Nü Sensuelle Remote Control Pleasure Panty Bullet [Gay on Tuesdays]

Nü Sensuelle Remote Control Pleasure Panty Bullet

Basically the entire Nü Sensuelle brand was introduced to me while working at a sex shop. I recall my first day the manager training me let me walk around the store and this stuck out. This little bullet is just as powerful as it’s sibling the Nü Sensuelle Mini Plughowever, it maintains its remote control range! I could walk around the entire store (it was a large store) and change patterns, intensity, and basically do all I wanted while a potential customer was awestruck by this toy.

The bullet comes with a panty that carries a “pocket” aka the cotton piece at the bottom of most panties. While the sides are satin ribbons to ensure the panty is one size but beyond that it offers the user to create the perfect “fit” for stimulation. In my use I have had better luck using a thong rather than the specific panty. The bullet and remote are rechargeable, exactly as the mini plug with a magnetic cable for the bullet while the remote requires a puncturing of the silicone. The remote itself is a medical grade silicone whereas the bullet is an ABS Plastic. While the remote is waterproof meaning it can be submerged the bullet is “splash proof” meaning you can get it wet but I would not consider it submergible although advertised as such. The bullet is 2.5 inches/7cm with a 2.1inch/6cm circumference and the remote is just 3 inches/8cm. You have more color variety with this toy offering purple, pink, black, and a white with rose gold, but the white is slightly different because the remote in addition to the bullet vibrates. The remote controls are very simple and the buttons are easily within reach, the remote offers a functions button which looks like waves and a positive (+) or negative (-) to control intensity.


This bullet is great for when you want a warm up, by that I mean, often times I slip this in a thong while scrolling through porn. The remote offers me a “hands free” orgasm! Beyond that it keeps my interest when clicking on a porn and having it suck or just not being able to find one worth clicking on! This toy is exceptionally powerful, and I should specify I only use this externally, I prefer external stimulation so I can to offer a review on internal cause it be too bias of a perspective. Anyway, externally this little bullet is beyond powerful, you can simply sit it in your palm and it will roll over all over your hand! The bullet offers loads of patterns beginning with

1. A simple steady buzz

2. A buzzy blinking

3. A faster buzzy blinking

4. An even faster buzzy blink

5. A quick revving

6. A longer revving

7. A slower revving with shorter phases

8. A buzzy blink leading to a quick revving

9. A longer blink that gets shorter with each blink

10. A buzzy blink leading to a drawn out buzz

11. A blink to a long revving

12. A very quick blink

13. A “strobe light” like blink

14. A slow revving to a high buzz

15. A quick buzzy blink that gets longer and more frequent

In addition to having 15 functions this toy does begin to heat up which I am not sure if it’s intentional but I fine it very pleasurable. Temperature is pretty underrated so I’d list this as a major pro.

Use with partners

A bullet is always offering new and creative ways to play seeing as this is remote controlled I have even more possibilities. Firstly, though I have yet to do it I suggest taking your shit battery bullet out of your cock ring and throwing this thing it. Not only do you have a remote controlled cock ring BUT you have a vastly more powerful toy. Secondly, when you are giving oral sex, I recommend getting some while giving some, place your bullet in your panties and give your partner the remote; for an added surprise tie their hands together so they may lose some level of control but in other aspects they are gaining. Finally, I have women this out publicly and if you have VCH this can add some danger but otherwise this toy is whisper silent….as long as your not sitting in a dress on wood, metal, plastic, and so on, haha. The remote is easily pocket sized and the range allows for subtitle use.

Sum it up

It is very clear I love this toy, I think everyone should have some kind of bullet and the remote just makes it even better. Please, spice it up with this toy or explore more with yourself, just holding this while writing I was tempted to slip it between my thighs and play. I purchased this toy myself in an overpriced sex shop so I’ll recommend literally anywhere else to buy it, I have included the hyperlink to Dallas Novelty because I buy loads from them. You can purchase for $79.99 which for all it is and offers is entirely reasonable. This toy will note disappoint and please comment your creative ways to play if you buy!

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