Jopen Vanity 4.5 [Gay on Tuesdays]

Jopen Vanity 4.5 was the start of manual orgasms, toy exploration, and empowerment for me. Though this toy is long retired, I will always find major love for it. The shape provides its own ’come hither’ motion, but as for the lifespan, this toy is total shit. Read about all three times I’ve put my heart in this toys hands only to have my heart broken over and over. … More Jopen Vanity 4.5 [Gay on Tuesdays]

Eva [Gay on Tuesdays]

Another Dame product that holds a lot of potential with minimal success. Eva is unique in the sense that it is created and designed to perch outside of the body on the clitoris and allow for powerful vibrations to be delivered to the clitoris while having penetrative acts of any kind. In essence, the idea of this toy is similar to that of a vibrating cock ring, but without the cock. Read about how Eva held up, and what it’s biggest failure is. … More Eva [Gay on Tuesdays]

Nü Sensuelle Remote Control Pleasure Panty Bullet [Gay on Tuesdays]

Nü Sensuelle, my favorite, this was my first experience with a remote control bullet. I had the opportunity not only to incorporate a partner into my reviews, but I was able to spice up my foreplay rout in. I even got to take this testing outside of my apartment to my partner’s place of work for an added environmental effect on my experience. … More Nü Sensuelle Remote Control Pleasure Panty Bullet [Gay on Tuesdays]