Jopen Vanity 4.5 [Gay on Tuesdays]

Jopen Vanity 4.5

My first ever sex toy! This toy has a close space to my heart even though this is the third one in less than three years, but I’ll get into that later. I first set eyes on this toy at one of those Slumber Parties before they were bought out by Pure Romance. In this business scheme one was rewarded by hosting 3 parties that raise $1000 or more you were rewarded with a free toy valued at $200. Now, prior to this I legitimately never masturbated, I went to these parties cause I loved talking about sex and this was the place, but just like every other college girl there it did not take long before I was sucked in. Three parties later I got my “Executive” aka the Jopen Vanity 4.5, in a lovely pink shade.

This toy is 7.5 inches/19.5 cm, circumference of 4.6 inches/13cm,an insertable length of 4.6inches/14cm, and a clitoral arm at 2.5 inches/7cm. This toy is medical grade silicone, waterproof, duel motored, and rechargeable so it was classy as hell for my first sex toy. This toy can be purchased in a deep purple and holds a unique, abstract shape.The control panel are just two buttons one to turn on each motor then hold to crank up the intensity. This toy does not have patterns it simply holds a deep rumble matched with a growing intensity. Both the clitoral and internal vibration intensity can be controlled separately for a totally custom stimulation.


I could not wait for my dorm to be empty so I could test this toy out, and just like that scene in Sex and the City where Charlotte is addicted to her rabbit, as was I. However, my first experience was not alone, the night I got the toy I went back to my dorm and to the boy across the halls room (my best friend of a year at the time), I came in with a bottle of Burnett’s Vodka. I put the toy in the charger and said, “we are gonna drink until we can use this”. So off we went, resulting in my first masturbation experience to be at the hands of my best friend. It was stellar, this toy like any toy does wonders in someone else’s hands seeing as they can reach angles you obviously cannot. I had, had sex with this man many times but never had an orgasm, it was not a result of him lacking in gifts, vigor, or ability but for some reason I just could not cum.

It all changed that night and set me up to being more orgasmic, after my night in 315 I began masturbating like crazy. This toy is how I discovered myself, the unique design of a bulbous head with a slim neck creates a “head banging” affect which is that lovely G Spot stimulation many people love. The clitoral arm had a tongue shape creating the tongue flicking sensation that is so hard to get alone. I wore this toy into the ground, and for all the love, praise, and 2 minute orgasms it carries a major pro. It shits out

I believe it has something to do with the the wiring through the slim neck but after a few months it begins to stop functioning. Hitting the control button that once awoke my best friend would shut off the toy completely or one portion would function then turn off suddenly. Overtime light that indicates a charge being complete or in process just stays steady so you have no idea when or if it is charging. I have had three of these toys and my most recent shattered my heart beginning this awful series of events after 2 months of sparse use. I think the key is in the shape and if Jopen or anyone out there can mimic it without the many flaws I would buy it up in a heartbeat.

Sum it up

I fucking love this toy, and it’s priced reasonable through Betty’s Toy box for $111.99 , and it comes with a 10 year warranty, but it seems every one to follow has gotten worse. So sadly I would not invest in this toy, but if you can find something similar in terms of the shape I truly recommend it. Both bulbs and their motors create a powerful rumble that you feel through your entire body, it’s just a shame it cannot commit to a long term relationship. I do not know if this is a common problem with these toys, I could just be too rough, but if you’re willing to risk it the give it a shot otherwise save yourself.

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