Cal Exotics Embrace Bunny Wand [Gay on Tuesdays]

Cal Exotics Embrace Bunny Wand

The Embrace Bunny Wand was one of the many testers I handled while working at a sex shop that I eventually had to buy after seeing it every day at work. Cal Exotics is a major company that has premium medical grade silicone rabbits all the way to the simplest garbage battery vibe. I was not sure how to think about it, but what pushed me over the edge were/are the rabbit ears on the clitoral arm. They looked promising matched with the curvature of the wand itself.

This toy is large, with a length of 8 inches/21cm, circumference of 4.5 inches/12 cm, the clitoral arm reaches 3 inches/8cm, and an insertable length of 4.5 inches/12 cm. The Embrace Wand is a medical grade silicone and totally rechargeable. As a result it is completely waterproof, but what’s the most unique feature is the rounded handle. The Embrace Wand can be found in three different colors purple, black, and pink. Partnered with a chrome handle with an open hole making this easier to handle and for partners to handle. The control panel is is easily in reach with three buttons; pattern key, a positive (+), and negative (-) to control intensity. The Embrace Wand is a duel motor toy meaning both the clitoral arm and the internal portion carry their own power. Embrace Wand carries 6 speed and 7 functions:

1. A simple buzz

2. A function that switches power on and off between both motors

3. A power switch in a similar fashion just moving from a low-medium-high

4. The same power switch but much faster

5. A two blink buzz to one longer buzz

6. A revving from low to high

7. A very quick blinking


I begin using the longer arm to stimulate my clit until I am ready enough to insert. I circle the head of this toy around my clit and entrance to my vagina; the buzzy vibrations are enjoyable and definitely working their magic. I apply more water based lube and decide I’m ready to actually take on the whole toy. As Embrace enters my body I am pleased with the strong curve, I turn up the intensity because I’m a power queen. I lay back just focused on the internal sensation, then I turn my attention to the rabbit ears I was ever so excited about and… was okay. The motor resting in the body of the rabbit shaped clitoral arm, I expected the ears to create some fun flicking motion but it seemed to come and go. Even with the power all the way up it was not intense enough or at least pressing hard enough for me to really feel it. I hypothesize it’s a result of buzzy vibrations instead of a deep rumble that could drive more power than sensation. I’ve definitely had orgasms with this so it’s not bad in any way, but if you like a strong and focused clitoral arm this may not be your first choice

I have been given the lovely opportunity to use this in a double penetration sex session! My lovely boyfriend here in Spain of the time was very open minded, and we truly were the others fantasy sexually. We had been discussing the idea about trying but instead using my Nü Sensuelle Mini Plug while he takes me vaginally, and after that we thought I could take more. This was going to be a tough one because if I have noticed anything in Spain it’s their average has much more girth and length than back home in America; what an inventive to learn Spanish faster. We began slow and placed the toy in first and began play then tried to bring him in anally. That did not seem to work, so we tried switching the order, after he made his way in my ass we managed with a little pain to get the head in. So why I suggest this for D.P., this curve made all the difference! The bulk of this toy is angling to the front of myself while my partner wasn’t able to angle so deep, but his penis just pressed the bulb harder on my G spot while he felt the vibrations of the thinner “neck” of this toy. The handle made it easy for us to switch up control of the toy, and aside from the weak clitoral arms it was a very enjoyable experience!! So I highly recommend the Embrace Wand or a curved wand for this.

Sum it up

This toy is definitely a great addition to my collection, and a lot of fun to play with. If you are looking for a first rabbit you could not go wrong here, but if you’re more experienced it’s not anything mind blowing. I must say that handle makes an enormous difference in the pain in my wrist from hours of masturbating so worthy of major praise! This toy can be found on Peepshow Toys for $89.99 so definitely affordable if you’re looking for something extra!

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