse Duo is a larger version of the Pocket Pulse that offers a specific stimulation to the penis owner; it focuses on frenulum stimulation. Offering a similar shape to a loose grip on ones penis but with a small circle in the center of the toy. The idea is this “pulseplate” that stimulates a very specific area of the penis, the frenulum, but this toy is not limited to that stimulation. The strength of the overall vibration can be felt throughout the toy, and what differentiates it from the Solo is the “back” of the toy has its own set of vibrations that are controlled by a very simple remote control. The idea is a partner can be strategically placed on the vibrating back of this toy to enjoy mutual stimulation, while keeping control in their hands with a simple remote. One button and the user can change patterns as well as intensity with an easy click! While the “interior” vibrations of this toy are controlled with toy buttons on its side a positive (+) to increase the strength and a negative (-) to decrease vibration power. Pulse Duo even offers patterns, by clicking a single button marked by a point (.) on the other side one can switch through the six functions. The functions vary from a low, medium, high then moving into the tumblr blinking, revving, or even a traveling vibration that I found to be the most interesting, however, the penisowner preferred the revving the best.

In use

At times my partner and I did find it hard to click these buttons, you have to really push down to get them to change so it’s a struggle sometimes. From my perspective, the one using it on someone else I found it incredibly sex to see my partner experience something I love, i.e. vibrations. I enjoy introducing someone to a “new” kind of stimulation; I feel like on some level I am experiencing the same pleasure just by watching them. Additionally, this toy creates a power play sort of thing, you can utilize the toy as some kind of reward or simply feeling the vibrations around your grip puts you in control of all the pleasure. This is also an excellent tool for communication, I often found myself asking my partner what he liked, where I should be, or slowly stroking him up and down to learn which spots make him squirm!!! The openness of the toy offers the user a lot of possibilities even with a partner, you can take this toy to the next level by using your mouth in tandem with the toy, just throw in a lick and suck here or there.

As for the “Duo” part, I would say we could not get a good “fit”, while I was on top it took the toy out of place for him. I think with more positions and exploring it has potential!

Now some words from the penisowner:

“I guess I expected it to work a bit like a fleshlight? Like more of a jerking motion. It took a bit to get used to but after working it out it felt amazing. I think it was hot having a partner use it because of the intimacy. Using it together didn’t really work but probably needs more testing. I definitely preferred with lube I’m just lazy and hate how lube feels on your hands. The frenulum stimulation was what sold it for me and what took time to learn, that’s what I loved about it. I just liked applying pressure, moving it forward putting it more on my frenulum which was the best feeling. I mean I don’t know if you could get the same feeling with an electric toothbrush but I guess it feels a bit like that, but yeah tilting it back and forth was the best feeling ever”

To sum up

My partner and I both agree this toy is worth the purchase, and investment. Though it is not expensive to new toy buyers the $150 price may seem steep but as my readers know I am always stressing investing in your toy and pleasure. This is an entirely rechargeable, remote controlled, waterproof toys. This toy is very unique and what sets it apart from being body safe is it is nonporous which is not very common for penis stimulating toys.beyond anything else Hot Octopuss as a company truly cares for its customers, I applaud all their success and know there is more to come!

I received this toy after winning it in one of Hot Octopuss’s many contests, so I HIGHLY suggest following them on social media as trying your luck. They can be found on instagram here or twitter here.

This review is both my own and my partners unbiased, and totally honest experience with this toy. There is an affiliated link to Peepshow Toys found under the price of the toy.

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